3 Submissions From Side Control With Their Escapes

Submissions From Side Control With Their Escapes

Many BJJ side control submissions are highly effective when it comes to getting an instant tap from the opponent. But, be careful that the table might turn on you and become the victim of a strong submission. 

In the following sections, you’ll find three submissions with their escapes from Side Control. As a result, you’ll learn the procedures necessary to either execute or escape from these techniques, making it a must-read in both cases.


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No matter whether you’re setting the choke on or attempting to escape it, you’ll get assistance in any situation. 

Without further delay, here are three jiu-jitsu side control attacks and their corresponding escapes. Keep an eye out for further information!


Americana or Keylock is one of the first submissions you’ll learn from the top side control position. It is super simple yet effective. Following are the steps to perform Americana.

How To Execute The Americana Submission From Side Control?

The instructions that follow will guide you through the process of performing the Americana from the top side control position.

  1. When you’re in the side control position, lay down some heavy top pressure on your opponent. This will keep your opponent in place to start setting up the Americana. 
  2. Secondly, push their far arm and plant it to the mat using your hands (single or both). If your opponent is strong or technical, consider using both hands. 
  3. Hold your opponent’s arm down at 90-degree with the hand closest to his/her head. And, make sure that your arm is next to the opponent’s head with no space in between. 
  4. Put your other arm under the opponent’s arm and grab your other wrist palm down. 
  5. Pull up on their elbow with your arms to get a tap. Doing this will put immense pressure on their shoulders, which lead the opponent to tap out. 

How To Escape The Americana Submission From Side Control?

The steps outlined here will walk you through the process of leaving the Americana while at the side control position aboard the ship.

  1. Arms in Tight: Keep your hands in tight, defend, and you won’t get your paws stuck into an Americana. 
  2. Get on Your Side: Your opponent will force you to be flat on your back to perform an Americana. Thus, it would be best if you prevented this from happening. However, it would help if you were on your side to defend and escape the Americana from side control.
  3. Bridge: Let’s suppose they have you in an Americana armlock; you need to turn around and bridge into it. You have to act rapidly and immediately by bridging before they start cranking your arm. 

Baseball Bat Choke

The baseball bat choke is one of the most diverse and tightest chokes in BJJ. Notably, from side control, it is downright deadly. 

How To Do The Baseball Bat Choke From Side Control?

The following steps will walk you through executing the baseball bat choke from the side control position using the techniques provided.

  1. Begin in side control with a thumb in lapel grip slightly under your opponent’s head to establish a good control.
  2. Next, slide a 4-finger grip palm up with your other hand. The grip looks just like you are holding a baseball; hence the name suggests. 
  3. To finish the baseball bat choke, pop up to your toes, and put your weight on your opponent’s chest. Then, take your top elbow down, put your head next to his hip and turn them to get the tap.

How Do You Get Out Of The Baseball Bat Choke From Side Control?

You need almost three moves to perform a baseball bat choke escape. Here are the escaping steps.

  1. Posture: If your opponent wants to do a baseball choke from side control, your first defense is to maintain posture. When you have good posture, they won’t set it up and lose their grip, so there will be no choke.
  2. Knee on Belly Defense. Knee on belly chokes are very common among other baseball chokes. So, to escape the choke, work on your knee on belly defense. When they try to get a knee on their belly, you need to address this problem immediately. Immediately get in the knee on the belly escape position to prevent them from sitting in the grips. Though they are unable to keep the position, there will be no choke.
  3. Block the Grips: Block the grips is one of the most important defenses; you can do whatever they attempt to do the choke. Because grips are the starting point and ending point of a baseball choke, and if there are no grips, there is no choke. 

Paper Cutter/Bread Cutter Choke 

The paper cutter or bread cutter Choke is an elementary Gi choke that any practitioner can master. Aside from that, it is one of the most effective chokes available from the side control position. The paper cutter choke, on the other hand, is both devastating and very easy to execute.

How To Do The Paper Cutter/Bread Cutter Choke?

The following steps will guide you through performing the paper cutter or bread cutter choke from the side control.

  1. First, shift yourself between side control and the north/south position. Then, place your near arm on your opponent’s side by giving no space. 
  2. Lock that arm under your opponent’s arm and grab their lapel. Then, control their elbow and trap the arm from above to limit their chances to escape. 
  3. Place your weight on the opponent’s chest by doing a reverse sit-out. Then, slide your other hand to grab their lapel with your thumb in grip. 
  4. To get the tap, move back to the regular side mount and chop your hands on the ground with a knife. Increase the pressure by sliding your elbow towards his head and get a quick tap. 

How To Escape The Paper Cutter Choke from Side Control?

The instructions that follow will walk you through the process of escaping the side control paper cutter choke

  1. Get on your Side: If your opponent tries to do the paper cutter choke from side control, they must have you lying flat on your back. Since they have you inside control, try to get on your side already and defend. So, get on your side, make space, frame, escape, and do not allow them to do the paper cutter choke.  
  2. Protect your Neck: The opponent grabs your lapel and chops down your neck to perform a paper choke. Make sure to keep your hands up, and chin tucked to prevent them from doing the choke. 
  3. Block the Underhook: Underhook is another way your opponent could try to perform the choke. This is because they have to grab your Gi collar from the back to lock you in place to set up their paper cutter. So if you become successful in blocking their initial underhook, they won’t be able to set up the submission. 


BJJ submissions from side control are compelling once you have mastered the techniques. However, it might take a bit of practice before performing these three submissions with their escape from side control

So be careful while submitting the chokes and escaping them, and always keep the technique in mind.