How to do the triangle choke from closed guard

How to do the triangle choke from closed guard

Most of my best friends have choked me out in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I cannot find a clue to perform even a triangle choke from the closed guard. Guess what? From now you will learn to do perfectly the BJJ triangle choke from the full guard and you’re going to have fun choking out your entire best jiu-jitsu partners.

As you know, the jiu jitsu triangle choke is one of the most powerful and effective BJJ techniques. It’s often achieved from several positions including the closed guard.

 Just follow these easy recommendations on the way to do a triangle choke from the closed guard.
  1. Get your BJJ opponent into the closed guard
  2. Control the opponent’s wrist

Controlling The opponent’s wrist could also be the primary step of most versions of BJJ triangles. And for that purpose, you employ the sleeve grips if you train with the BJJ gi or a monkey grip or C-Clamp grip if you’re during no-gi jiu-jitsu grappling or MMA training session.

The wrist control is effective in Jiu-Jitsu for several outcomes; as an entry to the submission (triangle, wrist lock, armbar, omoplata; etc.), or to regulate your opponent and skim his Brazilian jiu jitsu moves …
  1. Put one opponent’s arm in and one arm out

One of the sequences toward the BJJ triangle choke achievement is putting one opponent’s arm in (between the attacker’s legs) and therefore the other arm out. 

There are many scenarios to succeed in this position (arm in arm out) like one arm is pressed into the opponent’s torso and therefore the other is pulled forward.
  1. Go for a high guard with locked triangle

Now, you have to place and lock your legs toward the jiu jitsu opponent’s shoulders. Although, make sure to do it with explosive movements.

This new leg position serves to regulate and limit the opponent’s choices and also to shut the space within your opponent.

Then, take your time to place one of your legs over the opponent’s shoulder of the trapped arm and therefore the opposite leg under his opposite shoulder.
  1. Control the opponent’s posture

You’re now at an advanced status toward the jiu jitsu triangle submission. Besides, things are going to be much easier if you break and control the opponent’s head and posture. 

As a result, you give the jiu jitsu opponent no chance to escape.

  1. Readjust your position if necessary

Honestly, as a BJJ attacker, you need to readjust your position in most submissions to make it effective, because your BJJ opponents are different. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to repair your submission’s angle by fixing the hips and legs position to form a tight triangle choke without losing much energy and time.
  1. Finish the jiu jitsu triangle

Finish the BJJ triangle by doing a hip bridge, squeeze your legs together, and pull down on the opponent’s head. 

And here is the tap. Awesome!

NB: to do a successful jiu jitsu triangle choke. You have to make sure that within every movement you close the distance and you maintain a tough control on your BJJ opponent. 

source: Bernardo Faria BJJ


We hope that these jiu jitsu triangle choke tips are going to help to submit much BJJ opponents from the closed guard. Have a good Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. 

triangle choke from guard
How to triangle choke from guard?

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