How To Do The Clock Choke? (Helpful Tips)

The clock choke is one of the most effective chokes available in BJJ martial art and one you should master. Indeed, the jiu-jitsu clock strangle can be performed from various positions, including the guard, turtle, side control, mount, etc.

Besides, chokes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA) add an unparalleled degree of intricacy to the game. So, these are fantastic techniques that you may use to win a BJJ match or to defend yourself in a self-defense situation.

However, these excellent techniques will be difficult to complete if you do not possess the necessary skills. Continue reading to learn more about how to master the clock chokes and their variations. Stay tuned!

How to Do the Clock Choke from Turtle Position?

bjj turtle position

The turtle may be an advanced Brazilian jiu-jitsu position that allows you to access the back mount and numerous chokes, including the clock choke.

As a result, I’m interested in learning how to do this strangle variant from such a strong BJJ position.

  1. First and foremost, you need to be in the top turtle positions. And make sure when you’re there to put up a seat belt and a pocket-on-pocket move to maneuver and predict your opponent’s movements. Otherwise, it will be much better if you come to install hooks since, despite the clock choke, it will be much better and offer you many excellent choices, like taking back.
  2. Now, you need to slip your upper hand beneath your opponent’s neck while simultaneously using your other hand to open up the opponent’s gi collar. The opponent’s ability to close space and use his hands to deflect your attempts to reach his neck may be challenging. Therefore, to achieve the cross grip, you must first remove the opponent’s hands.
  3. Maintain a solid cross grip and move your hip near the back of your opponent’s neck. Besides, it would help to keep your chest down to put pressure on the opponent’s shoulder and prevent him from rolling. Indeed, use your free hand to control the other side’s opponent’s hand.
  4. Finish the clock choke by moving your feet with small steps in a circle. As a result, you will put more pressure on the opponent’s neck, forcing him to give up.

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In the following instructional video, Keenan Cornelius teaches how to perform the jiu-jitsu clock choke submission from the turtle position. Have fun!

Source: Keenan Cornelius

Wait! In the sections that follow this introduction, you will learn how to execute a clock choke from various Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions. Additionally, you’ll learn some fascinating facts regarding this BJJ strangle variation that you should be aware of before you try it out.

What Does a Clock Choke Mean and How Does It Function?

The clock choke is a fantastic choke submission in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with several variations. Indeed, it can be performed from various positions, the most well-known of which is the BJJ turtle position.

Furthermore, like some other collar chokes, the clock choke necessitates using one arm to hold the opponent’s far wrist.

In contrast, the other hand grips his collar with a thumb-in grip. You’ll also need to walk like the hands of a clock to finish it off while maintaining tight control over your opponent’s movements.

Additionally, the clock choke is included in the category of blood chokes in BJJ martial arts. These chokes prevent oxygen from reaching the brain by compressing the blood vessels in the neck and causing them to constrict.

How to Do the Clock Choke from Top Side Control?

The top side control is one of the most powerful positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It provides many submission chances and game transitions to other dominating positions.

As a result, an experienced fighter understands that side control jiu-jitsu may provide smooth submissions like a clock choke. So, how to perform this strangle submission?

  1. First, you must get yourself in the top side control position and secure it using proper grips and weight distribution.
  2. Then, it would help if you opened up the opponent’s gi’s collar to set up a solid cross grip. But, indeed, you have to get rid of the opponent’s hands, which will most likely prevent you from reaching your desired collar grip.
  3. Maintain the cross grip and force your opponent to line up on his side (like you try to get the back mount position), so this will limit his escape choices. And put a reasonable amount of pressure on the opponent’s shoulders using your chest to prevent him from rolling while you’re closing distance.
  4. Finish the side control clock choke by walking toward the opponent’s head in a circle.

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In the following instructional video, Ricardo Cavalcanti (5th-degree black belt) teaches you how to perform the BJJ clock choke technique from the top-side control position. Have fun!

Source: Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

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John Danaher BJJ Clock Choke

In the following instructional video, John Danaher briefly explains the basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi chokes.

Otherwise, he shows you how to perform the BJJ clock choke technique without hooks. Have a good time!

Source: BJJ Fanatics

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How to Defend the Clock Choke in Jiu-Jitsu?

You must ensure that your moves are adequately processed to escape the clock choke as other BJJ escapes. Also, your timing can be crucial while performing a clock strangle defense or escape.

To defend against the clock choke is all about anticipating the opponent’s moves and rendering his connections ineffectual at the right moment.

Therefore, you should break the cross grip as fast as possible and disturb the opponent’s weight pressure, among other things.

In the following video, Priit Mihkelson (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt) gives you some fantastic tips on the clock choke defense. have fun!

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Clock Choke Variations in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Like many other BJJ techniques, the clock choke has many variants. Therefore, you should be familiar with it to become a savage fighter.

A variety of clock strangles variants are shown in the following video by Eli Knight. Have a good time!

Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

Final Thoughts

The clock choke is one of the most brutal and effective BJJ submissions to put an opponent to sleep. Therefore, many athletes have shown the efficacy of this choke type in many crucial Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions.

Fortunately, you can execute the clock choke from various BJJ positions, such as the turtle, side control, etc. So, you should include this choke submission into your offensive strategy to become a fearsome BJJ grappling fighter.

It would also help me get acquainted with the various jiu-jitsu techniques and submissions. However, BJJ chokes have constantly been ranked as one of the most effective techniques anybody can do on the mat to submit even a more prominent opponent.

I hope this post has assisted you with completing the clock strangle submission correctly. Because of this, you will be able to build a decisive attacking game while still having a wonderful time when training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Would you mind telling us: Is the clock choke one among your favorite jiu-jitsu submissions?

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