How to Rubber Guard in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA

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The rubber guard is one of the top sophisticated guards in jiu-jitsu, grappling, MMA mixed martial arts, and UFC. Although, most people use the normal positions like the closed guard, the half guard … while rolling on the mats.

Moreover, the rubber guard position is reserved for tough and flexible practitioners. Thus, they may use it as a favorite tool to maintain the guard position in a game. Also, it’s a bridge to some excellent joint locks submissions and chokes.



Many people would say that the rubber guard is just a simple high guard position in BJJ or MMA martial arts. However, it demands a high degree of flexibility.

If you’re flexible enough, then you’ll be ready to hit your most vigorous opponents with a good incorporation of the rubber guard during a sort of grappling fight, MMA, and in real fight scenarios.

Throughout this article, I’ll provide some interesting facts about the rubber guard. So keep an eye out for more information!

Rubber Guard Jiu-Jitsu Creator

rubber guard mma

Who Invented Rubber Guard Jiu-Jitsu?

Back in the nineties, Nino Schembri was the first fighter initially employed in many tournaments.

However, the Rubber Guard made the buzz in the BJJ world when Eddie Bravo developed an unbreakable system around it at the 10th Planet Academy.

Furthermore, the rubber guard system got more value when Eddie Bravo had submitted Royler Gracie with a triangle choke from the rubber guard position.

What Is The Rubber Guard?

Jiu Jitsu guard all what you need to know

The Rubber Guard may be a closed guard system developed by Eddie Bravo, a world-renowned grappler and founding father of 10th Planet.

The Rubber Guard system is widely owned by many Brazilian BJJ GI / No-Gi practitioners and mixed martial artists.

Otherwise, the Rubber Guard is consistently being employed and developed further by practitioners throughout the planet of jiu-jitsu martial arts and MMA.

Eddie Bravo has become among the foremost revolutionary and controversial martial arts instructors in the world.

How To Hold A Rubber Guard In Jiu Jitsu Gi / No-Gi and MMA?

Today is your lucky day! Eddie Bravo will show you how to master the BJJ rubber guard, which is accurate and very different.

Because it requires a flexible practitioner who knows how to manage his legs perfectly, it is always a good move to play the rubber guard.

Discover in the instructional video below some primary rubber guard entries and, therefore, all that you need to master the rubber guard position by Eddie Bravo.

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

Rubber Guard Submissions

Source: BJJ Trickster

Here is a list of several Brazilian jiu-jitsu submissions you can hunt for from the rubber guard position.

Therefore, there are many incredible things to do from this position; you can take your opponent’s back, the mount, or submit him using an armbar, triangle choke, gogoplata submission …

  • Gogoplata from Rubber Guard BJJ

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

Discover in the instructional video above how to set up the Gogoplata submission from the rubber guard position.

The Gogoplata is a sneaky and unexpected submission move from the rubber guard. This submission demands an advanced level of flexibility.

Therefore, you need to place your shin over the opponent’s neck and keep his head pressed over the shin together with your arms.

The Gogoplata move produces a significant amount of pressure on the opponent’s throat, forcing him to tap out.

However, make sure to move appropriately to prevent losing the submission, and therefore you get a beautiful Gogoplata from the rubber guard.

  • Omoplata From Rubber guard

Source: Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

Discover in the instructional video above an excellent tutorial on setting up an omoplata submission from the rubber guard position.

You have the option to go for the omoplata submission when you are in the rubber guard position. In addition, the BJJ omoplata is more likely efficient if the opponent’s arm is exposed.

To get the omoplata, you have to transfer your leg over the opponent’s neck and then move to the side.

Therefore, you will create an insupportable pressure on the opponent’s shoulder to lead him to tap out.

  • Triangle Choke From Rubber Guard

Source: Benjamin David Eddy

Find an excellent tutorial on how to set up a triangle choke from the rubber guard position in the instructional video above.

Whenever there is an omoplata submission, there is also a triangle choke.

That means that you could also hunt a triangle choke submission from the rubber guard when your opponent arrives to defend the omoplata.

Moreover, to be ready for the triangle movement, you have to rotate your body to the side and throw your other leg over his neck.

Then you will be ready to close your legs and finish the triangle hold.

Stretches for Rubber Guard Mastering

Source: The Jiu-Jitsu Therapist

Find out in the video above three excellent hip mobility and stretch moves that will help you develop your rubber guard flexibility.

These powerful hips and legs will help you solve your BJJ guard retention and master the 10th Planet Rubber Guard System. Have an excellent Brazilian jiu-jitsu training!

BJJ and MMA Rubber Guard Books

Nowadays, several players around the world perform the rubber guard. Otherwise, Mastering the Rubber Guard and Advanced Rubber Guard are some excellent jiu jitsu MMA books about how to master this position.

  • Mastering the rubber guard jiu jitsu for MMA Book

10th planet rubber guard system

Image source: Amazon

Mastering the Rubber Guard is awesome jiu-jitsu and mixed martial art book.

Eddie Bravo, Erich Krauss, and Glen Cordoza, excellent instructors and influencers in the martial arts field, wrote this beautiful martial arts book.

In mastering the rubber guard, Eddie Bravo reveals the Rubber Guard techniques and strategy.

Indeed, this revolutionary system book contains a road map explicitly designed to become very efficient in the grappling world and mixed martial arts competition.

In addition, Eddie used a thousand color photographs to teach you the unrevealed and unique rubber guard moves and submissions.

Sure, the Rubber Guard will change your BJJ and MMA game for the better to become a dangerous fighter. Find the Mastering the Rubber Guard book on Amazon. Have fun!

  • Advanced rubber guard book

advanced rubber guard jiu jitsu

Image source: Amazon

In the Advanced Rubber Guard book, Bravo leads you inside the evolution of the rubber guard.

He unveils entirely new control positions and dozens of cunning attacks through descriptive narratives and numerous systematic color photographs.

Whether you are a beginner practitioner or looking to expand your knowledge, the Advanced Rubber Guard book will give you the necessary boost for more success in the BJJ and MMA tournaments. Find the 10th planet advanced rubber guard book on Amazon. Have great learning!


Eddie Bravo had made the buzz when he developed an unstopped attack system from the Rubber Guard.

Thus, several BJJ and mixed martial artists, including BJ Penn and Shinya Aoki … have used the rubber guard.

Otherwise, the rubber guard system gives you several chances to perform tough Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA submissions. However, it demands to be flexible enough to do it properly.

We hope that this Rubber guard tutorial article will help you to dominate the rubber guard.

Speak your mind; are you playing the rubber guard? Is it an unbreakable Jiu-Jitsu position? 

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To accomplish the majority of rubber guard techniques, you must be a little bit flexible. Unfortunately, finding practical stretching exercises might be a bit difficult. As a result, I wrote a thorough article on the most excellent BJJ stretches, which you can find by clicking here.

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