How to Wash a BJJ Gi? (Easy Instructions!)

If you practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you understand how crucial it is to have a clean and washed gi. It not only improves your cleanliness but also helps maintain the quality of your training and keeps bacteria at bay. But how can you properly clean or wash your BJJ gi?

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This blog post will show you how to keep your Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis clean and correct for your daily training sessions. Otherwise, it will advise you to stay healthy and perform at your best!

How Do I Wash My BJJ Gi?

Washing your jiu-jitsu gi at too high a temperature will cause it to shrink. Therefore, the best method is to use cold water that does not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).

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Let’s highlight the main BJJ gi washing instructions to follow when washing your gi using a washing machine:

  1. Turn your gi gear inside out to avoid damage to the exterior fabric during the washing cycle.
  2. Put your gi gear inside out in the washing machine.
  3. Add some mild detergent to the machine. But, make sure to use a detergent designed for delicates or sportswear to avoid damaging your gi. 
  4. Put your washing machine on the delicate cycle and the water temperature to chilly. You should not use hot water that might cause your gi gear to shrink.
  5. Once the cycle is finished, remove your gi from the washing machine and hang it up to air dry.

How Frequently Should I Wash My BJJ Gi?

It would be best to wash your BJJ gi after each training session, especially if you sweat heavily. This will help you stay clean and prevent bacteria from growing. 

As a practitioner who trains more than once a week, you may need to wash your gi more frequently. So, for your gi to last longer, use the proper cleaning method.

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What Are the Advantages of Cleaning My BJJ Gi?

Washing your BJJ gi has numerous advantages. It improves your cleanliness, keeps bacteria at bay, and keeps your gi in good condition.

Indeed, properly cleaning a jiu-jitsu gi also helps you avoid skin infections and other health issues.

How Should a BJJ Gi Be Washed Without Shrinking?

Any dedicated practitioner knows that a quality gi is vital for BJJ training. But how do you clean your Gi without destroying it?

  1. The first step is to read the care instructions. Because most Gis are made of cotton or a cotton blend, they should be machine washable.
  2. Wash your Gi in cold water at all times. This is because high water temperatures can cause gi to shrink.
  3. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as they can cause fabric damage.
  4. Do not tumble dry on high heat because this may cause the gi to shrink.

These simple jiu-jitsu gi washing instructions can help keep your gi clean without shrinking.

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What Temperature Should I Wash My BJJ Gi?

The correct method to wash your BJJ gi is in cold water at a temperature that does not exceed 100 °F (38 °C).

Washing your gi in cold water help prevent shrinkage of the gear and eliminate bacteria without damaging the fabric.


Washing your BJJ gi is critical for preserving the quality of your training and minimizing bacteria spread.

Follow the above easy instructions to clean your gi without ruining it properly. Also, remember to regularly air dry your gi gear to extend its life!

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