How to Do the D’arce Choke? (Helpful Tips)

The d’arce choke (also known as the darce choke) is an excellent submission in BJJ no-gi grappling and mixed martial arts. Besides, it is one of the most effective attacks in the famous ground fighting championships. Because of this, you should learn and perfect this move as soon as you can to become a fierce no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter.

Furthermore, the darce choke and other chokes like the guillotine, arm-triangle, anaconda choke, and others are equally crucial in BJJ martial arts. In addition, it can be performed in both jiu-jitsu gi and no-gi from several positions, including the half guard, side control, turtle, etc.

As a result, I am confident that the d’arce choke submission will assist you in developing a challenging attacking game. And, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of this jiu-jitsu technique, you’ll have no trouble grasping more complex techniques in the sport.


How to Do a D’arce Choke from Top Side Control?

Without a doubt, the top side control is one of the most dominating positions in the BJJ sport. From there, a wise fighter can get such fantastic jiu-jitsu chokes like the baseball choke, brabo choke, d’arce choke, etc. Otherwise, he can move to other dominant positions, including north-south, mount, etc.

So, how to perform a darce coke from the top side control?

  1. Obtain the side control position, a great result most likely gained after passing the opponent’s guard. Then, secure the position using efficient grips and weight management. 
  2. The underhook will be used by many bottom-side control players to obtain space and leave the position. Therefore, you will need to set up a Whizzer move to make the opponent’s underhook ineffectual.
  3. Find a method to slide your Whizzing hand as far down as you possibly can till it touches the opponent’s neck with your hand. Meanwhile, lower your ear to your chest like you’re listening to his back lungs.
  4. At this point, the opponent’s underhook is still causing you some problems. Because of this, you must stand on your toes and twist your hips to bring down the opponent’s hand used to underhook you.
  5. Bring your free hand across and link it with your first hand, then clamp your left elbow down and pull the opponent’s head in very tight.
  6. Use your left elbow to block the opponent’s head and your right hand to grasp the biceps of your left hand as deeply as possible.
  7. Finish the d’arce choke submission by pressing your two hands together.

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In the following video, coach Tom -The Grappling Academy- walks you through the process of obtaining a fantastic darce choke from the top side control position.

Source: The Grappling Academy

Wait! I’m going to look for some fascinating information about the d’arce jiu-jitsu strangle. Otherwise, you’ll learn how to perform this excellent choke submission from various BJJ positions. Stay tuned!

What Is a D’arce Choke? and How Does It Work?

The D’Arce choke (also known as the Brabo choke in Gi jiu-jitsu) is one of the effective chokes available in BJJ martial arts. It’s an amazing head and arm choke that operates in the same manner as the anaconda choke.

The mechanism of the darce choke is that that attacker must use his arm (choking arm) to penetrate as deeply as possible to control the inside opponent’s neck. Thus, It’s like an inverted arm triangle technique that can be done from several BJJ positions, including the turtle, side control, half guard, etc.

Furthermore, the d’arce choke is among those blood chokes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Consequently, it disrupts the opponent’s blood flow, leading him to fall asleep if he does not tap out.

What Is the Origin of Darce Choke’s Name?

The d’arce choke became popular in the 2000s due to Joe D’arce, a well-known fighter who competed for the Renzo Gracie Academy squad. As a result, this incredible head and arm submission got the name “D’Arce Choke” in honor of Joe D’arce.

How to Do a D’arce Choke from Bottom Side Control?

The bottom side control may be a desirable position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu which gives the player poor options. So, the bottom player will be at the mercy of the top side control player unless he can escape. And, when he exits the bottom side control position, he will get in the road some incredible attacks, including the D’arce choke.

So, you’re wondering how!

  1. Begin from the bottom side control BJJ position. Besides, while you’re there, make sure to set up solid frames and manage distance properly to get yourself ready to escape.
  2. Bridge to create space and meanwhile pass your hand to the other side nearby the opponent’s hip.
  3. Start to rotate toward the opponent’s head, and your arm goes deeper to control the opponent’s neck. But, make sure to stay tight to prevent the opponent from defending the attack.
  4. Connect both your arms to finish the darce choke grip setting. Meanwhile, use your left elbow to block the opponent’s head.
  5. Finish the d’arce choke submission by pressing your two hands together.

