World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2022 (Results)

world ibjjf jiu-jitsu championship 2022

IBJJF gathers the best BJJ specialists worldwide, so finishes don’t happen too often. Yet, this is an actual holiday for the diehard fans of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So you can enjoy the most entertaining rolls, submission switches, escapes, and transitions. Gi finishes are rare, but they can also happen occasionally.

IBJJF World Championship is the most critical gi BJJ competition of the year. So, it hosted the best of the best from 2nd to 5th June 2022, in Walter Pyramid, Long Beach, California, USA.

The IBJJF Worlds 2022 has concluded, and the results are now available! Check out who won gold in each division down below. Stay tuned for more information on next year’s competition!

IBJJF Worlds 2022 Historical Moments and Results

For the first time in the history of BJJ, the British black belt took the title – Ffion Davies is your UK name to remember.

The vet Isaac Doderlein officially became the 6th American competitor to win the tournament with a featherweight victory over Diego Sodre.

We have one two-division champion – Gabrieli Pessanha, who stormed both super-heavyweight and open weight divisions.

The youngest ever world champ is Mica Galvao, who turned 18 on October 8, 2021. This young superstar dominated the 76kg weight class.

After many ups and downs in her BJJ career, the 26-year-old fighter Blanca Basilio took the gold home for the first time. She is a real example of the phrase “the persistence pays off, sooner or later.”

Here are the official results for the adult black belt divisions of the most important tournament of the year:

  • Female -48 kg: Mayssa Bastos (GF Team)
  • Female -53 kg: Anna Rodrigues (Dream Art)
  • Female -58 kg: Bianca Basilio (Almeida JJ)
  • Female -63 kg: Ffion Davies (Atos)
  • Female -69 kg: Andresa Cintra (Gracie Barra)
  • Female -74 kg: Ana Carolina Vieira (Aviv JJ)
  • Female -79 kg: Larissa Dias (MJN)
  • Female +79 kg: Gabrieli Pessanha (InFight)
  • Female Openweight: Gabrieli Pessanha (InFight)
  • Male -57 kg: Thalison Soares (AOJ)
  • Male -64 kg: Meyram Maquine (Dream Art)
  • Male -70 kg: Isaac Doederlein (Alliance)
  • Male -76 kg: Mica Galvão (Fight Sports /Melqui Galvão)
  • Male -82 kg: Tainan Dalpra (AOJ)
  • Male -88 kg: Leandro Lo (NS Brotherhood)
  • Male -94 kg: Kaynan Duarte (Atos)
  • Male -100 kg: Erich Munis (Dream Art)
  • Male +100 kg: Vitor Hugo (Six Blades)
  • Male Openweight: Nicholas Meregali (Dream Art)

IBJJF Worlds 2022: Female Class-By-Class Analysis

Now it’s time to shout out to the new weight class champions of 2022. There were so many high-level match-ups, and here are stats by divisions. Females get the advantage.

  • Rooster Weight Women (-48 kg)

Berimbolo specialist Mayssa Bastos is tough to deal with. She scored two submissions (Vicky Hoang, Serena Gabrieli) and one decision win (finals, Brenda Larissa).

The World, Pan-American, European, and Brazilian Nationals champ is just too dominant on the mats.

Stats: 9 fights, 4 submissions, sub-average 44%

  • Light-Featherweight Women (-53 kg)

This is another small division, but we’ve seen many submission stoppages and entertaining combats.

Anna Rodriguez scored submission wins over Sofia Amarante and Rose Sharouni, then took part in a high-level dynamic bout against Tammi Musumeci, where she earned a 4-0 decision win.

Stats: 5 fights, 9 submissions, 55% submission average rate

  • Featherweight Women (-58 kg)

We’ve seen a minimal number of submissions here, which speaks about the quality of the weight class.

Bianca Basilio stopped Gabriela Fechter in the semi-finals, then Amanda Monteiro gave her a hard time in the finals (3-1 advantage).

Stats: 6 fights, 1 submission, 16% submission average

  • Lightweight Women (-63 kg)

The most prominent female weight class in the history of the tournament brought a lot of evenly matched fights, so judges had to open four eyes.

Ffion Davies earned a bow and arrow choke win over Vitoria Vieira, then outworked Margot Ciccarelli and Janaina Menezes for a gold medal win.

Stats: 8 submissions in 17 fights, 47% submission average

  • Middleweight Women (-69 kg)

Well-rounded Andressa Cintra came out victorious again. After a successful 2021, it seems she will continue to dominate in 2022.

Cintra stopped Kira Sung and Chloe McNally, while her fight against Thalyta Silva was a true barn-burner, where we’ve seen a super-close victory for Andressa.

Stats: 7 submissions in 12 matches, 58% submission average

  • Medium-Heavyweight (-74 kg)

The black belt newcomer Luciana Mota pulled out an impressive performance, with two back-to-back decision wins over Maria Malyjasiak and Ingridd Alves.

But then Ana Vieira stopped her in the finals for her 5th black belt world title via Katagatame.

