Kade Ruotolo: A Rising BJJ and ADCC Competitor

Kade Ruotolo is a legendary young gun, an ADCC 2022 tournament winner who taught more experienced, more muscular guys a lesson with his powerful sweeps, transitions, and hard-to-anticipate submission game.

This essay shares some little-known BJJ facts about Kade Ruotolo. As a result, it will emphasize Kade’s tournament accomplishments, his most extraordinary grappling techniques, and other remarkable things.

Kade Is the Twin Brother of Tye Ruotolo

The twin brother of Tye Ruotolo is extremely dangerous with his tricky finishes.

In the ADCC 2022, Kade could finish four top-notch opponents in a row, including the legendary Mica Galvao, who has never been heel hooked nor submitted.

Source: IBJJF

Kade Ruotolo Was Born In Maui, Hawaii

Tye Ruotolo’s twin brother was born in the same place as his bro, in one of the islands of Hawaii, in January 2003. He’s of Italian/Puerto Rican heritage.

The Move To Huntington Beach, California, Created The History

Ruotolo’s father was a trained grappler, and the whole family moved to the USA while he and his brother Tye were infants. Then, the twin brothers enrolled in Luciano Cleber’s BJJ school. Moreover, the two participated in their first competition at the age of 3 in 2006.

Kade and his brother were highly successful kids and earned their first sponsorship at 10. Then they switched to Art Of Jiu-Jitsu academy (AOJ), where the two remained for around 4 years. Their coaches were Rafael and Guilherme Mendes. Yet, another instructor change happened.

Source: FloGrappling

The Atos 2017 Camp Change Changed Ruotolo’s Life

In 2017, the twin bros moved to Atos Headquarters Academy in San Diego, California, where legendary Andre Galvao took the two.

Right off the bat, the duo of talented kiddos started progressing and improving their game. They were earning belts very quickly.

The Two Brothers Earned Their Black Belts In 2021

The two brothers reached 18 in 2021, and Galvao instantly gave them black belts for their outstanding level of knowledge.

Kade and Tye had way more success earning their straps than their teammates and peers.

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Kade Is A Master of Scramble-Jitsu, Leg-Pin Guard-Pass, And D’Arce Choke

When you look at Kade’s record, you’ll see that he scored the most significant number of victories via the D’Arce choke (6 times). You’re in terrible trouble when he sinks his arms under your neck and arm from the north-south position.

Plus, guard passing is one of his specialties. Now, you will probably ask what the heck is scramble-Jitsu. Also, the Ruotolo brothers have made the buzz using their Buggy Choke technique.

Scrambling is when two fighters are jockeying for the position.  For example, you’ll see fighters rotating, sweeping each other, and fighting to end up in the dominant spot.

Kade mostly ends up in a better position and takes points by controlling his opponents, but he’s always threatening via finish.

There is no stalling in his game, Kade’s constantly pushing the pace and trying to defeat his enemies via a choke or a limb position. Most scramblers win via points, but Kade is ready to fight for the stoppage until the last dying breath.

Kade’s Cardio Is Out of This World

In his career, Ruotolo has never been outworked. Yet, when he doesn’t finish the bout via choke, the dangerous young fighter leaves the mat with his hand raised, thanks to a decision or point domination. Nobody has ever defeated him via points or decisions in his life.

Kade’s pressure and intention to finish the fight are stunning. Watching his bouts makes you feel that the guy cannot get tired. He constantly works and tries to end the bout, from the first until the final bell.

Source: ONE Championship

Kade Ruotolo Was Submitted Only Two Times in His Whole Career

Kade is a “kill or be killed” type of fighter; he reminds me of “Jordan Wright of BJJ”. His cardio is excellent, so he can easily win the battle by stalling and changing positions, but he’s a fan favorite.

Ruotolo likes to fish for the finish; he attacks both upper and lower limbs and looks for weak spots.

He will surely improve his fight IQ in the future, and it comes with experience. Also, he is probably the strongest 19-year-old to participate in a featherweight competition. When he gets a hold of you, you can tap, go to sleep, or end up with a broken limb.

His two losses happened in the early stages of his career. Roberto Jimenez forced him to tap after a superb short choke in 2020, while his second loss came to the same opponent in 2021.

It seems Jimenez is excellent in back take, but Kade worked hard on improving his skills, and their third fight was one-side a**-whooping, where Kade Ruotolo was swinging the hammer and dominated every aspect of the game.

Kade Ruotolo Used to Be a Featherweight Division Competitor (-70 kg)

Kade Ruotolo is a light fighter but had some success in the Openweight circuit in juniors. His speed and the ability to change positions in a split second help him control the bout and earn the stoppages even against more excellent opponents!

Yet, Kade is still growing, so he moved one weight division up (-77 kg), and it seems this was the best choice he has ever made!

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Kade Ruotolo Is a Finisher, Decision Wins Don’t Happen Too Often

There are two types of scramblers – defensive and offensive ones. Kade’s defense is excellent, but he’s mostly trying to turn his defense into offense and usually ends up in the dominant spot, where he can quickly look for a submission victory.

Kade Ruotolo Stormed ADCC 2022 With Four Submission Wins

Source: FloGrappling

I have never seen a 19-year-old kid dominate stronger and more mature opponents like this.

The ADCC 2022 championship will be remembered forever by the superb domination of Kade Ruotolo, who earned the title with four back-to-back impressive submission wins.

Kade crushed his foes with stunning pressure and an extraordinary level of aggression!

The legendary Aussie Lachlan Giles was a favorite heading into the bout with Kade Ruotolo. Still, Kade kicked off the bout very aggressively and armbar the legend, forcing him to tap.

You thought it was a coincidence? Then please, how do you comment on his superb inside heel hook victory over Roberto Jimenez, the one and the only man who submitted Kade two times in a row? Revenge is sweet, don’t you think so? It looked like a kill-or-be-killed fight for bookies, but Kade Ruotolo made it so easy!

The victory over PJ Barch in the semi-final looked easy too. Then, we saw the tremendous shock of the tournament – Mica Galvao, a young Brazilian competitor who has never tapped in his life, was forced to surrender thanks to another inside heel hook! It was his first-ever submission loss!

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Kade Ruotolo is the future of this sport – this legendary young gun did the unthinkable, winning the ADCC tournament at the age of 19.

His game is constantly improving, alongside his level of power. I assume we’ll see his full potential soon, but here is the list of his achievements in the senior circuit:

  • 2022 ADCC Submission Grappling Champion.
  • 2021 WNO Championship winner.
  • 2020 GrappleFest 70KG Belt Holder.
  • 2020 EBI Combat Jiu-Jitsu Championship (2020).
  • 3rd Place 3QG Kumite 5 GP (2020).

Kade Ruotolo is still young, he’s far from the peak of his career. Mark my words Tye and Kade will take the Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene over in the next few years!

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