10 BJJ submissions you should know

10 BJJ submissions you should know

You need a plethora of BJJ submissions at hand, for the purpose to become a tough Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter. Though, there are different jiu jitsu submissions such as the body part lock (wristlock, shoulder lock, arm lock) and chokes (triangle choke, etc.).

The good news is that these submissions techniques lead to submitting your BJJ opponent when you use them effectively.

What are the best ten BJJ submissions?

What follows is an awesome ten jiu jitsu BJJ submissions list; add them to your game so you become a savage BJJ grappling competitor. 

1. Triangle choke BJJ Submissions

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The triangle choke occurs when a BJJ practitioner wraps his legs around his jiu jitsu opponent’s neck. And though, he leaves one opponent’s arms inside the wrapped leg.

The triangle chokes BJJ produces high pressure across the neck. And thus, this will disturb the blood flow, and, leading the jiu jitsu opponent to either submit or go to sleep.

Otherwise, a Brazilian ju jitsu fighter can get a triangle from different BJJ positions like the close guard, the mount, the back, half guard, and more.

Triangle choke BJJ from the mount 

Source: MMA Leech

Jiu jitsu triangle choke from the back
Tough BJJ Kimura Lock | Amazing Bra... x

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu triangle choke from the guard

Source: MMA Leech

Awesome, you should try to go for the triangle choke at the next jiu jitsu fight.  It’s a very effective BJJ submission.

2. Omoplata BJJ Submissions

The omoplata may be one of the highly effective Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions. So when a BJJ practitioner can process an omoplata BJJ?

The jiu jitsu omoplata is a BJJ submission where a practitioner attacks his opponent’s shoulder. Meanwhile, the BJJ attacker’s legs and hips are in a position that produces an extension of the opponent’s shoulder.

Thus, the jiu jitsu opponent is leading to submit or tap out due to the shoulder lock.

Omoplata BJJ from the triangle choke

source: Stephan Kesting

Omoplata jiu jitsu from the armbar

Source: MMA Leech

The jiu jitsu omoplata is one of many tough BJJ submissions. It’s very easy to get it, just think about it when you’re rolling at your next Brazilian jiu-jitsu sessions.  

3. Armbar Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The BJJ armbar is one of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s fundamental submissions techniques. A jiu-jitsu practitioner can get an armbar BJJ submission when he arrives to isolate and control his jiu jitsu opponent’s arm.

The isolated arm becomes a weak spot of the body. And this jiu jitsu submission is processed well the opponent has no choice just to tap out.  

Otherwise, there are tons of various ways to get an armbar. You can get it from the mount, the back, the knee-on belly, and more.

And, from here come to the saying “an arm extended equals an armbar BJJ submission”   

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ

Whether you’re a veteran grappler or a jiu jitsu beginner, the armbar jiu jitsu submission is for you just go for it in your next BJJ training session.  

4. Wrist lock BJJ Submissions

The original of the wristlock may come from other martial arts like Aikido, Hapkido, and Aiki-Jitsu. 

Many grapplers and advanced BJJ practitioners consider the wristlock one of the cheapest and easiest BJJ submissions. Why would you neglect 0.5% of the human body?

To get a wristlock jiu jitsu submission you need to start with isolating the arms of your BJJ opponent.

Then, you go for the wristlock and this produces a good pressure on this little joint of the arm forcing the opponent to give up and tap out.

However, make sure to go slowly if you apply this submission technique to your teammate during the class session to prevent any damage.   

source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

The wristlock is a very sneaky BJJ submission. But, it’s not legible for the white belts practitioners to prevent injury. 

5. Kimura Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The Kimura lock may be one of the highly effective BJJ submissions techniques. Indeed, this submission has been successfully utilized in both Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments and MMA competitions.

Therefore, to get a Kimura you need to start first by working on isolating the elbow and shoulder joints through the utilization of a figure-four grip. 

The Kimura lock is one of the submissions techniques with various possible entries. Thus, you can reach a Kimura BJJ from the standing position, mount, side control, closed guard, and open guard

Additionally, the Kimura is often used as a way of sweeping, and more. It’s for these reasons that the Kimura should be incorporated into every Brazilian jiu-jitsu student’s repertoire.

Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

The kimura may be a highly versatile submission that can be applied as jiu-jitsu submission in competitions or as a self-defense technique. 