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The following video walks you through the process of obtaining a fantastic d’arce choke from the bottom side control position. Have fun learning more details!

Source: Submission Radio

How to Darce Choke from Top Half Guard?

The half guard is one of the most used guards in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and it is one of the most effective. Moreover, this BJJ position provides equal submission and transition chances for both players. Hence, You can do incredible things from the top half guard if you control your distance and grip well.

You’re probably wondering how to darce choke from the top half guard?

  1. The first thing to consider while you’re in a half guard position is controlling space and waiting. Most bottom half guard players will opt for the coyote half guard to avoid being crushed by the top player. Consequently, they will take a seat and attempt to play a game system using an underhook strategy.
  2. You should slip your right hand over the opponent’s top hand to reach your opposite hand when he’s going for the coyote half guard. Then drive your chest down to keep your opponent under control and prevent him from processing his attack.
  3. Drive your opponent down the mat and break his half guard to advance to the side control position.
  4. Adjust your position and rise to your knees if needed. Next, you should modify your arm grips so that your right arm penetrates deeper to hold the opponent’s neck while your left arm controls the opponent’s rear neck.
  5. Finish the D’arce choke and force your opponent to concede.

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Edwin Najmi takes you through the process of getting a darce choke from the top half guard position in the video below. Have a good time learning jiu-jitsu!

Source: BJJ Fanatics

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How to Perform a Darce Choke from Turtle?

The turtle position is considered an advanced Brazilian jiu-jitsu position since it enables you to reach the back mount and a variety of chokes, including the D’arce choke. So, you’re curious how one can do this strangle variant from such a powerful BJJ position?

  1. First and foremost, you must be in the top turtle BJJ position. Also, keep in mind when you’re there to take charge of controlling the position and creating space.
  2. Drive your right arm up from the bottom of your opponent’s chest until it reaches the top of his neck. Additionally, use your left elbow to block his head while using your right hand to grip the biceps of your left hand as deeply as possible.
  3. Push your opponent to the mat and reposition yourself.
  4. Finish the Darce choke.

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Coach Tom – Grappling Academy – takes you in-depth through the process of getting a darce choke submission from the top turtle position in the video below. Have fun!

Source: The Grappling Academy

Darce Choke Vs Anaconda Choke

The darce choke and the anaconda choke are two BJJ submissions that may seem to be identical. As a result, many practitioners, particularly those just starting training, have difficulty distinguishing between the two techniques.

The significant difference between the darce choke and the anaconda choke is in the arms placement. However, the configurations and mechanisms of both chokes are almost identical. Thus, you should have no trouble switching from the d’arce choke to the anaconda choke.

Chewjitsu takes you through a detailed comparison of the darce choke vs the anaconda choke in the following video. Learn and progress your jiu-jitsu!

Source: Chewjitsu

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D’arce Choke in UFC 

The D’arce choke is one of the most compelling submissions in the UFC Championship. It has been utilized successfully by many fighters to finish opponents. The following video showcases some of the greatest Darce chokes finishes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Have a good time!

Source: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Final Thoughts

The BJJ D’arce choke is a powerful submission in Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Aside from that, it is one of the most effective attacks because even the most experienced practitioners may not notice it coming, and it isn’t easy to defend. Therefore, to avoid being left behind, you must get familiar with and master this fantastic choke technique as soon as possible.

While chokes are common in BJJ grappling and mixed martial arts, it adds a layer of complexity to the sport. However, it is necessary first to learn the fundamentals and develop the essential abilities to execute these mind-blowing movements properly.

It may also be beneficial to know different jiu-jitsu techniques and submissions. Consequently, you’ll be able to see at a glance some practical techniques that you can use to defeat even the most formidable opponents, regardless of their physical.

I hope this post has been of assistance in completing the darce strangle submission successfully from a variety of different starting points. As a result, you’ll take your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training to the next level by building a challenging attacking game.

Let us know what you think: Is the D’arce choke one of your favorite BJJ submissions, and why?

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