ADCC Superfight: Everything You Need to Know

The ADCC Superfight is a prestigious submission grappling match in which the current super champion takes on the previous absolute weight winner. It’s a well-known high-level ADCC match between two of the best grapplers in the world. As a result, it is a BJJ masterpiece that is exciting to watch.

This article discusses the ADCC Submission grappling super fight in detail. It emphasizes its rules, previous winners, etc.

A Historical Overview of the ADCC Superfight

ADCC Super fight

The superfight is one of the most valuable boots in the ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship. It’s a one-of-a-kind grappling match between two of the sport’s biggest names.

The super fight began in 1999 when the ADCC was held annually. However, the ADCC has been held every two years since 2001. This has allowed grappling tournaments to thrive and become the best submission grappling competitions in the world, attracting the best athletes.

Aside from that, many incredible grapplers have won the ADCC super-fight bout since its inception, including Mario Sperry (2 times), Mark Kerr, Ricardo Arona, Dean Lister, Roger Gracie, Ronaldo Souza, Braulio Estima, and André Galvão (4 times).

Here is a table that highlights the historical ADCC superfights since 1999.

Year Host ADCC Super Fight Winner
1999 UAE Mario Sperry Vs Enson Inoue Mario Sperry
2000 UAE Mario Sperry Vs Roberto Traven Mario Sperry
2001 UAE Mark Kerr Vs Mario Sperry Mark Kerr
2003 Brazil Ricardo Arona Vs Mark Kerr Ricardo Arona
2005 USA Dean Lister Vs Jean Jacques Machado Dean Lister
2007 USA Roger Gracie Vs Jon Olav Einemo Roger Gracie
2009 Spain Ronaldo Souza Vs Robert Drysdale Ronaldo Souza
2011 UK Braulio Estima Vs Ronaldo Souza Braulio Estima
2013 China André Galvão Vs Braulio Estima André Galvão
2015 Brazil André Galvão Vs Roberto Abreu André Galvão
2017 Finland André Galvão Vs Claudio Calasans André Galvão
2019 USA André Galvão Vs Felipe Pena André Galvão
2022 USA Gordon Ryan Vs André Galvão Gordon Ryan

How to Win an ADCC Super Fight Champion?

adcc world championship 2022

The winner of the ADCC super fight is determined by submission, points, referee decision, and opponent disqualification. However, the last scenario is unlikely because the two superfighters are well-versed in the ADCC rules.

A submission occurs when competitors surrender or are tapped out using various legal grappling techniques.

The winner is determined by points when the super fight is over, and one competitor has scored more points than his opponent.

The Referee decides the super fighter when the bout’s regular and the extra time is over without submission or points. In that case, the referees will determine the winner based on the fighter’s performance.

Disqualification occurs when one competitor commits an illegal move that endangers his rival. In this case, the Referee will call a halt to the fight and declare the winner.

What Are the ADCC Super Fight Rules?

The general ADCC rules and regulations govern the super fight. In other words, in an ADCC super-fight, the two grapplers are permitted to use different illegal techniques, etc.

For example, the grappler can use any choke, but your hand must not close the windpipe. Armbars, wristlocks, and leg locks are also permissible.

However, the front roll when your opponent is on your back, crucifix, and slam are not permitted.

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How Long Does the ADCC Super Fight Bout Last?

adcc world championship

The ADCC submission grappling superfight is typically under 20 minutes long. But, the time can be increased to 40 minutes max if there is a draw.

The regular time of an ADCC super-fight is 20 minutes. However, it may be extended to 10 minutes if the other is a draw. Otherwise, it will be a second 10 minutes overtime period if the draw is still there.

Therefore, the duration of the super fight is determined by the performance of the two grapplers. For example, the 2019 ADCC superfight between André Galvão and Felipe Pena lasted 30 minutes with one 10-minute overtime period.

Aside from that, there are only negative points in the first 10 minutes of the fight. But, the negative and positive points are calculated after the end of the first 10 minutes of the battle. Otherwise, the fight can be ended anytime if submission occurs.

ADCC Super Fight 2022

Gordon Ryan vs Andre Galvao

The ADCC Super fight 2022 will be between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao, two of the best grapplers in the world. The battle took place in Las Vegas on September 18th.

However, the fight between the two legends began early due to their constant back and forth. As a result, the BJJ audience is eagerly anticipating this epic battle.

the 2022 ADCC superfight was an epic grappling bout where Gordon Ryan defeated Andre Galvao via Rnc submission.

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The ADCC Superfight is a highly regarded submission grappling contest that pits the reigning super champion against the winner of the absolute weight class in the most recent ADCC tournament.

It is a well-known high-level submission grappling match that will be contested between two of the best fighters in the world. As a consequence of this, it is a BJJ masterpiece that provides a thrilling viewing experience.

Since 1998, the ADCC Submission Fighting Championship has been one of the world’s best grappling tournaments. Therefore, the crowd will be thrilled, and their adrenaline will be pumped up due to the many prestigious fights that will take place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most ADCC Superfight Winner?

André Galvao has the most ADCC Superfight titles with four titles. Otherwise, the second ADCC superfight winner is Mario Sperry, with two titles.

Who Are the ADCC Superfight Champions of All Time?

Year ADCC Superfight Champion Nationality
1999 Mario Sperry Brazilian
2000 Mario Sperry Brazilian
2001 Mark Kerr USA
2003 Ricardo Arona Brazilian
2005 Dean Lister USA
2007 Roger Gracie Brazilian
2009 Ronaldo Souza Brazilian
2011 Braulio Estima Brazilian
2013 André Galvão Brazilian
2015 André Galvão Brazilian
2017 André Galvão Brazilian
2019 André Galvão Brazilian
2022 Gordon Ryan USA

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