Is BJJ the Best Martial Art to Learn? (A Closer Look)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has consistently grown in popularity throughout the long run. Today, many people are training in this martial art because they believe it has numerous benefits.

BJJ is one of the best combat sports you should learn. It can teach you incredible skills and techniques to help you in your everyday activities or develop significant fitness levels and excellent combat skills.

This article discusses whether jiu-jitsu is the best martial art for children, men, and women. Stay tuned!

Is Jiu-Jitsu the Best Martial Art?

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Many people believe that karate, boxing, or even kickboxing are the best martial arts because of their popularity in movies and other factors.

However, this is different. Jiu-Jitsu is one of the ten combat sports with a unique fighting style. It has an unrivaled track record in the history of combat sports.

For example, the Gracie family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu began practicing in the early 1920s, and we are now approaching a century of experience. This is the only martial art with a successful track record against other fighting disciplines.

Every other fighting style on the planet has been fought and defeated by Jiu-Jitsu. Therefore, only those who practice Jiu-Jitsu stand a chance against it, which is not valid for any other martial art.

Aside from that, BJJ has proven effective in MMA tournaments such as the UFC, where it has been a huge hit. Furthermore, the US Army has officially adopted Jiu-Jitsu since the early 1990s, and law enforcement across the country is now embracing it due to undeniable evidence.

Indeed, If you are taken down by a more prominent person at the bottom of a street fight, you can use jiu-jitsu to manage distance and position yourself to defend against strikes. Then, You can use the power of submission to choke your opponent out in a few seconds.

Finally, Jiu-Jitsu is the best martial art to learn because of its track record of success against other fighting disciplines. It is effectively used in the military, law enforcement, and self-defense. Furthermore, it lets you control your opponent’s dangerous strikes while positioning yourself to perform high-level submissions.

So, if you want to learn a martial art, Jiu-Jitsu is unquestionably the way to go.

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Why Jiu-Jitsu Is the Finest Martial Art to Learn?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a peaceful grappling discipline that offers several distinct advantages even though it does not allow for striking. Yes, it will change your life, aid in developing excellent psychological wellness, and result in a remarkable physique transformation.

As a result, It has become a prominent martial art discipline employed in various settings, including the military, self-defense, and movies, to name a few.

1# Anyone Can Practice This martial Art

BJJ is open to everyone, including women, men, and even children as young as four years old who choose to learn the art.

As a result, it is a martial art that anybody can practice; even a smaller or weaker BJJ practitioner may defeat a more prominent opponent.

Various factors contribute to BJJ’s popularity among people athletes. First and foremost, it enables a person to protect herself when they must contend with a much bigger adversary than themselves. Other styles might give you an advantage over other women or people of a similar height and weight.

However, jiu-jitsu may assist females, kids, and men in dealing with a stronger opponent. This is because BJJ teaches various techniques that may help people protect themselves.

2# BJJ Is an Effective Martial Art

BJJ is an influential martial art where you can work well against larger or stronger opponents. But this outcome can be achievable by following the correct techniques, controlling your body, and believing in yourself.

Thus, self-trust can open up your way to outstanding life achievements.

3# Jiu-Jitsu Teaches You Discipline

As a BJJ fighter, you will simultaneously control many parameters in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fight with a balanced body, clear mind, and good choices.

Thus, in this discipline, you will learn to manage situations and circumstances with a clear mind and the correct procedure producing much better results.

It teaches you to be disciplined and organized on the mats and in daily life. Indeed, you learn to respect and help other people.

4# BJJ Builds a Strong Mentality

The reality is that BJJ will do all to crush your spirit and drive during a match. However, despite all the advantages, training sessions are complex and time-consuming. Beginners, for example, must spend months surviving on the mats before learning the fundamentals of the sport.

You will experience moments when you will feel on top of the world. But, on the other hand, the poor days will compel you to rethink your jiu-jitsu ambitions. On the other hand, this roller coaster ride encourages you to mature emotionally and cultivate a “never give up” attitude.

While practicing jiu-jitsu, a person may learn to tolerate failure and remain motivated even when difficult. You can break free from the shackles of your ego and truly appreciate the learning process in this manner. Having a never-say-die attitude will increase the overall quality of your life.

5# BJJ Is a Great Workout

Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives access to numerous rolling rounds on the mats for at least 30 min, warm-up exercises, techniques drilling with several repetitions, etc. Therefore, jiu-jitsu is a fantastic exercise that activates your body muscles.

As a result, these strenuous exercises will naturally strengthen your body and assist you in getting into top shape.

Endlessly workout, especially rolling, increases your endurance while burning many calories. It will help you lose weight and acquire substantial muscle mass before realizing it.

So, after just a few months of training, you will see a difference in your physique. Not just that, BJJ also helps develop an excellent level of flexibility and strength since several postures and moves are natural stretching exercises.

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7# BJJ Is the Right Martial Art for Kids

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the ideal martial art for children since it teaches them the fundamentals of self-defense while still having fun.

Besides, BJJ improves fine motor abilities while also strengthening the body. Additionally, it will aid your kid in developing a positive attitude about growth, emotions, and physical health as they grow older.

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8# Jiu-Jitsu Is a Unique Fighting Style

This unique martial art doesn’t support striking, kicking, or physical prowess.

BJJ may be a grappling art where a person is taught distance control, leverage, position, and submissions to handle physically aggressive individuals. This is because it allows you to use only precisely enough force to de-escalate a situation.

9# Jiu-Jitsu Trains Your Mind

Jiu-jitsu is one of the most brutal martial arts to learn, and it takes years for a pupil to become skilled in it. With so many options available, you’ll need to learn how to develop a strategy and plan your movements ahead of time.

In the beginning, this style of approach was pioneered by the legendary Rickson Gracie. He is widely regarded as the finest BJJ fighter of all time. Rickson claims that he always had a plan and was planning ahead of time.

In today’s world, every BJJ student must understand how to formulate a sound strategy and game plan. This implies they must devote significant time to refine their technique inside and outside the gym.

Furthermore, to overcome an opponent, a student must think quickly and efficiently to complete many minor tasks. In a manner, BJJ resembles a chess match on the ground, and you must constantly utilize your common sense to win. As a result, it helps to develop and enhance your mental faculties.

1O# BJJ Is a Competitive Combat Sport

The basic principle of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that bringing your opponent to the ground equalizes significant weight, height, and strength discrepancies. Therefore, BJJ primarily concerns subduing and immobilizing opponents via grappling techniques rather than offensive ones.

Grandmaster Helio Gracie has said concerning competitions, “Always assume your opponent will be bigger, stronger, and faster than you.”. Moreover, he also added,” a competitor should focus on technique, timing, and leverage rather than sheer strength.”

The initial UFC tournaments established jiu-jitsu’s superiority over a wide range of other fighting styles, which has continued today. Otherwise, BJJ is also effective for self-defense, like Krav Maga and street fights.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu nowadays ensures a fear of competition for all of its practitioners. As a result, there are numerous weight classes based on competitor age, weight, and belt ranks (white to black belts).

So, fearless women, men, and children are enamored with the various jiu-jitsu tournaments worldwide. As a result, even a 40-year-old competitor can do well and win titles in BJJ competitions.


Ultimately, Jiu-Jitsu is the finest martial art to master because of its track record of success versus other combat arts. It is utilized efficiently in the military, law enforcement, and self-defense.

Additionally, it allows you to contain your opponent’s deadly punches while positioning yourself to accomplish high-level submissions. Otherwise, jiu-jitsu classes teach self-discipline, goal planning, concentration, confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, and other essential life skills via practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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