Gordon Ryan: The King of ADCC BJJ Grappling Championships

Gordon Ryan is one of the most talented grapplers trained under John Danaher, the master of “impossible” sweeps, transitions, and submissions. One of the trickiest BJJ fighters to ever participate in this sport. He’s fast as lightning, ready to transition from north-south choke to a toe hold in a second.

This article discusses Gordon Ryan’s BJJ facts you might not know. So get ready to discover more about the ADCC 2022 Super-Fight and other amazing things.

Gordon Ryan Won the ADCC Superfight 2022

Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao have had a lot of back and forth before facing each other in the ADCC superfight 2022. The fight occurred in Las Vegas on September 18th, 2022, where Gordon Ryan defeated Andre Galvao via RNC submission.

Gordon Ryan Was Born In Monroe, New Jersey, USA

Ryan was born in this city on July 8th, 1995. Miguel Benitez introduced him to the BJJ at 15, but legendary Tom de Blass quickly noticed Ryan’s talent.

After a few months of BJJ, he introduced the mat legend Garry Tonon, which led to further improvements and excellent results.

As Ryan’s results improved, Tonon talked him into traveling to New York when Gordon was a brown belt to train with legendary John Danaher. The Renzo Gracie head coach’s training had a lot of influence on Ryan’s style improvements and better results.

Gordon Ryan Split With Danaher Squad

This chapter of his life happened in 2021. John Danaher called the end of the Danaher Death Squad a unified training and competition team. There was a lot of tension between the team brand and the growing individual brands of members.

It led to the creation of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu by John Danaher and Gordon Ryan, including Garry Tonon and Oliver Taza.

Although, the rest of the high-level mat warriors made a new team called “B-Team Workgroup” that includes Nicky Ryan (Gordon’s brother), Craig Jones, and Nicky Rodriguez 

You can criticize Gordon Ryan all day, but he stayed loyal to his roots and the people who turned him into a superstar!

Gordon Ryan, a BJJ Black Belt Under Garry Tonon

Garry Tonon is the guy who officially helped the legendary Gordon Ryan reach the black belt, which is one of the highest rankings in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But say thanks to John Danaher for his fabulous achievements too!

Gordon Ryan Is an ADCC and IBJJF World No-Gi Champ

These are pretty much tremendous achievements. Gordon would have won more tournaments if his health issues hadn’t impacted his career. The 2022 WNO Heavyweight champion is looking to extend his undefeated streak against legendary Andre Galvao this month.

Gordon Ryan Has Never Taken Part In an MMA Bout

MMA fans are probably sad because the legendary Gordon Ryan might give many fighters a hard time.

His unorthodox takedowns and the mixture of shrimps and top and bottom control could lead to potential ground domination and the end of the bout via submission in the first round.

Yet, MMA is no joke; let’s be honest. Ryan would have to improve his stand-up game or at least defense. When you shoot in, a Muay Thai guy can easily catch you with a big knee.

Therefore, he might need a few months to prepare for the highly ranked opponent. Nevertheless, let’s hope to see him in the mixed martial arts bout in the years to come.

Gordon was inked with ONE Championship for a grappling bout with Shinya Aoki. The contract allowed him to participate in MMA if he wanted to. Yet, his health issues were too much.

Gordon Ryan Is a Super-Heavy Division Fighter

Ryan competes in the 100,50 kg (222.0 lbs) weight class, which lets him dominate the absolute (Open weight division).

You’re in big trouble if this skillful grappler ends up in top control, but you’re in an even more significant problem when he’s on his back. So stay away from his full guard by any means necessary!

Ryan Likes Incidents, Controversy, and Heated Trash Talk

We already described his heated arguments with Andre Galvao, but there were many more “victims” of Gordon Ryan.

For example, in October 2020, he revealed his private messages with Felipe Pena on the internet ahead of their third battle.

Gordon also accused 2019 ADCC medalist Lachlan Giles of taking PEDs in November 2020. There were also harassment comments towards the daughter of Erbeth Santos and a lot more.

Gordon Ryan Lost Only Once Via Submission

Ryan lost once by submission against Felipe Pena in 2016 when he was 21-year-old. Otherwise, he also was defeated by elite names like Vinny Magalhaes, but all of his other losses came via points.

Yet, his wrestling skills constantly grow, and it’s almost impossible to finish him. He scored 9 losses, 3 draws, and impressive 147 victories – what a warrior!

Source: Lex Clips

Gordon Ryan Is a Very Much Atypical Fighter

If something’s peculiar for a regular BJJ guy, it will be perfectly normal for Gordon Ryan.

There are so many unusual shrimps, sweeps, transitions, and feints under his belt. His moves are super-hard to anticipate; if you’d like to stay undefeated against this guy, you must think and react quickly during the whole fight!

Gordon Ryan Loves Triangle Chokes

When on the bottom, Ryan will try to trick you into falling into his excellent triangle choke attempt. Too bad he hasn’t taken part in an MMA bout; he would have probably taught Dagestani wrestlers a lesson.

But he’s also a specialist in a reverse triangle choke, which is a problematic submission to master. This guy is dangerous from all angles.

Source: MastersmokeABUSE

Gordon Is a Fan Of Heel Hooks

Ryan likes to fish for the inside heel hook from every single position. Could you take a look at his grappling record?

How many times have you seen the name of a lovely leg lock? He reminds me a bit of Rousimar Palhares of BJJ!

He’ll go for an outside heel hook when the opponent starts rotating to the opposite side. So the fight is over unless you react as soon as he gets a hold of your limb!

Ryan Likes Feinting, Tricky Shrimps, and Body Triangle Control

People rarely feint and use fakes in a BJJ bout because it’s about rolling, controlling, reaching the dominant position, or finishing the battle.

But Gordon Ryan pushed everything to a whole new level. He reminds me of the MMA fighter Israel Adesanya in the BJJ world.

Ryan likes to use tons of fake moves before going for the attack. It explains why engaging with him on the mats is so hard. And when he gets a hold of your back, the legendary star doesn’t want to let go.

He’s not going to change positions to collect points, go for control until the end of regular time. Although, He’s going to submit you and grab your leg before you even realize what happened!

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

Gordon Ryan’s Medical Issues Gave Him a Hard Time Through His Career

Gordon suffered a Staph infection in 2018, so he had to take meds for his stomach. It gave him a hard time for four years. He officially retired from competition in 2021 to deal with his health problems, primarily diagnosed as Gastroparesis.

In August 2021, he announced that a gastroenterologist finally diagnosed him with “yeast and bacterial overgrowth,” a condition that also impacted his kidneys.

Health issues are a part of the game, but Gordon’s problems worsened as time passed, so he had to pull a handbrake.

Yet, His career came to a halt, but we hope everything is ok ahead of the 2022 ADCC Super Fight. He looked good in his last two matches against Felipe Pena and Pedro Marinho.

Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena

Source: família bjj


Ryan Gordon is a very well-known BJJ black belt and a top-notch competitor. Excellent influencer, beef specialist, and a fighter who can’t keep his mouth shut. Here are some of his superb grappling achievements:

  • WNO Heavyweight Champion (2022)
  • 1st Place ADCC World Championship (2017 / 2019**)
  • 1st Place IBJJF World No-Gi Championship (2018**)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pans No-Gi Championship (2018**)
  • 1st Place Quintet 3 (2018*)

*-Absolute, **- Weight, And Absolute

Gordon has shown that everybody can overcome health issues and problems with the power of will and dedication. As a result, his career should rise, especially if he beats his fellow rival, Andre Galvao.

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