10 Basic Jiu Jitsu Moves

10 Basic Jiu Jitsu Moves

Performing the basic jiu jitsu moves (ju jitsu moves) techniques can help so much any beginner BJJ student so fare in his or her jiu-jitsu learning. The jiu jitsu basics and fundamental movement are completely essential for better jiu-jitsu. Besides, when mastering the BJJ Basics techniques moves and drills, the Brazilian jiujitsu student will gain a plethora of benefits such as:

  • Prepare his or her body for jiu jitsu (muscle stretches, body balance, and flexibility).
  • Preventing common injuries.
  • Develop solid cardio for BJJ.
  • Manage properly the jiu jitsu fight.
  • Etc.

source: TheMMANerd

In this jiu jitsu article, you will discover some BJJ basic moves such as the solo drills, the guard passing & retention technique, BJJ takedowns moves, the basic submission moves, and more.

What follows is a list of jiu jitsu basic moves that any Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling student should execute properly. 

1. Armbar, triangle, and omoplata jiujitsu moves from Guard.

The armbar, triangle, omoplata are typically some basic jujitsu moves among the primary complex moves you learn as a BJJ practitioner. Those are the basics of jiu-jitsu submissions techniques that can be performed from a mess of positions.

Therefore, the jiu-jitsu practitioner uses a series of basic BJJ movements to perform them, and learning other techniques becomes tons easier.

Here is an instructional video that illustrates some jiu-jitsu armbar, triangle, and omoplata flow drills from the closed guard.

source: MMA Leech

2. Knee cut guard pass jiu jitsu moves.

The knee Cut (knee slide) is a great BJJ technique move to pass someone guard. A lot of Brazilian jiu jitsu white begin discovering the guard passing using the knee cut technique and they love how to around the BJJ opponent’s legs. 

Here is a BJJ video show you how to execute properly the knee cut jiujitsu move by Lucas Lepri.

source: Bernardo Faria BJJ

3. Over under guard passing BJJ move

The over-under is an effective jiu jitsu movement to pass someone guard. You can apply in both jiu-jitsu gi and no-gi training. 

How to execute the over-under guard pass?

The over-under involves getting one of your arms over your BJJ opponent legs and your other arm under his legs. And once controlling your opponent’s leg you chose one side to pass his guard.

Then you shift your hips and weight in that direction and here is the guard pass completed.

For more details about the over-under guard passing ju jitsu moves watch this BJJ instructional video By Bernardo Faria.

source: BJJ Video Vault

4. Single under guard passing jiu jitsu movement. 

The single underhook guard pass is one of the foremost simple but devastating basic ju jitsu moves techniques. 

It’s going to appear as if you’re setting yourself up for a triangle choke, once you are just baiting your opponent to pass or stack his guard and submit.

source: Mauricio Gomes BJJ

5. Double under guard passing ju jitsu moves

jiu jitsu moves

The double under BJJ technique is one among the simplest basic jiu-jitsu moves for guard passing. Besides, it’s employed frequently in both gi and no gi competition to great effect.

Thus, Every Brazilian ju jitsu beginner white belt should know and execute well on a BJJ opponent.

The entry for this BJJ movement is when the jiu jitsu practitioner arrives to install grips under your opponent’s legs. Then he drives his or her weight and pressure using the shoulder to pass your opponent’s guard to side control. 

Here are more details about the double under guard passing technique.

source: Keenan Cornelius

6. Jiu jitsu hips movement

The majority of Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters think that the hips are the center of the game.

Because, the hips secure the majority of the body jiu jitsu movement transitions in the ground such as the guard retention movement, sweeps BJJ moves, submission moves, etc.

Though, if your hip movement is slow and not flexible so you’re not going with your jiu jitsu anywhere. 

How to improve the BJJ hip movement?

A Brazilian jiu jitsu student needs to drill a lot in the purpose to ameliorate the hips jiu jitsu mobility, stability, and flexibility. Here is some BJJ hips drills movement in these videos.

source: Adem Redzovic

source: Chewjitsu

7. jiu-jitsu scissor sweep moves.

The scissor sweep is an effective Brazilian jiu jitsu technique that any beginner white belt should learn and perform well.

This is one of the BJJ move techniques that serve well from the white to the black belt. 

How to do a jiu jitsu scissor sweep? 

To play the scissor sweep you need to start first by gripping the sleeve and collar of your opponent. Then use one of your legs to block your opponent’s side and your other leg to drive your opponent’s weight up and down on the ground.

Here is a BJJ instructional video for more details about the scissor sweep movement.

source: Chewjitsu

8. Single leg jiu jitsu takedown

The single leg takedown is an interesting wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu basics movement. It allows taking your opponent to the ground from a standing position.

How to do a single leg BJJ takedown move?

  1. To do the single leg jiu jitsu takedown movement you can serve with these few tips: 
  2. Set your BJJ position (Head up, Back straight, Hips underneath) prepared for the single leg technique
  3. Secure the necessary distance for the body shooting, break your opponent position, and clear his or her head.
  4. Shoot your body and closing the distance with your hips and secure the opponent’s leg within maintaining a strong position. 
  5. Finish the single leg takedown BJJ move by Pulling and pushing your opponent into empty space (displace their center of gravity)

For more details watch this instructional video by Andre Galvao.

source: Bernardo Faria BJJ

9. Double legs BJJ takedown

The BJJ double leg takedown move is one among the most effective takedowns techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestling, and lots of sorts of grappling.

This jiu jitsu movement will drive your opponent up down to the ground when doing it the right way and with tough control indeed.

Otherwise, the double leg is considered a fundamental jiu jitsu movement that you perform both at the BJJ no gi and gi training. And, developing a robust and effective double leg can take years. But the question is:

How to execute the double leg takedown jiu jitsu move?

The next BJJ video gives tons of details about how, when to play the double leg takedown BJJ technique By Marcus Almeida Buchecha

source: Bernardo Faria BJJ

10. Shrimping and Bridging BJJ movement drills

The shrimping and bridging are among the Basic jiu jitsu movement drills. And when performing them well you will find your BJJ game has improved so well.

How can the shrimping and bridging BJJ moves affect my game?

So, the shrimping and bridging are the basic movement of many jiu jitsu transition techniques such as the side mount escapes, full mount escapes, guard retentions, and more. So, it’s clear that these are essential to your jiu-jitsu. 

Here is a video on how to do the shrimping jui jitsu moves drills properly?

source: Stephan Kesting

Here is another video on how to drill the bridging jiu jitsu movement correctly?

source: Stephan Kesting


These Brazilian jiu-jitsu Basic moves are essential to improve your BJJ martial art. Otherwise, your game will change completely when you start drilling and repeating this BJJ movement daily. But what you will gain? Surely you will gain more mobility, flexibility, stability, and more. 

We hope that you get pieces of jiu jitsu Basic fundamentals knowledge from this article.

Feel free to us know what’s your best grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves?    




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