The Best Supplements for Jiu-Jitsu (Tested!)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an excellent exercise that requires physical and mental strength. But sometimes, our bodies and brains need extra help when practicing techniques or competing. This is where supplements come in. 

Supplements can be helpful for athletes in improving their overall performance and their ability to maintain their energy levels. In addition, they can help cut down on time needed for recovery after a hard training session, among other benefits.

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Of course, no miracle food complement will make you a better jiu-jitsu fighter overnight. However, supplements are something to consider if you’re looking for a competitive advantage.

This blog post discusses the most important natural and safe pre-workout supplements and stimulants for jiu-jitsu. Indeed, it explains how to properly use these food supplements to help you perform at your best.


best jiu-jitsu supplements

The humble coffee can give you that extra boost for just about anything in life—including your jiu-jitsu practice. A cup of strong coffee consumed within an hour of your training can help to increase muscle strength and power, make you more alert and delay fatigue.

Many sports people swear by bulletproof coffee, as it combines the power of caffeine with fat to give you the extra calories you need for the ultimate energy boost.

Bulletproof coffee is made with butter and an MCT oil like coconut oil, and it’s rich, creamy, and filled with fuel.

However, dieticians advise that you don’t drink it daily due to its high-fat content. Still, before a calorie-burning workout, it’s perfectly safe. 

Energy drinks are also an excellent source of caffeine; many have far higher concentrations than a cup of coffee. Chocolate bars can also contain caffeine; some are explicitly marketed for sports.


best bjj supplements

Matcha tea, or green tea, has become increasingly popular in the sporting world for its high caffeine content. However, it’s a strong competitor for coffee because it offers many health benefits.

This fantastic natural food is a ceremonial tea in Japan. It has been used as a form of caffeine for centuries, making it an appropriate pre-workout choice for any form of martial arts. For example, the early masters of jiu-jitsu likely drank matcha tea before sessions. 

Matcha is an excellent energy source because, unlike coffee, it’s slow-releasing. Instead of a boost and inevitable crash, matcha tea releases caffeine into your body slowly throughout the day. This means you won’t get the shakes or feel anxious, which is essential before a jiu-jitsu training session or a tournament fight. 

Matcha is also known to increase concentration abilities, another essential attribute for the clear mind and focus needed to practice jiu-jitsu. Plus, it’s incredibly high in antioxidants that help with cell rejuvenation and have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it suitable for a post-workout supplement, too, as it aids in recovery. 

High Caffeine Drinks Or Powders

Pre-workout powders or drinks are helpful for many BJJ fighters who cannot get enough caffeine for their workout from coffee or tea.

Opting for a natural product with added vitamins is best when looking for a pre-workout powder. Unfortunately, many pre-workout powders on the market can be detrimental to your health, and the burst of energy they give is only temporary.

With non-natural forms of caffeine, it’s important to remember that an energy crash is inevitable. So although you might feel great during your workout, you may be sore, irritable, and exhausted afterward. 

Caffeine Free Stimulant: Ginseng

The beneficial properties of ginseng are widely documented, and this ancient herb has formed part of the eastern culture for centuries. Ginseng is used for many purposes, and providing a powerful boost of energy and increased stamina is only one of its many benefits.

A concentrated liquid form of ginseng is readily available at health shops. You can take a few drops on the tongue or add them to water.

Ginseng concentrations have anti-inflammatory benefits, regulate blood sugar levels, and help fight fatigue. Ginseng can decrease sensitivity to stress, too, so its mental benefits for jiu-jitsu are enormous. 

Supplements And Vitamins For Improving Performance  

Vitamins and vitamin supplements are popular for an everyday boost, especially for practitioners with a very regular jiu-jitsu regime.

Vegetables, nuts, and fruit are chock-full of vitamins and easy to include in your diet, whether as part of a meal or a smoothie.

Vitamins supplements are available in different forms, and you can use powders, capsules, or fizzy tabs, depending on your preferences.

Vitamins and supplements are, however, a more long-term option for pre-workout. Instead of giving you a burst of energy, they’ll help your body produce its energy and stay fighting fit.

As a result, your overall health and immunity will improve, leaving you with more energy and less fatigue. In addition, a healthy body heals faster, and if you have plenty of vitamins in your diet, you won’t suffer from any more common deficiencies. 


When you ask athletes what their first choice of supplement is, they’re likely to rave about the benefits of creatine. This is because it’s a naturally occurring molecule found in the body.

Indeed, it can be supplemented into any diet to increase muscle mass, strength, and performance. If improving muscle strength is your goal, then a creatine supplement is your best option.

Unlike most muscle-strengthening supplements or stimulants, creatine is 100% safe. As a result, it’s one of the most studied supplements on the market for physical performance. As a result, it racks up more than $400 million in sales annually. 

You can speak to a dietician about introducing more creatine into your diet. Still, the standard is to take 20 grams a day in intervals. Creatine usually comes in a powder form and is added to smoothies or water. 


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps to fight muscle fatigue. When acids begin to build up in the body during a workout, beta-alanine helps to neutralize them so that your muscles aren’t tired.

Studies show that this supplement is better for long-term endurance exercise and concentration so jiu-jitsu practitioners will benefit from something like this in their diet.

The current recommended dose is 4-6 grams daily, and the only reported side effect is a “pins and needles” feeling under the skin when you exceed this dose. 

Get The Advantage Your Body Needs

As you can see, plenty of supplements can boost your jiu-jitsu performance differently.

But, of course, these supplements work at their optimum when you follow a healthy diet filled with protein, vitamins, and complex carbs, so you must ensure you give your body everything it needs at every level.