How to armbar from the closed guard

how to armbar from the closed guard

The armbar is one among the foremost common attacks utilized in jiu-jitsu grappling martial arts. Indeed, the BJJ armbar from guard is one among those awesome Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves. The question is how to do an armbar from the closed guard?

As you know, the closed guard is among the primary position thought in the BJJ grappling martial art. A jiu jitsu practitioner is going to find out several submissions techniques or positions transitions from the closed guard including the BJJ armbar. And, the armbar from the closed guard is one among those basic jiu jitsu techniques that everyone should master.

The jiu jitsu closed guard armbar may have several variations, but the most needed steps to put someone in an armbar are:
  1. Reach the closed guard position, or if you’re already there that’s nice.
  2. Choose one opponent’s arm to attack, then grip lightly the wrist and therefore your opponent couldn’t detect your attack intention (that’s necessary for a successful BJJ attack).
  3. Use your legs to interrupt the opponent’s posture. Meanwhile, Isolate the arm and use your free hand to establish more control on it; Install a collar grip or you can grip the arm triceps.
  4. Open the closed guard. And use your legs to shift your hips to make a 90-degree angle within your opponent.
  5. Move one of your legs to regulate the opponent’s head and therefore the other one on his or her chest.
  6. Squeeze your legs to form it so tight, but make sure that the attacked arm’s elbow is on your hips.
  7. Finish the jiu jitsu armbar with little moves hips up and wrist down.

I hope these BJJ tips are going to improve your armbar submission (it should as long as you really learn it and check out it). Furthermore, you should be much excited to play the jiu jitsu armbar, because it’s one of the simple submissions that still foremost effective and versatile ones that exist.

Here is more detail about the Armbar from guard by John Danaher

source: BJJ Fanatics


We hope that these tips are going to help you perform well the BJJ armbar from the closed guard. And therefore you can use it to submit many jiu jitsu opponents. Have a good Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. 

How to do an armbar from closed guard?

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