Spider Guard: A Terrific Open Guard to dominate the BJJ Game

The spider guard is one of the most effective guards in jiu-jitsu gi tournaments. This open guard provides several amazing sweeps and submissions to overcome any opponent. Furthermore, the spider guard becomes more dangerous when combined with other available guards, such as the lasso guard.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about using the spider guard correctly. Then, it will go after some great sweeps, submissions, and transitions that you need to add to your game to make it more dangerous. Stay tuned!

Spider Guard Explained

The spider guard is a well-known open guard in jiu-jitsu. It is necessary to grip both sleeves and use the legs to press near the opponent’s biceps to isolate and manipulate his upper body.

This makes the spider guard one of the best bottom positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, ensuring security while opening up offensive opportunities.

Rafael Lovato Jr. explains the BJJ spider guard fundamentals in the video below.

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Spider Guard Sweeps

The spider guard has a nice set of sweeps thanks to its upper solid body control. As a result, you can manipulate your opponent’s posture, balance, and base, which gives you a significant advantage in the fight.

The video below shows three of the best spider guard sweeps you should try.

Source: BJJ Techniques by Yoshi Tamaki

Spider Guard Submissions

Once you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of this fantastic open guard, overcoming opponents while using the spider guard will be a simple assignment for you to do.

It makes no difference; the spider guard is effective against all fighters. If you use it against a smaller opponent or someone taller than you, you will still come out on top.

It has been demonstrated by a number of the world’s best BJJ competitors that the spider guard may lead to a variety of submissions and transitions. You get access to some of the most incredible submissions, such as armbars, triangle chokes, omoplata, and more.

The following video shows some of the best jiu-jitsu submissions from the spider guard position.

Source: JonThomasBJJ

BJJ Spider Guard Pass

The spider guard appears to be a brutal guard to pass, especially for BJJ beginners. However, after studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu and deepening your understanding of the fundamentals, you will discover that the spider guard is not as tough to pass as it appears.

The better you get at playing the spider guard, the faster you’ll be able to spot vulnerabilities and break this guard while you’re on top.

Dealing with bottom player legs and sleeve grips is necessary for an effective spider guard pass.

You can stop back and turn your wrists in and beneath your opponent’s legs. This will assist in breaking the sleeves grips and changing the efficiency of the opponent’s legs. Then, go for an over-under pass, toreando pass, etc.

Learn more about the spider guard passing techniques in the following videos.

Source: JonThomasBJJ

Source: The Grappling Academy

Spider Guard Solo Drills

If you want to improve your Brazilian jiu-jitsu at home or in the gym, solo drills are a terrific way to practice.

The following video shows a list of efficient spider guard solo drills you should try to improve your skills.


Source: Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness


The spider guard is one of the most effective guards in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, many top grapplers have tested the efficacy of this open guard in the most competitive tournaments, and the results have been astounding.

When playing from the bottom position, this guard can keep you safe. Otherwise, it can give you numerous sweeps and submission opportunities to defeat your opponent. Because of its excellent sleeve grips and footwork, the BJJ spider guard aids in establishing strict control over the opponent’s upper body.

Finally, the spider guard is undoubtedly one of the best positions for any grappler to put the opponent in a bind. As a result, learning and incorporating this excellent open guard into your jiu-jitsu arsenal will be advantageous.