Jinh Yu Frey: A BJJ and MMA Fighter with Remarkable Background

Former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion and BJJ purple belt Jinh Yu Frey is focused on making a splash in the UFC, despite claiming to be boring and introverted.

Those two adjectives certainly don’t usually describe a UFC fighter; the roster is littered with loud characters with interesting backgrounds, but Frey claims that’s not her. 

Jinh Yu Frey Instagram

In an interview with the UFC website, she says she’s boring, which is why her Instagram page doesn’t see a lot of action.

People are like, ‘Why aren’t you busier on social media?’ And I’m like, ‘It would literally be the same thing posted every day.’ I lead a pretty boring life.”

She added, “I garden, I run with my dogs, and I train. That’s about it. There’s not a whole lot of different things going on,

That might seem strictly true, but there is more to the Arkansas native than meets the eye. At just 5ft 2in, she’s a rising star in the strawweight division. Still, she confesses that self-promotion on the social media kind isn’t something she finds easy.


It doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m kind of an introverted, private person, so it does take a lot of effort to be like,

She added, “Okay, I want to share these things. I want people to look into my life and see what I’m doing in my home life.’ So, it’s definitely something that I’ve had to work on.

Jinh Yu Frey Achievements!

If Jinh Yu Frey were to shout about her achievements, she’d be talking about much more than her mastering of BJJ or her knockout victory against Darla Harris, which went viral and helped launch her career.

Instead, surprisingly, she’d be talking about a long list of academic achievements that few would perhaps credit an MMA fighter with possessing.

Source: Jhin Yu Frey

Frey earned an A.A.S. in Nuclear Medicine at Amarillo College, then attended MSU, getting a B.S. in Radiologic Sciences.

If that wasn’t enough, she completed her Master’s degree at UTA in August 2015, beating Liz McCarthy in her third Invicta FC bout just a month later.

Within a year, Jinh Yu Frey was competing in the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship.

Jinh Yu Frey in the UFC!

Middle 2020, Jinh Yu Frey’s studies have been put on hold as she starts focusing on the UFC strawweight division, where she’s beginning to make a real name for herself.

Eye-catching back-to-back wins against Gloria de Paula and Ashley Yoder in 2021 set up her bout with Vanessa Demopoulos at UFC on ESPN 38.

She went into that match-up as the overwhelming favorite in the Coral betting odds, having put the disappointment of her opening two UFC fights behind her.

But unfortunately, her debut against Kay Hansen saw her forced into submission, and she lost her next match-up via a unanimous decision to Loma Lookboonmee.

She stated about the unsatisfactory outcome; “After I dropped that second fight, I started working with a mental coach, and he really just helped me kind of reframe things in my mind and start looking at things instead of it being an obligation; it’s an opportunity. How many people would kill to be in my shoes? How many people is it their dream to make it to the UFC?


Opportunity is one thing, but you have to seize that opportunity. The BJJ star has done an amazing UFC and MMA record in the weeks and months since that opening disappointment.

She’s not just a brawler but a thinker with an outstanding education and capacity for using her brains and brawn to get ahead.