One thing to improve your jiu-jitsu very fast

One thing to improve your jiu-jitsu very fast

 How to become a better jiu-jitsu fighter? Many jiu-jitsu practitioners from the white to the black belts begin their BJJ matches by keeping their distance and trying to surprise their opponents with a fast jump or by a fast takedown. In reality, they are avoiding the real BJJ fight.
This jiu jitsu strategy may work when you aren’t facing a good BJJ opponent or when your opponent is unprepared. But, when facing a good opponent who is prepared, it won’t work the same way, because you need to improve your jiu-jitsu game.

How you can improve your jiu-jitsu game fast?

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Use Brave heart Fighter mindset to get good at BJJ fast

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A good jiu-jitsu fighter is a tough person with a Brave heart. Besides, he is very committed to BJJ training and working hard to achieve more wins in competitions. Indeed, This kind of practitioners doesn’t run from engaging directly in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match. So, he is already showing no weakness to his opponent.

As a Brave Heart practitioner, you can improve your BJJ game so far using these tips:

  1. Read your opponent BJJ moves to manage properly your energy.
  2. Find the proper way to distribute your weight by using gravity as an ally, not an enemy.
  3. Understand where your weight is being applied and why. Since the optimal balance point when applying your weight and, conversely, whether your opponent has proper balance when applying his weight on you. 

Experience is the key to improve your Jiu-Jitsu

You will only determine all of this through more experience in jiujitsu both in classes and competitions. And, by taking the steps to face your BJJ opponent’s game in all situations (being a warrior: no fear, no doubt, no weakness) instead of running from it.

Another important advantage of competing in the BJJ tournaments is the opportunity it provides to wear your opponent out, instead of just tiring yourself.

For example, trying to avoid your opponent’s guard by jumping around and looking for an easy way to pass only wears you out (far more than an opponent who maintains a sitting position). And, while lying down on the mat, your BJJ opponent is conserving energy when defending your jumps and crazy.

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As a jiu-jitsu fighter, I don’t want to run out of gas before my opponent, do you? Finding the right angles, the perfect leverage, and the right timing to optimize your power requires your complete commitment.

How will you find all these things by avoiding the fight? You won’t. Please take a moment to consider the importance of this before you continue reading. Here are another jiujitsu quotes to motivate you:

“There is no losing in jiu-jitsu. You either win or you learn.” – Carlos Gracie, Sr.

source: RŌL Academy of Jiu Jitsu

Finally, do yourself a favor. The next time you train in BJJ, use the Brave heart principle without fear of losing. It will help you to improve your jujitsu. This is how your BJJ game will really improve. It might take some time getting used to, but believe me…it’s worth it.

Speak your mind; What’s your training strategy to get better at jiujitsu faster?