How the Gracie Barra has made the difference in jiu-jitsu?

How the Gracie Barra has made the difference in jiu-jitsu

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu had made his debut in the early of the twentieth century by Mitsuyo Maeda. And then Gracie family has taken the lead of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, after the 1990s, plethora of tough BJJ academies have shown up in the scene of Brazilian jiu-jitsu like Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu, etc. 


Does Gracie Jiu Jitsu Really Work?

What follows is a brief description of the Gracie Barra BJJ history, philosophy, and top Fighters. So what does make Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu so different?

Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu history

The story starts the first time in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, by Rolls Gracie. But unfortunately, he passes away in 1982. Then, Master Carlos Gracie Jr accepts the challenge to make the G.B jiu jitsu a great jiu jitsu model. Meanwhile, he becomes the head coach of this beautiful BJJ academy. 

Master Carlos Gracie Jr was known by hid great values as a man with purpose, innovative mind, and very bold. therefore, he was the perfect man in the perfect place. Thus, it takes him just a few years to turn this jiu-jitsu academy into a world-class BJJ team winning a lot of world titles.

Now Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu has affiliation worldwide and succeeded to graduate more than 600 BJJ black belts by his strong jiu-jitsu philosophy. 

Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu school

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The G.B academy has over 800 schools around the world with great BJJ coaches. And, Standing all for one purpose “Brazilian jiu-jitsu for everyone”. Indeed the Gracie Barra reserves relevant jiu-jitsu learning for kids, women, and also for the top BJJ competitors.

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The Gracie Barra BJJ thinks that the Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a little complicated discipline. A good BJJ practitioner needs to control several variables during the fight and while training indeed.

To learn and practice jiu jitsu in the ideal conditions any fighter should control his or her BJJ training frequency, learning jiu-jitsu basics, conditioning, and strength, etc.

The GB jiu-jitsu had to think about all these variables building a strong strategy and philosophy with the precious orientation of the master Carlos Gracie Jr.

And, This jiu-jitsu training philosophy controls all the factors that influence the jiu-jitsu fighter from the white belt to the back belt like: training period, planning, healthy diet, BJJ tournaments preparation.

As a result, the GB BJJ has succeeded to build great fighters making a difference in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments.

GB Jiu-jitsu black belts.

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The Gracie Barra has a strong BJJ competition’s team. Therefore, the G.B BJJ has won plenty of jiu-jitsu tournaments (world jiu-jitsu championships gi and no-gi, ADCC, Brazilian national jiu-jitsu championships, and more).

When we search in the list of the best GB jiu-jitsu, we find Marcio Feitosa, Roger Gracie, Romulo Barral, Orlando Sanchez, Braulio Estima, Felipe Pena, and more.

In short, the Gracie Barra has made the difference in BJJ attaining a high BJJ level. These achievements were done with the hard work of all GB team professors, BJJ instructors, and awesome jiu jitsu practitioners.