BJJ Body Transformation: What Does BJJ Do to Your Body?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most trending forms of martial arts these days. It is because of the body leverage and benefits it provides you. Gi and No-Gi BJJ, both grant you different benefits. Gi BJJ accounts for your great grip strength while No-Gi BJJ makes you a master of techniques.

In short, BJJ leaves an impact of transformation on your body. Some of the reasons how your body transforms when you add BJJ to your life are listed below.

What Does BJJ Do to Your Body?

BJJ is a grappling sport that involves mental as well as physical proficiency. The most visible effect of BJJ appears on your body. Your body through a series of transitions and hence the result is a perfectly shaped body.

Depending upon your goals, BJJ shows a visible change on your body. For Example, if your goal is to have a lean body, the exercises, and diet will bring your abs in a proper lean and sleek shape.

But if your goal is to bulk up or have huge muscles, the weight-lifting exercises will provide you with a build-up physique.

Positive Effects of BJJ on Your Body

Will Jiu Jitsu Get You in Shape

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than simply a martial art or a sport; it is a transforming experience that may have far-reaching consequences for your body.

Regular BJJ training sessions may result in a variety of favorable physical improvements that improve your general health and well-being.

Weight Loss and Body Composition Changes

There are many practitioners that started BJJ with the aim of getting in shape but ended up pursuing gentle art professionally.

BJJ exercises burn calories at a much faster rate than simple exercises. It is because BJJ is itself a whole way of living.

Practitioners indulge in rolling and sparring sessions that make you sweat a lot. This sweating leads to the dissolving of fats and hence, your body loses its extra fats.

Improved Muscular Endurance

During BJJ training, you practice different BJJ techniques that enhance the flow of myoglobin. This myoglobin accounts for providing energy to your muscles. This energy drives you for a longer period of time.

The three specific muscular areas of your body are targeted by BJJ techniques. Those muscular areas include your upper body, pelvic region, and lower body torso.

Exercises such as weight or kettlebell training build gigantic strength in your muscles.

Gained the Perfect Shape

Your body gets tired and de-shaped from the normal everyday routine. When you get your body into motion for a specific amount of time, it resists the changes by causing muscle atrophy and inflammation of muscles.

No matter what you must stick to that routine and see for yourself the perfectly shaped body that BJJ has gifted you.

Toned Muscles

Whole doesn’t need flawless muscles with perfectly toned abs? Of course, everybody needs it but the one who gets them is the person with the correct set of exercises in his training routine.

Along with diet, you can add deadlifts and box squats to your routine. This will make you an exceptional fighter by giving your muscles a proper shape.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Depending upon your body transformation goals, you can either go for High-Intensity Interval Cardio (HIIT) or Low-Intensity Steady-State Cardio (LISS). But, these HIIT and LISS workouts differ according to the level of intensity the exercises provide.

BJJ is an excellent addition to your cardio routine. It accelerates your heartbeat and delivers energy and nutrients to the different parts of your body.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness

The aerobic and anaerobic fitness that BJJ introduces in your body is the main factor of your body’s transformation.

As you add swimming and rock climbing to make you a perfect grappler, these two activities come under the category of aerobic exercises.

It is because both of them involve rhythmic and coordinated movements that cause your heart to supply more oxygen to your muscles.

On the other hand, Anaerobic exercises such as those included in weight training involve a sudden launch of physical activities. It helps your body’s glucose to break down and stores it as a reservoir of energy for future use.

Enhanced Flexibility

There is a stark difference between a 20-year-old grappler and a normal person who doesn’t grapple. The difference arises in terms of how their body functions.

BJJ allows your body to move in every possible direction. It induces flexibility in your body. Your muscles stretch whenever you go for techniques such as weep or guard pass.

Flexibility is an important and most valuable gift of BJJ as it is extremely necessary for applying submissions.

Static stretching exercises are responsible for making your muscles go beyond the point of exertion.

Attained a Great Body Posture

Doing a corporate job and sitting all day can make your body muscles hard and stiff. The stretching exercises, whether dynamic or static, allow your body to stay in continuous motion.

This acts as a plus point for your back. Quadrupeds and Lacrosse Ball Smash are the key workouts for a great body posture.

BJJ straightens the micro-fractures in your back and gives you a great posture.

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Negative Effects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on Your Body

While there are lots of benefits of BJJ, there are also some arrears where you have to be extremely cautious.

Greater Risk of Injury

Though BJJ is a fun sport, indulging too much in it and not taking safety measures can turn it into a dangerous one for you.

Especially during submission attempts, you are more exposed to potential BJJ injuries.

Not tapping out on time can leave you unconscious or hurt your veins and arteries pretty badly.

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Cauliflower Ears

Bad hygienic conditions can cause cauliflower ears. A blunt trauma to your ear along with unhygienic steps can stop or restrict the blood flow to your cartilage and turn your ears into cauliflower ears.

Skin Infections

Grappling is a skin contact sport. Your skin is directly exposed to your opponents or partners. Also, the hygiene conditions of the rolling mats contribute to your health.

Tips to Avoid BJJ Drawbacks on Your Body

  • BJJ is a safe sport that requires effort from every practitioner to keep it that way.
  • Keep yourself and your Gi free of smell all the time so that practitioners like to roll with you instead of backing off.
  • If you try to keep yourself and your partners safe while practicing, there is little to no chance of either of you getting hurt.


BJJ is a combat sport that focuses on submission techniques. It affects your mental and physical health at the same time.

Your body goes through a whole series of changes where you benefit from muscular as well as cardiovascular fitness. Along with weight loss and toned muscles, you also enjoy flexibility and strength.

With all the perks and benefits of BJJ on your body transformation, you also suffer from some unhygienic conditions that can be corrected immediately with little effort.

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