Kneebar Submission: A Complete Guide for BJJ and MMA

The kneebar is among the most effective BJJ grappling and mixed martial arts submissions. It is a leg attack that has evolved to become one of many grapplers’ favorite moves.

A kneebar is a leg-aimed attack that causes knee hyperextension by pulling the leg and pushing the joint to the opposite side.

This article will teach you about the kneebar move in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling, and MMA. It discusses the knee bar mechanism, setups, and positions, among other things. Keep an eye out!

What Is a Kneebar?

Kneebar Submission

A kneebar is a leglock attack that tends to pressure the knee by pulling the leg and pushing the joint to the opposite side, causing knee hyperextension. 

A powerful kneebar requires more than raw force. It all comes down to hip positioning and using your body as a fulcrum to limit your opponent’s leg mobility.

A slight misalignment may cause the kneebar submission to fail, so squeeze your knees and keep your opponent’s leg straight.

Source: Knight Jiu-Jitsu

How to Do a Kneebar from Top Half-Guard? 

The half-guard kneebar is one of the earliest knee-bar variations you should learn. It’s a simple and straight move you’ll love to go for whatever you can.

In the following video, Professor Gustavo teaches you how to do the knee bar from the half-guard position correctly. Indeed, Gustavo emphasizes the importance of proper positioning and control to execute the technique successfully.

Source: MMA Leech

How to Kneebar from the 50/50 Position? 

The 50/50 is another fantastic position to hunt a knee-bar submission. In the following video, Lachlan Giles teaches you how to correctly do the kneebar submission from the 50-50 position.

Source: Absolute MMA St Kilda

How to Kneebar from the Turtle Position? 

The turtle is one of the advanced positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is another fantastic position for an effective knee-bar submission.

In the following video, Tarsis Humphreys teaches you how to correctly do the knee bar from the turtle.

Source: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

Kneebars in MMA

Kneebars are often utilized as a submission hold in MMA to submit an opponent. These may be performed from several positions, including the half-guard, etc.

As any submission holds, kneebars may be hazardous if not done correctly. Excessive pressure or keeping the hold for too long might result in catastrophic damage to the opponent.

Source: That Jiu Jitsu Podcast

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A kneebar is a kind of submission hold widely utilized in BJJ grappling and MMA to induce an opponent to submit. A leg lock variation applies pressure on the knee joint, causing discomfort and perhaps significant harm.

A grappler usually wraps their legs around their opponent’s leg to do a kneebar. He then grabs their opponent’s leg with both hands and drives their hips forward, causing the knee joint to bend abnormally, forcing the opponent to tap out.

This puts a lot of strain on the knee and may result in discomfort, damage, or even tearing off the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joint.

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