Mica Galvão Vs Matheus Gabriel In the 2022 IBJJF Worlds

Mica Galvão Vs Matheus Gabriel

Mica Galvão and Matheus Gabriel are two of the world’s most promising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes. They competed against each other at the IBJJF Worlds in 2022. It was a thrilling quarter-final match. Do you want to know how the fight ended and who won? Continue reading to find out!

Mica Galvão Vs Matheus Gabriel IBJJF Worlds 2022

Matheus Gabriel was more resistant and alert in the game’s first few minutes. And he, too, was the first competitor to score the first two points by taking advantage of a free sweep.

Conversely, Mica Galvão then begins to dominate the game and gains an immediate advantage. Then, after a spectacular takedown that took Matheus Gabriel off the mat, it took him more than five minutes to score the first two points.

Mica Galvão took over the game after that. Otherwise, Matheus Gabriel’s eyes were terror-filled, and he reverted to incomprehensible defense. Matheus wished the clock would stop ticking at that moment.

As a result, Mica took advantage of the opportunity and scored two more points, allowing him to win the fight 4-2.

This video shows how Mica Galvão defeated Matheus Gabriel in the 2022 IBJJF World Championship quarter-finals.

Furthermore, Micael Galvo’s impressive victory qualified him to face Jonnatas Gracie in the Jiu-Jitsu World 2022 semi-final.

That’s all I have for now! I’ll keep you updated on Mica Galvão and Matheus Gabriel’s future fights.

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