Everything You Need to Know About the Cross Choke

The cross choke (X Choke BJJ) is an excellent submission often utilized from the jiu-jitsu closed guard, mount, and other positions. Indeed, it is one of the most effective attacks in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions.

As a result, jiu-jitsu students should study and master this technique from their early days on the mat.

Without further delay, here is how to perform the cross-collar choke from several Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions.

How to Do the Cross Collar Choke from Closed Guard?

Understand The Crossface In Wrestling And BJJ

The closed guard is one of the most basic positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling. This fantastic guard type provides the bottom player with many submissions and transitions, including chokes.

So, to perform a cross choke from the bottom closed guard?

Begin by securing the closed guard position by preventing your opponent from controlling your hips or upper body. Then, use your legs and hands to disturb your opponent’s weight base by breaking his posture and close distance.

After that, seize the opportunity by sliding your arms properly to grip both collars of your opponent’s Gi and hold them there. And then, finish the collar choke by squeezing your wrists to create enough pressure on the opponent’s neck that forces him to tap out.

In the following video tutorial, Kyle Briere (BJJ black Belt) demonstrates how to properly climb up and complete a cross-choke submission from the full guard. Have fun!

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

How to Do the Cross Choke from Mount?

The mount is one of the most fundamental and durable positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. It offers its players diverse submissions and transitions, including chokes, etc.

Aside from that, The mounted cross collar choke is one of the most straightforward strangles in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is true when you better control your opponent using a consistent weight and pressure distribution.

After securing the mount position, slide one of your arms over your opponent’s face and into his collar. Then, it would be best if you slid your second arm over the opponent’s face to reach the opposite collar, but this time with the thumb pointing down.

After that, you must tighten your wrists to provide enough pressure on the opponent’s carotid arteries on both sides of his neck. Congrats, you just performed The basic cross-collar choke from the mount position.

Need more help!

In the following video, Rob Biernacki teaches the proper process of getting up and finishing a cross-collar choke submission from the jiu-jitsu mount.

Source: Stephan Kesting

Wait! Learn more about the cross collar choke in Brazilian jiu-jitsu by discovering the following BJJ facts and concepts. Stay tuned!

What Is the Cross Collar Choke? How Does It Work?

The cross choke (or X choke) is a member of the collar strangles family of techniques used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and self-defense. It puts pressure on the carotid arteries on both sides of the strangled person’s neck.

As a result, unless the opponent taps out, this choke variation will constrain him to sleep.

What Are the Cross Choke’s Basics?

When obtaining and completing an X choke from guard, mount, or any other position, you must pay close attention to your gripping technique. Grips are essential in the execution of nearly every BJJ technique, including Gi chokes.

As a jiu-jitsu practitioner, you must be familiar with these two fundamental grips to apply the X-Choke effectively.

Here’s how it works: for both grips, your first hand is slipped into the opponent’s collar with the palm up as far as it can go while maintaining control.

Indeed, the attacker should leave your thumb out so that you can create a fist with your hands.

Although in the other X-choke gripping method (classic grip), the second hand comes over the top, palm down, while the first-hand remains on the ground.

Moreover, consider inserting your thumb inside the BJJ opponent Gi’s collar, near the other hand, if possible.

Need more about the fundamental cross collar choke basics gripping and finishing tips! In the video below, Roger Gracie teaches you the fundamentals of the cross-choke technique.

Source: JiuJitsuMag

How to Counter the X Choke from Full Guard?

Stephan Kesting teaches the proper way to counter and escape a cross collar choke submission from the jiu-jitsu closed guard in the following video.

Source: Stephan Kesting

How to Defend the Mounted Cross Collar Choke?

In the following video, you’ll learn how to defend correctly and escape the cross strangle submission from the mount position. Watch & learn!

Source: BJJ Basics

Despite the X Choke, Are There More Collar Chokes to Learn?

In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, several collar chokes function precisely in the same manner as the cross choke when applied correctly. The following list contains numerous incredible BJJ Gi strangles you should learn and master.

Loop Choke

The Loop Choke is one of the jiu-jitsu collars chokes you should master since the beginning of your grappling journey. It is a quick, clever, and virtually unexpected submission technique.

Otherwise, It’s possible to switch from the cross to loop choke by an easy hand position adjustment.

Baseball Bat Choke

The baseball bat choke is becoming more popular among BJJ practitioners to finish their opponents. However, it’s a dangerous move in Gi or No-Gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Otherwise, baseball choke is often constructed from various positions, such as closed guard, knee-on-bellyside control, etc.

And, it’s possible to switch from the cross to loop choke by an easy hand position adjustment.

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Final Thoughts

The cross choke (or X-choke) is a powerful submission from the guard and other positions in BJJ martial art.

Aside from that, it is among the most efficient submissions employed in the top tournaments by numerous athletes, including Roger Gracie.

As a result, every practitioner should learn and perfect this submission technique from the beginning of his BJJ training.

The BJJ instructional above can assist you in setting up a cross collar choke from guard, mount, and other positions. Additionally, it will provide some essential methods to avoid this choking variant.

Eventually, I hope it will be of use to you in your efforts to develop a brutal attacking system.

Speak your mind; Is the cross-collar choke one of your favorite submissions in jiu-jitsu?

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