How to Shrink a BJJ Gi? (A Simple Guide!)

Do you have a gi that is too large for you? Or perhaps you’ve had it for a long, and it’s starting to stretch. If this is the case, don’t worry – I’m here to help! I’ll show you how to shrink a BJJ gi in simple steps that everyone can do in this blog post.

So, whether your gi is a little too big or excessively baggy, keep reading for the ultimate method to downsizing your BJJ gear!

How to Shrink a Gi for BJJ?

how to shrink a bjj gi

Choosing the correct size is unquestionably essential when purchasing a BJJ gi. Furthermore, a good size will ensure excellent execution of the various Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques and transitions.

However, because the size chart was inaccurate or you made a mistake, sometimes your newly-ordered gi may be too large and not fit well.

In that case, you’ll encounter a problem using this gi for training since it will limit your movement and performance. But don’t be worried!

The solution is simple: shrink your gi to make it more comfortable and fit correctly. But how exactly?

The following are some fantastic steps when trying to shrink a lag gi:

First, wash your gi in a warm or hot machine. Then, turn it inside out to avoid damage to the exterior fabric during the washing cycle.

Take your gi out of the laundry after it has finished washing and wear it on while it is still wet. If you’re satisfied with the gi’s look and fit, hang it to dry.

Otherwise, if you want it to shrink a little more, you can put it in the dryer (regular drying mode is enough). Then let it run for four to five minutes and try it on to see if it fits better. Then repeat the process until you’ve found the best fit.

This is my preferred method for shrinking all of my Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis, but other forms may exist.

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Do I Need to Shrink My Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi?

To begin with, you don’t need to shrink your gi in most cases because the best Gi Brands ensure a preshrunk fabric, so you never have to worry about your BJJ Gis shrinking.

Otherwise, those gis brands provide an accurate sizing chart when weight and height. So, You never miss your size and get the right fit if you know how to read the size chart.

Otherwise, those gis brands offer a detailed sizing chart based on weight and height. So, you’ll never miss your size and get the perfect fit if you know how to read those size charts.  

There are exceptions, and you may sometimes need to shrink your BJJ gi. So, when should you shrink and reduce the size of your gi?

Consider shrinking your gi if it is excessively loose-fitting or too long in the arms and legs. This is because you will be unable to train correctly and efficiently on the mats.

This baggy gi will get you in trouble since your opponent when easily set up grips and dominate you. Indeed, your movement, transitions, techniques, executions, and overall performance will be hampered in these circumstances.

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Shrinking your BJJ gi can help you improve your overall performance and comfort while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Follow the simple instructions above to shrink your gi without ruining it. Also, remember to clean your gis gear with cold water and air dry it after each training session to keep them in great shape!

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