What Does Jiu Jitsu Teach You? (All You Need to Know!)

Jiu-Jitsu teaches you incredible things, such as discipline, consistency, and fighting tactics. Otherwise, it leads to several concepts for defending yourself in a fighting situation, such as distance management and using submissions to defeat a powerful attacker.

Otherwise, BJJ allows smaller and weaker opponents to dominate larger ones. It improves your flexibility and cardio resistance while giving you more control over your body.

Furthermore, the benefit of learning jiu-jitsu is that it constantly challenges you mentally and physically to push yourself beyond your limits.

As we advance through the rest of this article, we’ll look at the incredible things Brazilian jiu-jitsu offers. With that information in mind, you will be more informed about what you will accumulate from learning BJJ martial arts. Stay tuned!

Does BJJ Teach Striking?

Does BJJ Teach Striking

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a unique grappling martial art discipline that emphasizes ground fighting over all other forms of combat.

It will teach you many fantastic things, but it will not teach you any striking techniques.

BJJ does not allow you to punch or kick your opponent.

However, it provides you with many submission techniques that will enable you to control your opponent and finish a battle with fluid sequences.

Do Jiu-Jitsu Teach Takedowns?

jiu jitsu vs karate

The art of jiu-jitsu prioritizes ground fighting over all other forms of combat.

A BJJ fight, on the other hand, starts from a standing position where the fighter manages distance and uses proper takedown techniques to bring his opponent to the ground.

Takedown techniques are taught in Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. It assists practitioners in managing the standing game to bring an opponent to the ground.

Otherwise, takedowns are essential for improving your BJJ, and a successful jiu-jitsu takedown earns you two points.

Moreover, BJJ takedowns are derived from Judo throws and wrestling takedowns, with some modifications, such as grips and proper movements, to suit the Brazilian jiu-jitsu game.

Does Jiu-Jitsu Teach Discipline?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that has steadily grown in popularity. It’s well-known in MMA and provides many benefits to its practitioners, including discipline.

Although, managing a BJJ fight is a difficult task for everyone.

Understanding and executing the complex Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques requires discipline, passion, and focus.

Thus, BJJ teaches you the importance of discipline, focus, and consistency to achieve good results.

Does Jiu-Jitsu Teach Confidence?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches various techniques and movements for controlling and defeating an opponent.

However, if you lack confidence, you will have a lot of difficulties performing these techniques (takedowns, submissions, sweeps, and so on).

BJJ fighting combat will help you gain confidence and self-esteem to make the right choices and decisions, even when difficult.

As a result, you will learn to manage difficult situations and circumstances with a clear mind and the proper procedure.

Does Jiu-Jitsu Teach Self-Defense?

Several martial arts disciplines, such as BJJ, Muay Thai, and Filipino Martial Arts, are suitable for self-defense.

They can assist you in protecting and defending yourself in dangerous situations.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches a variety of concepts that can be applied to self-defense.

For example, it teaches you distance control, body control, and some excellent submissions to conquer attackers of all sizes.

Does Jiu-Jitsu Teach Street Fight Techniques?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fantastic ground-fighting discipline that teaches you incredible things.

Still, according to practitioners, BJJ does not teach you street fighting.

Although, BJJ teaches a variety of submissions using the gi uniform, such as chokes, which can be used in a street fight against an aggressor.

Final Thoughts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you many valuable lessons that will change your life.

It’s a unique martial art that doesn’t allow you to throw kicks and punches but teaches discipline, confidence, and self-defense skills, among other things.

BJJ is a worthwhile martial art because it teaches excellent grappling techniques. it can assist you in changing your behavior and character to become a better person.

Students assisting in jiu-jitsu classes can use joint locks, chokes, and other submission techniques to defend themselves or tap out their opponents.

Please share your thoughts: What do you learn from Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

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