Submission Only BJJ Tournaments (Ultimate List)

Submission-only BJJ tournaments are among the most exciting grappling competitions. However, competing in these Brazilian jiu-jitsu events necessitates extensive technical and physical preparation. Overall, sub-only competitions help you thrive and improve your attacking techniques.

This article highlights the best submission-only BJJ grappling tournaments you should try. In addition, it discusses the sub-only competition rules, participation process, prizes, etc. Stay tuned!

What Are the Most Regarded Submission Only BJJ Tournaments?

There are numerous BJJ federations and organizations worldwide. The following is a list of the most well-known jiu-jitsu grappling competition organizations:

Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI)

EBI is one of the famous submissions for No-Gi BJJ tournaments, offering great prizes. Although it is an invitation-only event, getting invited is the only way to participate. Indeed, This event is intended to entertain grappling fans and is endorsed by Eddie Bravo, a living martial arts legend.

The EBI bout lasts 10 minutes as a regular time. However, if there is no submission, the fight proceeds into overtime with a maximum of 3 rounds of 4 minutes each. 

In the overtime round, a coin will be flipped. Then, the winner will choose between the spiderweb position (armbar with the attacker on top) and back control with both hooks. Then:

  • First, if one competitor can submit the other but is not submitted when the position changes, the win will go to the competitor who gets the submission.
  • Second, if both competitors submit each other, the time it takes to complete the submission will be recorded, and the quicker competitor in getting the submission will win.
  • Third, if both competitors cannot submit their opponent, they will proceed to the next round, up to three rounds. Finally, if no submission is used at the end of all three rounds, the fighter with the quickest escape in all three combined games wins the match.

Aside from that, the EBI features 16 grapplers competing for a prize of $20,000. Again, there are no points, no advantages, only submissions.

Polaris Exhibition Bouts and Superfights

Polaris is a professional Gi and No-Gi tournament in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is a submission-only tournament, but the judge’s decision determines the winner if the submission doesn’t occur.

The Polaris ruleset allows athletes of all levels, not just high-level black belts, to prove their grappling skills. 

Fight 2 Win

Fight 2 Win is a fast-growing pro-grappling tournament in the world. This BJJ competition organization has adopted the UFC event method for grappling. With over a hundred events, F2W provides an excellent platform for seasoned and professional grapplers to show their skills on the mats.

Otherwise, F2W offers single elimination and submission-only tournaments at the local and national levels and high-level super fights.

Aside from that, the Fight 2 Win campaign provides its contestants with significant cash awards. According to jitsmagazine, they could pay their participating athletes around $1.2 million.

All Fight 2 Win events are available on FloGrappling; to subscribe, click here.

Good Fight

The Good Fight is a submission-only jiu-jitsu event. It allows children, teenagers, and adults of all belt levels to compete in gi and no-gi.

The Good Fight competitors must submit their opponent within the allowed time to win and progress. For all positions or movements, no points or advantages are calculated. By surrendering your opponent, you win.

But, if no jiu-jitsu submissions are achieved during the allotted period, a winner will be terminated in the sudden death overtime rounds. In that case, one competitor tries to submit the other from the Back take, Armbar position, or Triangle choke position.

Submission Challenge

The Submission Challenge is another sub-only Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition that can provide you with an excellent competing experience. It is a gi and no-gi tournament open to youth, teen, and adult competitors across the United States.

Otherwise, it has several divisions based on age and weight and offers fantastic rewards.

Aside from that, a Submission Challenge has a regular time of 8 minutes for adults, 6 minutes for teens, and 4 minutes for kids. Indeed, competitors can win via submission only within regulation time. If not, the bout will go to an Overtime using the EBI Overtime rules if there is a submission.

Submission Only Series

The submission-only series is grappling’s most innovative tournament organization. It is a professional BJJ competition that provides more entertainment in the sport.

The S.O.S regulations call for 8-minute submission bouts. All submissions are permissible; however, no slams are allowed. But if the sub doesn’t occur, the BJJ bout goes to an E.B.I. overtime.

Otherwise, it has several weight divisions for adults (blue/purple belts or pro grapplers) and offers the winner fantastic cash prizes from $500 up to $5000.

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The submission-only BJJ competitions are the most thrilling events in grappling, whether you’re a competitor or a spectator.

Various submission-only Brazilian jiu-jitsu events are held globally; some are invitational, while others are open to all grapplers. Otherwise, participating in one or two of these events will be advantageous.

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