Jiu Jitsu Kimura Lock Submission Step By Step

Jiu Jitsu Kimura Lock

The Jiu Jitsu Kimura Lock (reverse ude-garami lock in judo) is a submission technique used largely in several kinds of martial arts such as Judo, JiuJitsu, UFC, MMA, Etc. The kimura jiu-jitsu is one of some popular and easy BJJ moves techniques. And, it has proven a high efficiency in every aspect of jiu-jitsu competition like the Gi and No-Gi BJJ.

Source: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

In this jiu jitsu article, we aim to talk about the kimora lock origin, entries positions (from mount, guard, side control) and more. Stay tuned! 

Kimura Jiu Jitsu Origin

source : Rener Gracie 

The kimura BJJ lock has become famous in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling competition since the famous match Masahiko Kimura vs Helio Gracie. 

At that time, Masahiko Kimura was the number one Japanese Judoka and pro-wrestler. He might be one among the best and feared Judoka of all time. And, he built an amazing career with only lost 4 matches.

So, in 1951 master Helio Gracie has challenged Masahiko Kimura to fight. But Masahiko did not accept this challenge for the first time, but he accepted to face Helio after a while.

The fight Masahiko Kimura vs Helio Gracie had been organized in the Maracanã Stadium ahead of 20.000 spectators. And, there was much energy and movement from both fighters. And after while fighting Masahiko arrived to submit Helio with reverse ude-garami lock that broke his arm. 

Masahiko Kimura was fascinated by Helio’s fighting spirit and Mindset. And, after that match Helio and Masahiko become friends.

The reverse ude-garami lock was named the kimura lock by Helio Gracie in the name of Masahiko Kimura.

Nowadays, the Kimura BJJ lock is one among the top jiu jitsu moves submissions

What is a Kimura in Jiu Jitsu?

jiu-jitsu kimura

The Jiu Jitsu Kimura Lock is a submission technique. It’s a shoulder lock submission moves mostly used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but it can be used in grappling, UFC, MMA, Judo, and more.

The kimora BJJ tends to be a high percentage and effective move across all belt levels and categories. And it has been tasted in tons of competition by many fighters. 

It’s a really powerful submission available from virtually every BJJ position we all know.

BJJ Kimura Trap System

kimura lock

The Brazilian JiuJitsu Kimura lock -or called also the double wristlock– is primarily a shoulder lock.

Therefore, the BJJ attacker needs to use his or her both arms versus one opponent’s arm, so mechanically it looks dangerous move. 

The Kimura jiu jitsu submission is an effective technique at any Brazilian JiuJitsu Ranking level due to its simple mechanics.

Besides, it’s often reached from several BJJ positions like the mount, side control, closed guard, etc. 

   Just follow these steps if you want to play the Kimora BJJ submission:

BJJ Kimura Tutoriel

  1.  First, you need to secure the appropriate grips. Therefore, one of your arms controls the opponent’s wrist and the other arm goes across the opponent’s shoulder and deep inside their arm (your both arms are connected). 
  2. Second, you can put your shoulder on the top of your opponent’s shoulder to make it a tough control. 
  3. Third, move to the next of the kimura jiu-jitsu procedure step that is finishing the submission. Therefore, you need to maintain the jiujitsu kimura grips control on the opponent’s arm. 
  4. Then, move brutality and explosively (be sure to do it slowly at BJJ class to prevent injure your teammate) behind his or her back. 

N.B: Make sure to readjust your position choosing the right angle to drive all your weight within the arms’ movement on the opponent’s shoulder. Thus, you get an easy tap with losing much energy.

Jiu-Jitsu Kimura Lock most entries positions 

Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

We just show you that the kimura lock is a tough submission in jiu jitsu likewise in others combats martial arts like UFC, MMA submissions, and wrestling, just to mention names. 

Let’s now talk on how to get the kimora jiujitsu technique? What is the best position to play the kimura lock? 

The good news is that the kimora lock is one of rare Brazilian jiu jitsu submission moves that you can reach them which almost from any position. And, your opponent is going to be in deep trouble, once you settle the kimura lock grips. 

Let’s discover together some popular jiujitsu positions that serve well for the kimura technique.

The Kimura BJJ from the closed guard. 

bjj kimura

The closed guard is a basic position for a plethora of Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions like the kimura. And, from this position, your opponent is trapped between your legs and more likely putting his or her hand on your hips. 

How to kimura lock from the closed guard?

You need just a few moves to reach the kimura jiu jitsu moves step by step from the full guard position.

