Pendulum Sweep BJJ No Gi and Gi Step by Step

pendulum sweep bjj

Sweeps – Including the pendulum sweep BJJ – are among the effective Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that put the opponent in real danger. They are very useful moves in high-level competition and even in self-defense situations. Moreover, BJJ sweeps are achievable from several positions such as the closed guard, half guard, and spider guard, just to mention some.

These beautiful techniques give you to diversify your jiu-jitsu game. Therefore, you’ll find multiple opportunities for submissions, transitions, and even escapes.


In this article, we’ll go through the BJJ pendulum sweep variations, submissions, drills, and more. Stay tuned!

But first, how does the sweep work in BJJ? The jiu-jitsu sweep technique works on putting the opponent in an unbalanced position then swings him. Doing such a thing gives a practitioner two sweet points in a tournament.

Pendulum Sweep BJJ Fundamentals

pendulum sweep jiu jitsu

What is a pendulum sweep? The pendulum sweep is one of the far more awesome sweeps in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that is mostly performed from the closed guard, but it has other beautiful entries.

How do you do a pendulum sweep? A BJJ student could do a successful jiu jitsu pendulum sweep by following these steps.  

  1. Reach a closed guard position and maintain it using good grips.
  2. Control your opponent’s sleeve using one of your hands while you maintain full guard.
  3. Use the action-reaction principle to force your opponent to move with the purpose to break his posture and unbalance his weight.
  4. Use your free hand to hook your opponent’s leg while employing your other hand to block the other opponent’s side.
  5. Now, use your leg (near the opponent’s controlled leg) to make a kick and at the same time, rotate your hips and scissors your legs in a way that the opponent will at the end of his back.
Congratulations, you just made a pendulum sweep BJJ!

Need more about this technique! Through the next video, you’ll get more details about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu pendulum sweep and how to perform it properly.

Source: Chewjitsu

Pendulum Sweep Vs Flower Sweep

Through the video below, you’ll understand the difference between flower sweep and pendulum sweep in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and when to use them. Source: Chewjitsu

The pendulum and flower sweeps are two great techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that can be done from the closed guard. Moreover, these two sweeps have a similar setup with a few distinctions.

The difference between flower sweep and pendulum sweep is that while doing the flower sweep, the BJJ fighter needs to grab the opponent’s leg then open the closed guard and swing his legs so far to unbalance his opponent.

However, in the pendulum sweep, the fighter needs to hook the opponent from inside and underneath him before opening the guard and swinging his legs to unbalance his opponent.

Source: Invisible Jiu Jitsu

Pendulum Sweep Variation

A Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner can create many variations of the pendulum sweep depending on how he controls the opponent’s upper body. Thus, some jiu-jitsu practitioners rely on controlling the sleeve, but others use the deep underhook or the arm drag to perform the same technique, which creates a plethora of ways to do the jiu jitsu pendulum sweep.

Here are four resilient pendulum sweep variations from the closed guard, have fun!

  • Sleeve control of Pendulum Sweep

Through the video below, you’ll find more information on how to do the closed guard pendulum sweep from the Sleeve control till the end. Source: The Grappling Academy

  • Axe Pendulum Sweep

Chewjitsu explains in the video below how to do the pendulum sweep from the axe hand control till the end. Source: Chewjitsu

  • Arm Drag Pendulum Sweep

Find in the video below an awesome pendulum sweep variation that starts with arm drag movement. Source: Brandon Quick

  • Flying Pendulum Sweep

The video below presents another cool pendulum sweep variation called the flying pendulum sweep. Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

Pendulum Sweep Attack Transitions

pendulum sweep jiu jitsu

The pendulum sweep player has several awesome transitions, here are some:

  • Pendulum Arm Bar from Closed Guard

The guard offers many transitions and submissions for any subtle jiu-jitsu practitioner. Therefore, when you’re there you can size a triangle choke, kimura, arm bar, omoplata, loop choke … or you can sweep your opponent using various BJJ sweeps, including the Pendulum sweep.

How to perform the no-gi pendulum sweep armbar?

In the video below, you’ll learn to do the No Gi pendulum sweep armbar by Lachlan Giles. Source: Absolute MMA St Kilda – Melbourne

How to do the pendulum sweep armbar in Gi jiu jitsu?

Learn from the video below to perform the BJJ Gi pendulum sweep armbar. Source: The Grappling Academy

  • Pendulum Sweep To Omoplata Pendulum

Through the video below, you’ll learn to do the omoplata pendulum sweep in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Source: BJJ Fanatics

  • Pendulum Sweep To Triangle

The video below gives you the necessary information to size a triangle choke while performing the BJJ pendulum sweep. Source: The Grappling Academy


The pendulum sweep from closed guard is one of the best and most basic techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It can be performed effectively in both tournament and self-defense situations.

This beautiful BJJ move gives you a plethora of BJJ transitions and submissions including the armbar, triangle choke, omoplata, etc. So, don’t hesitate to try it in your next training session.

Speak your mind, what’s your favorite jiu-jitsu sweep? 



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