Thus, every BJJ practitioner should learn how to apply it and extend his limit because the kimura is more just a sample BJJ submission technique. 

6. Bow and Arrow choke BJJ Submissions

The Bow and Arrow Choke is one of the highest ten most successful Brazilian jiu-jitsu submissions.

Sure, you will use a lot this BJJ submission technique once you get to the upper BJJ ranks (brown and black).

Otherwise, if we took about jiu-jitsu competitions, there is the bow and arrow choke that is one of the most three tough submissions techniques.

Source: The Grappling Academy

The Bow and Arrow Choke is a very fashionable and effective technique to conquer a larger, stronger BJJ opponent. Thus, you should try it in your next jiu jitsu training session.

7. Rear naked choke Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The Rear Naked Choke (RNC) is the most dangerous No-Gi BJJ submission. Therefore, it’s a tough dominating finish from the back jiu jitsu position.  

The rear-naked choke maybe a sneaky martial arts and jiu jitsu move. Although many BJJ fighters (martial artists) use it because it’s one among the very effective BJJ chokes submissions. 

How to Apply the Choke?

  • First, you need to take your BJJ opponent’s back. And then install the seat belt and hooked your opponent to control his back.
  • Second, after a dominant hand fighting, you will arrive at across one of your arms around your BJJ opponent’s neck. And after your free arm reaches to the rear of their head, far enough down so that they can’t simply reach up and take away your hand.
  • Third, you push and squeeze the top forward and down with your locked arms, as a result, you produce much pressure on your opponent neck leading him to submit. 

See the next video for more details about how to apply effectively an RNC choke submission by John Danaher BJJ.

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ

The RNC is one of the most grappling jiu jitsu submissions. so, don’t hesitate to apply it in your next BJJ training session.

8. Heel Hook Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The heel hook is one of the best grappling BJJ submissions. It’s a high-level submission grappling and ADCC tournament, but it’s entirely banned in jiu jitsu gi competitions.

However, this is a very dangerous BJJ submission technique and should be trained with extra care.

How to apply the heel hook?

The heel hook submission is applied by 

  • First, you need to control the knee/hip joint(s).
  • Second, you apply a force transversely that conduct to twist the heel either medially or laterally. 

Appling the heel hook jiu jitsu submission will force the torque on the ankle, and transfer it to the knee.

This technique will cause possible injury and damage to multiple joints and ligaments.

See the next video for more details about how to apply effectively the heel hook submission.

Source: MMA Leech

The heel hook is one of the most grappling BJJ submissions. You can apply it in your next jiu jitsu training session, but you need to take your measurements to not injure your partner. 

9. Ezekiel choke BJJ Submissions

The Ezekiel choke is one of the tough chokes in Brazilian jiu jitsu that you can apply it both in the BJJ Gi and No Gi.

Additionally, it’s one among the foremost effective BJJ submissions, and though you’ll apply it with no risk whatsoever. 

The BJJ Gi chokes submissions may be dangerous weapons. And, the Ezekiel choke is one among them particularly effective that Brazilian jiu jitsu has taken to a special level.

Otherwise, the jiu jitsu Gi chokes are often instigated from virtually every BJJ position, and that they work exceptionally well.

How Does Ezekiel choke works?

The Ezekiel choke combines the utilization of a sleeve and therefore the wrist. The mechanics behind the choke are within the scissoring-like motion that blocks the opponent’s trachea. In certain situations, the Ezekiel choke also can be utilized as a blood choke.

How to apply the No-Gi Ezekiel Choke?

Source: Invisible Jiu Jitsu

How to apply the Gi Ezekiel Choke?

source: The Grappling Academy

The Ezekiel choke is one of the most effective grappling Brazilian jiu jitsu choke submissions. You can apply it in your next BJJ Gi or No Gi training session. 

10. Clock choke Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The Clock Choke is one among the sneaky BJJ Gi submissions. Otherwise, the clock choke is an attack that’s applied when your opponent is on his knees in turtle position and you’re above him.

Also, it can apply it from the side control, the mount, guard. 

How to apply the clock choke?

Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

The Clock Choke is one of the most effective grappling BJJ choke submissions. You can apply this sneaky jiu jitsu move in your next Brazilian ju jitsu training session. 

Sure, this list of BJJ submissions is going to help you to perform well in your Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Feel free to tell us what’s your favorite jiu jitsu submission?