How to kimura lock from the closed guard

  1. Pull your opponent towards you using your legs movement. Thus, you’re forcing him or her to put hands on the mat or nearby.
  2. Install your first grip by grabbing your opponent’s wrist of the arm that you would like to attack.
  3. Open your closed guard and make a hip escape, then sit up. 
  4. Use your free hand over your opponent’s triceps. And, insert it deeply around your opponent’s arm, then connect your both hands.
  5. Then, escape your hips towards the side of your opponent’s controlled hand.
  6. While at your opponent’s side connect your legs to scissor your opponent’s body. And, make sure that your calf pressed down on his or her lower back to prevent an escape.
  7. Finnish the kimura lock by moving the opponent’s elbow toward the head. Although, make sure to maintain a BJJ good control during the whole process.

That’s it, and you got an easy tap, what do you say? 

The Kimura Jiu Jitsu from the half guard.

Source: Stephan Kesting

The half guard is another suitable BJJ position to get the kimora lock technique. 

So, while you’re playing the bottom half guard position. You should manage several parameters toward the kimura BJJ lock submissions moves step by step. 

Kimura Jiu Jitsu from the half guard

  1. First, you need to manage the distance and frame your opponent. Don’t let him or her smashes you.
  2. Then, use your legs and hands to put your opponent out of balance. Likewise, go for a sweep set to force him or her to put their hand on the mat.
  3. Thrive the opportunity and grab your opponent’s wrist of the hand on the mat.
  4. Use your free hand over your opponent’s triceps. And, insert it deeply around your opponent’s arm, then connect your both hands.
  5. Then, escape your hips towards the side to install the kimura trap grips.
  6. After that, you have several options to finish the kimura jiu jitsu.

See this BJJ video for more detail about the kimura mma jiu jitsu by Lachlan Giles

source: Absolute MMA St Kilda – Melbourne

The kimura lock from the BJJ side control.

The side control is another suitable jiu jitsu position to get the kimura lock technique. 

There are many scenarios to catch a kimura submission while you’re at the BJJ side mount. Here is one of the ways to collect the kimora BJJ lock submissions step by step from the side mount.

kimura lock from BJJ side control

  1. Be a proactive BJJ player in the side control. Use the action-reaction principle to drive your opponent to extend his or her hand to defend some BJJ moves like the knee on belly.
  2. Then, you need to adjust your knees position and finish the kimura. There are many variations to finish the side control kimura lock, tough.
  3. Then, grab and isolate the opponent’s hand.
  4. Then, install your kimura trap grip while maintaining a good weight pressure on your opponent.
  5. Finish the kimura submission moves.

See this BJJ video on how to do perfectly the kimura from the side control position.

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ 

The Kimura lock from the BJJ mount.

The BJJ mount is another suitable position to submit your opponent by a kimura lock technique. 

How to do a Kimura lock from the jiu-jitsu mount position?

You need to follow this kimura lock tutorial, while you’re at the jiu jitsu mount

how to do a Kimura lock from the jiu-jitsu mount position

  1. After achieving the full mount position. You need to side forward on the opponent’s body. 
  2. Here you force your opponent to defend using his or her hands. So, you should seize the opportunity to grip and isolate one of the opponent arms.
  3. Then install the jiujitsu kimura grip.
  4. To finish the kimura submission you should lean your upper body forward and pull your knees up toward your shoulders. But, you should keep your center of gravity low. There are many ways to finish the kimura from that position, though.

More kimura BJJ details from the mount in this video.

Source: Evolve Mixed Martial Arts


The BJJ Kimura locks aren’t just jiu jitsu moves submissions driving, despite this common perception. It’s actually a tough and tight control in Brazilian jiu jitsu, UFC, MMA submissions. 

This awesome control gives you good leverage to control your opponent and open up transitions and/or other attacks, sweeps, and more awesome things.

Now, you have the necessary tools to get the kimura lock in a jiu-jitsu fight from everywhere (closed guard, mount, side control, etc.). So, just go for it in your next BJJ sparring. 

Let us know; what your favorite kimura MMA BJJ lock variation? Why?


What is a kimura?

The kimura Lock is a shoulder lock submission moves mostly used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappling martial art, UFC, MMA, Judo, and more.

When was kimura BJJ had been made?

The kimura jiu jitsu has become famous in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling competition since the famous match Masahiko Kimura vs Helio Gracie in 1951. Moreover, Masahiko had arrived to submit Helio during that match with reverse ude-garami lock that was named the kimura lock by Helio Gracie.