Diogo Reis: A Prominent BJJ Competitor Worth Studying

Diogo Reis is a rising Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete who competes in both Gi and No-Gi. At a young age, he won multiple renowned BJJ tournaments such as the ADCC (2022), Brazilian Nationals (2022), AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro (2021), and others.

This essay will educate you on some Diogo “Baby Shark” Reis BJJ facts you may not know. As a result, it will emphasize Reis’s tournament victories, exceptional grappling techniques, and other notable achievements.

Diogo Reis Was Born in the Amazonas, Brazil

Diogo Reis (full name: Diogo Pinheiro dos Reis) was born on March 20, 2002, in Manaus, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Reis hails from a fruitful jiu-jitsu region that has produced numerous renowned fighters, like Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro, and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, to name a few.

Diogo Reis Was a Soccer Addict as a Child

Every Brazilian-born child aspires to be a professional soccer player one day. So, Diogo Reis was also a soccer fanatic as a child. But everything changed for Diogo when he discovered Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Diogo First Encountered Jiu-Jitsu Via His Elder Brother

Diogo learned about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from his elder brother, a student of instructor Alexandre Oliveira. Then Diogo grew more interested in BJJ. He started by following in his brother’s jiu-jitsu footsteps.

Later, Diogo’s interest led him to begin training with instructor Alexandre Oliveira, who provided him with a free membership class. Moreover, Diogo earned his yellow belt while training with teacher Alexandre.

After three years of training, the young athlete began considering pursuing a professional grappling career.

As a result, Ries relocated to train under Professor Melqui Galvao, who runs the Amazonas region’s leading BJJ academy. This is because he was confident Melqui’s program would help him immensely in his quest to become a successful BJJ athlete.

Later, Diogo”Baby Shark” Reis earned the orange, green, blue, purple, brown, and black belts under Melqui Galvo. Otherwise, he did well in different colored belt competitions, winning many of them, such as the ADCC, IBJJF World Championship, and so on.

Diogo Reis’s BJJ rank and Nickname?

Diogo Reis is a Melqui Galvao BJJ black belt. Otherwise, he competes for Melqui Galvao Fight Sports team.

Aside from that, many BJJ competitors and teammates refer to Diogo Reis as “Baby Shark” in the BJJ community.

Diogo Competes in Roosterweight Division

Diogo Reis is an excellent rooster weight (Galo) fighter. Therefore, he competes in the ADCC in the -66kg weight bracket, -62kg weight bracket in the AJP tours, and -57,5kg weight bracket in IBJJF tournaments.

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Diogo Reis Won the ADCC World 2022

Diogo “Baby shark” Reis took part in the ADCC world championship in 2022. In 2021, he won the ADCC Balneário Brazil Trials, which qualified him for this 2022 ADCC World tournament.

At the ADCC World 2022, Diogo competed in the -66kg weight class, which was highly competitive. However, he defeated all his opponents to become the ADCC World Champion, a tremendous accomplishment.

Here’s a rundown of Diogo Reis’s ADCC 2022 fights.

  • Round 16: Diogo Reis defeated Ashley Williams by a score of 2:0 and advanced to the quarterfinals.
  • Quarterfinal: Diogo Reis advances to the semi-finals after a referee decision over Fabricio Andrey.
  • Semi-final: Diogo Reis defeated Joshua Cisneros via points 2-0.
  • Final: Diogo Reis defeated Gabriel Sousa by points to become the new -66kg ADCC World Champion.

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Diogo Reis, Baby Shark, is a rising Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor with Melqui Galvao’s Fight Sports Team. Despite being a young competitor, he has achieved excellent results in BJJ.

Here are some of Diogo Reis’s main BJJ achievements

  • 2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Champion
  • 2021 ADCC Balneário Brazil Trials winner
  • 2021 AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro Winner
  • 2021 AJP Grand Slam, MIA Winner
  • 2021 AJP Grand Slam, RJ Winner
  • 2020 AJP Grand Slam, RJ Silver Medalist
  • 2020 FAJJ Copa America GI Winner (brown belt)
  • 2020 FAJJ Copa America NOGI Winner (brown belt)
  • 2018 and 2019 IBJJF World Juvenile Champion (Weight Division + Absolute)
  • 2019 IBJJF Pan Juvenile Champion (Weight Division + Absolute)
  • 2019 IBJJF European Open Juvenile Champion (Weight Division + Absolute)