A Helpful Guide on Mastering the Double Leg Takedown

Takedowns, like the double-leg, help a fighter bring an opponent from standing to the mat in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and other combat sports.

The double-leg takedown is a fundamental Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling technique to take an opponent from standing to the ground. Beginners and advanced practitioners can use it to build savage standing game attacks.

As a beginner or advanced grappling fighter, this guide will assist you in understanding and achieving double-leg takedown to level up your standing game. Stay tuned!

Double Leg Takedown Concept

The double-leg takedown is an incredible attack that can be executed from standing. It is a fundamental grappling move in which you attack your opponent’s legs to take him from standing to the mat.

In the following video, Coach Kent Peters teaches you the double-leg takedown basics. Otherwise, he breaks down the necessary steps to successfully perform this technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, MMA, etc.

Source: ZombieProofBJJ

Double Leg Takedown Setups

Double-leg takedown is a highly effective offensive technique in grappling mixed martial arts like the single-leg takedown.

Wrestlers and grapplers use it to force their opponents to the ground. So, you’re probably wondering, how do I do a double leg takedown?

The steps outlined below will assist you in obtaining a successful double-leg takedown in BJJ and wrestling.

  1. First and foremost, you must adequately manage the standing game: Begin in a good stance, with proper distance and hand-fighting management, and build from there.
  2. Force your opponent to react using the action-reaction principle. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, take a deep leg penetration step and move between the opponent’s feet.
  3. Wrap your arms around your opponent’s knees. But keep your eyes on your head movement to avoid being choked by the guillotine.
  4. Finish the double takedown by stepping up your trail leg with some rotation to drive your opponent to the mat.

Need more help!

  • Double leg takedown for BJJ: In the following video tutorial, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida teaches the best double takedown for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Have a wonderful time!
Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics
  • Double-leg takedown for Wrestling: In the following video instruction, you’ll get unique double-leg takedown details for wrestlers. In addition, you’ll get a breakdown of the common mistake you should avoid.
Source: TeachMeGrappling Coach Brian
  • Double leg takedown for MMA: Going for double leg takedowns in MMA may be a risky move that you calculate precisely to prevent a knee from landing in your face. Nevertheless, the following detailed video teaches you to double takedown your opponent in mixed martial arts.

Double Leg Takedown Variations

double leg takedown wrestling

The double leg takedown is a fundamental takedown you can learn to improve your overall standing game. Otherwise, there are numerous double-leg variations that you should be familiar with and test. So, what are the famous double takedown variations that exist out there?

  • Drive across double leg
  • Low double leg
  • Outside step double leg
  • Blast double leg

Depending on your stance, some double-leg are better than others. So, look at the following video tutorial that explains the best double-leg techniques for Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Source: Aaron Benzrihem bjj

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Double Leg Takedowns Defense

double leg takedown explained

A successful double-leg takedown gives a fighter a substantial advantage over his opponent. As a result, defending the takedown is an excellent way to stay in the game and never offer your opponent a free ticket.

The double-leg takedown defense requires solid hip movement and directional opposition. Otherwise, pushing the opponent’s head away, going for the guillotine choke, or sprawling can effectively avoid a takedown and gain control over your opponent.

  • BJJ double-leg attack defense: The following video gives some great tips to counter the double-leg attack in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Source: Carlos Rosado
  • Wrestling double-leg takedown defense: The double-leg attack can differ slightly between BJJ and wrestling, so be aware of that. Consequently, in the following video, Kyle Dake, one of the greatest American wrestlers, gives you some helpful tips to defend against double-leg movements.

Double Legs Takedown Mistakes

You will be in big trouble if you make a mistake while performing the double takedown technique.

In that case, you risk being choked or forced into weak positions, which will give your opponent a significant advantage in a fight. So, what are the fatal double-leg technique mistakes you should avoid?

  • Shooting the double leg with a bad posture.
  • Attacking the double leg with a wrong head position.
  • Inadequate distance management when attempting the double take-down.
  • Trying to finish the double takedown with your hands without engaging your shoulder, legs, etc. 

Need more!

The following video tutorial gives six common mistakes to avoid when attacking the double leg.

Source: MMA Coach

Double Leg Takedowns Drills

Drills will assist you in improving your double-leg attack execution. The following video demonstrates three excellent double takedown technique drills you should practice to become more fluid in applying this technique.

Source: William Abreu

Final Thoughts

A double-leg takedown is a powerful technique that lets you take your opponent to the ground from a standing stance. It’s one of the most effective takedown techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and MMA.

This takedown type is a fantastic start to winning a fight or gaining an advantage over your opponent. So, as a wise grappler, you should learn and test this attack from your early days on the mat.

Speak your mind; Is the double leg among your favorite takedown techniques?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Perform Double Leg Takedowns Without Getting In Guillotine?

You can avoid the guillotine choke when performing a double-leg takedown by keeping your head up and your ear close to your opponent. Indeed, your back should be straight, and your chest should be tightly gripped near the opposing hips to close distance.

What Are the Awarded Points for a Successful Double Leg Takedown?

Processing a successful double-leg takedown will earn you two excellent points. Otherwise, it’s a great way to dominate your opponent in a jiu-jitsu or wrestling fight.

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Are Double Leg Takedowns Allowed in Judo?

Judo is a distinct sport with rules and fundamentals that differ significantly from BJJ and wrestling. For example, shooting a double-leg takedown in a judo competition is prohibited.

Is the Double Leg Takedown Effective Against Bigger Opponents?

A double-leg takedown necessitates excellent timing and significant energy to be executed flawlessly. The alternative is that you will be up against the opponent’s entire body strength in this takedown variation.

As a result, getting excellent double-leg takedowns against bigger and stronger opponents is extremely difficult. 

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