How to Do a Bow and Arrow Choke? (Helpful Tips)

The bow and arrow choke is among the most successful submissions in BJJ martial arts. In tournaments, it is a strangle submission with a high success rate. Indeed, you can go for the bow and arrow choke from various Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions, including the back mount position.

As a result, intelligent jiu-jitsu practitioners should get familiar with this choke variation from their earliest days on the mats. On the other hand, chokes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts add a new level of intricacy to the game.

However, you must first understand the fundamentals and talents necessary to accomplish these incredible moves effectively. As a result, if this is the case, you’ll put together a formidable offensive strategy that will set you on the path to achieving your competition’s objectives.

Without further delay! Let’s look at how to execute the bow and arrow choke in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

How to Do a Bow and Arrow Choke from Back?

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The Back Mount “Back control” is one of the most dominating Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling positions that can assist you in defeating a larger opponent.

Therefore, every fighter should understand how to attack from this position and escape from it.

A wonderful thing about taking the back position is that you have access to numerous BJJ submissions and transitions, like the bow and arrow choke and other fantastic stuff. So, how to execute this choke variation?

  1. Your first step is to take your opponent’s back and secure it with proper grips, hooks, etc.
  2. After that, slip one hand appropriately to grab the opponent’s collar and keep maintaining it. To do so, you must first neutralize your opponent’s hands since he will use them to defend the collar grip.
  3. As you go down, place your elbow to one side of the opponent’s grasped collar (your hand will be around his neck). You should avoid falling on your shoulder or allowing your opponent to compel you to do so since doing so would assist him in escaping from the back.
  4. Now, Step on the opponent’s hip to adjust your hip position. Afterward, shift your leg over your hip toward your other leg.
  5. After that, dart your arm beneath the opponent’s armpit and grab his pant nearby his knee. Once you’ve done that, take your upper leg outdoors and lie down on your back.
  6. Finish the bow and arrow choke by pulling the opponent with your hands and pushing him with your leg. So, you’ll put enough pressure on the opponent’s neck to force him to tap out or go to sleep.

Need further assistance!

In the following video instruction, Lachlan Giles teaches you how to accomplish a bow and arrow choke submission from the back position in great detail.

Source: Absolute MMA St Kilda – Melbourne

Wait! In the following sections, you will learn how to do the bow and arrow choke from various positions. In addition, you’ll know some fascinating facts about this particular jiu-jitsu strangle variation that you should be aware of before you try it.

What Is the Bow and Arrow Choke? and How Does It Work?

The bow and arrow choke is among the most effective BJJ chokes that necessitate using the opponent’s gi collar. It’s a highly effective jiu-jitsu strangle submission frequently entered from the back position.

However, it may also be entered from the turtle, side control, and other BJJ positions.

Moreover, according to research, the bow and arrow choke will significantly pressure the opponent’s carotid arteries when executed correctly. As a result, this BJJ strangle submission falls into the same category as other gi chokes: the blood chokes.

How to Do the Bow and Arrow Choke from Top Side Control?

The top side control position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most powerful positions accessible in the sport. It not only provides a variety of choke submissions, such as the bow and arrow choke, but it also provides many transitions to other dominating positions.

So, how to enter and finish a bow and arrow strangulation from the top side mount?

  1. First and foremost, you must position yourself in the top side control position. And hold it with suitable grips and weight distribution to prevent your opponent from escaping from the position.
  2. Now, You need to manage the hand-fighting effectively with your opponent. Then, sneak your hand under your opponent’s neck and successfully grab his gi’s collar.
  3. Force your opponent to line up on his side. So, to do so, move your left hand near the opponent’s hip on his opposite side. Indeed, pull your elbow while walking your hips toward the opponent’s hips.
  4. Step over the opponent’s hip with your left leg. However, ensure you reduce the space to avoid losing the collar hold. Also, your leg move should be fluid and controlled to prevent your opponent from regaining a guard position.
  5. Hold the opponent’s pants close to his knee, but ensure to get out your right leg (it should not be underneath the opponent).
  6. Finish the side control bow and arrow choke. Therefore, you need to squeeze the collar grip and use your right leg to control the opponent’s shoulder and the left leg to hold his hip.

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In the following video instruction, Coach Tom walks you step by step through accomplishing a bow and arrow choke submission from the top side control. Have fun!

Source: The Grappling Academy

How to Do the Rolling Bow and Arrow Choke?

The rolling bow and arrow choke is a fashionable technique in BJJ and Judo martial arts. Moreover, you can enter this choke submission often from the turtle position. But, how?

  1. First, you must get yourself to the top turtle jiu-jitsu position. And, while you’re there, remember to secure your seat belt and use a pocket-on-pocket maneuver to manage and anticipate your opponent’s movements.
  2. It will be much better if you come to install hooks since, despite the bow and arrow choke, it will be much better and provide you with many great options, such as the back take, clock choke, and so on.
  3. The next step is to establish a collar grip. So find a way to get your upper hand beneath your opponent’s neck. But, make sure to get rid of your opponent’s hands because he will use them to black you.
  4. Raise up and slide your leg over the opponent’s back to his opposite side. Also, grab the trousers of the opponent’s leg at his knee.
  5. Execute a full roll while kicking the opponent’s hip using your bottom leg. This little detail will help you to decrease his weight and make the roll smooth and controllable.
  6. Finish the bow and arrow choke.

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In the following video instruction, Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins walks you through performing a rolling bow and arrow choke submission from the turtle. Have fun!

Source: Stephan Kesting

Bow and Arrow BJJ Strangle Variations

In the following video, you’ll find several bow and arrow choke variations from the back position.

Source: Jedi Does Jiujitsu

How to Escape a Bow and Arrow Choke?

In the following video, Coach Tom walks you step by step through escaping a bow and arrow choke from the back mount position. Have fun!

Source: The Grappling Academy

Final Thoughts

An opponent gets put to sleep with the bow and arrow choke, one of the most severe and efficient BJJ submissions. As a result, several competitors have demonstrated this strangle variation’s effectiveness in various Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions.

You may perform a bow and arrow choke successfully in most BJJ positions, including the back mount, turtle, side control, and so on. besides, You should incorporate this choke submission into your offensive plan if you want to develop into a dangerous BJJ grappling fighter.

Getting acquainted with various jiu-jitsu techniques and submission may also be beneficial. However, BJJ Chokes have consistently been regarded as one of the most effective techniques to defeat even bigger or taller opponents.

I hope that this essay has been helpful to you in successfully performing the bow and arrow choke strangle submission. Because of this, you will be able to develop a decisive attacking game while still having a great time when training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Would you mind sharing your opinion: Is the bow and arrow choke among your favorite BJJ submissions?

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