Is Japanese Jiu Jitsu Good for MMA? (Solved & Explained)

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent martial fighting technique that can teach you amazing fighting techniques. It is one of the oldest martial arts being practiced today, having been used by the Samurai to vanquish their opponents with striking and grappling methods.

Nowadays, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu (or Jujutsu) is a plethora of combat sports that is gaining popularity owing to many competitions hosted around the world. Jujutsu, more than other forms, is known for its joint manipulation and throws. So, you’re probably thinking about whether Japanese jiu-jitsu is excellent for MMA?

Yes, of course, Japanese jiu-jitsu may be an effective martial art for mixed martial arts (MMA). This is because this Japanese fighting style works well on the feet, in the clinch, and on the floor. Therefore, many MMA fighters, including Shinya Aoki, Roxanne Modafferi, etc., have used Jujutsu techniques to overcome their opponents. 

The parts that follow will discuss the effectiveness or uselessness of Japanese jiu-jitsu in MMA. Stay tuned!

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Training: What Does It Look Like?

Jiu-jitsu training is usually a difficult and challenging experience for students of all ages. Throws, joint locks, chokes, off-balancing, strikes, and other techniques are taught in jujutsu, for example.

The blows are roughly the same as they are in basic Karate, with an emphasis on open palm punches, elbows, knees, and other similar techniques, rather than closed palm punches. Furthermore, jujutsu strikes may be used to build up a throw or even knock an opponent out cold.

Actual Japanese jiu-jitsu practitioners practice daily to improve their skills and spar aggressively for many rounds. Indeed, they are always learning new techniques and countermeasures on the mats.

Furthermore, Jujutsu martial artists learn to use weapons as part of a broad spectrum of martial arts techniques. As a result, they are familiar with weapon strategies such as knives, sticks, canes, miniature swords, and so on.

If you find yourself in a battle and decide to use a stick as a weapon, you have a number of extremely effective options for deploying that weapon. When challenged with someone in a close-quarters street fight, the ability to defend against such weapons is equally useful.

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Japanese Jiu-Jitsu in MMA: Is It Good?

An MMA fighter is useless without good grappling and striking techniques. In that case, he’ll do amazing work not inside the Octagon since he’ll diversify his attacking techniques.

That said, jujutsu fighters know perfectly how to manage a fight and they can be very aggressive. Indeed, they know several practical MMA techniques, including throws, joint locks, chokes, off-balancing, strikes, etc.

As a result, Japanese jiu-jitsu (jujutsu) can be very effective in mixed martial arts matches. This is because a devoted Jujutsu fighter is aware of the proper ways to hit an opponent using optimal ways.

However, there is a problem: since certain jujutsu techniques are prohibited under MMA regulations, a master of this martial art would have to modify his or her style.

Is Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Useless?

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu is a fighting style that many non-specialists in the martial arts field overlook. Perhaps this is because it is not a sport-oriented combat style. After all, it emphasizes no-rules fights.

Jujutsu, on the other hand, is one of the oldest martial arts and the father art of several popular martial arts such as Judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido, and so on. Indeed, it teaches its students a variety of brutal striking and grappling techniques that can be used to defend themselves in real-life street fights.

In summary, Japanese jujutsu can be very useful for self-defense and MMA. So, to be honest, it’s not a pointless martial art. Otherwise, it is gaining popularity and attention around the world as a result of several schools and tournaments.

Final Thoughts

Japanese jiu-jitsu (jujutsu) is one of the oldest martial arts to learn, and it is also one of the most effective. Despite this, it is considered a low-value training activity by many laypeople.

Japanese jiu-jitsu (jujutsu) can be very effective in mixed martial arts. This is because a dedicated Jujutsu fighter is aware of the best ways to hit an opponent.

Furthermore, Jujutsu is far more effective in street fighting and self-defense. This is because of it provides a comprehensive list of practical self-defense techniques, such as strikes, throws, chokes, and a variety of other techniques.

In this essay, we aim to have provided you with a better knowledge of the usefulness of Japanese jiu-jitsu (jujutsu) in MMA. Please help us out by spreading the word on social media if you like it.

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