Stats: 8 fights, 4 submissions, sub-average 50%

  • Heavyweight Women (-79 kg)

There aren’t many female heavyweights, this is a tiny division. There were no finishes.

The closed guard expert Larissa Dias outworked Fernanda Mazzelli and Rafaela Guedes for a title victory.

Stats: 3 fights, no finishes or submission average

  • Super-Heavyweight Women (+79 kg)

Of course, another small division. An open-guard expert Gabrieli Pessanha stopped Mayara Custodio via rear-naked choke, then pulled out a decision victory over dangerous Yara Soares in the finals.

Stats: 2 stoppages, 4 fights, 50% submission average

  • Open Weight (Absolute) – No Limit

There is no weight limit, but it’s harder to shake the heavier opponent off yourself.

Gabrieli Pessanha officially became the only competitor in the tournament to win the title in two weight classes.

She kicked off with Ezekiel choke victory over Luciana Mota, then outworked Rafaela Guedes and Amy Campo to write her name in the history of IBJJF World Championship 2022.

Amy spent most of her time stuck in Gabrieli’s closed guard, but she could not sweep heavier opponent of herself. Her actions and transition attempts were unsuccessful, so the judges nodded to Gabrieli.

Stats: 4 submissions, 11 matches, sub-average 36%

IBJJF Worlds 2022: Men Class-By-Class Analysis

  • Rooster Weight Men (-57 kg)

There were many decision matches in this weight class, and most fights were very tight until the end.

The new king division is a pressure-passing expert Thalison Soares, who earned the crown after out-edging Frank Cespedes, Cleber Sousa, and Bebeto Oliveira.

He’s also a black belt under coach Cicero Costha and the 2022 IBJJF European title holder.

Stats: a total of 5 submissions were seen in 14 matches (36% average), which speaks about how close the contest was

  • Light-Featherweight Men (-64 kg)

The first-placed IBJJF 2022 Pan Championship, Meyram Maquine, showed the world why he’s the best product of the light featherweight division.

After finishing Pedro Dias via choke from the back and nearly snapping Hiago George’s arm in the semi-final, Meyram had a hard time in the finals, where he scored a decision nod over “Pato” Oliveira.

Stats: 6 submissions in 17 matches (35% sub-average); Meyram scored 2 of them

  • Featherweight Men (-70 kg)

For a reason, this is the most balanced division in the sport; there were so many close combats.

The winner of Brazilian Nationals in 2019, Isaac Doederlein, pulled out upsets against Alex and Diogo Sodre (judges’ scorecards) and Samuel Nagai (straight ankle lock in the finals).

Stats: six submissions in 22 matches (only sub-average)

  • Lightweight Men (-76 kg)

Lightweight has officially become the home of the world’s youngest BJJ black belt champion. Mica Galvao was amazing against Matheus Gabriel, Jonnatas Gracie, and Tye Ruotolo.

After pulling guard in the finals, Mica forced Ruotolo to spend more time on his back than he ever had in his black belt career, dominating the favorite for a decision win.

Stats: 23 total fights, only 4 submissions, for a 17% submission average

  • Middleweight Men (-82 kg)

The former teammates, Dalpra and Murasaki, dominated the division, but Tainan was again victorious in the finals. He wins the tournament for the second time in a row (Cachecol choke).

Before that, we saw terrific dominations of Tainan Dalpra over Ronaldo Junior and Pedro Maia.

Stats:  24 fights, 11 subs, submission average of 46%

  • Medium-Heavyweight Men (-88 kg)

Leandro Lo earned the gold after three decision victories over Andre Porfirio, Bruno Lima, and Isaque Bahiense.

Stats: 24 bouts, 8 submissions, 33% submission average

  • Heavyweight Men (-94 kg)

Andre Galvao’s student Kaynan Duarte earned the gold medal. The ADCC World Championship winner from 2019 came out victorious against Fellipe Trovo (choke from the back), Rider Zuchi, and Dimitrius Souza.

Stats: such a close division, submission average of only 29% due to 5 finishes in 17 bouts

  • Super-Heavyweight (-100 kg)

Erich Munis showed his supreme power once again as a submission hunter to the core.

After two stoppages before the finals via chokes from the back, Erich had a hard time against Nicholas Meregali. The bout ended in a score of 6-4 for Munis.

Stats: 9 finishes in 16 bouts, submission average of 56%

  • Ultra-Heavyweight (+100 kg)

Victor Hugo forced Guilherme Bacha and Wallace Costa to tap in this minor division in the tournament.

Then, he took part in a back-and-forth gold medal scrap versus Gutemberg Pereira and won due to the opponent’s strategical error with a 9-2.

Stats: 11 matches, 4 finishes, submission average of 36%

  • Open Weight (Absolute) – No Limit

It was not a barn-burner as expected. The super-heavyweight phenom Nicholas Meregali didn’t dominate his introductory weight class, but nobody could stop him here.

Wallace Costa and Felipe Andrew had to tap, but Meregali was better than Erich Munis, scoring a 1-0 decision win in the tournament finals.

Stats: 23 bouts, 9 submissions, sub-average of 39%