BJJ Beginner Don’t Let Them Choke You

BJJ Beginner Don’t Let Them Choke You

Choke is one of the dangerous Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions, because it’s difficult to predict it. Therefore, As a jiu-jitsu white belt practitioner do not let them choke you!! Because you can do small moves to prevent the BJJ choke. Sure you can just try!

Here are precious tips for the purpose to prevent the BJJ choke.

Chin Tuck to prevent the jiu jitsu choke

bjj choke

Protect your neck!! Chin tucking is not just for boxers.

At times, grappling is a counterintuitive sport and using your best instincts can lead you to make a nightmarish decision. As I’ve stated before, when you begin grappling your instructor or your new grappling buddies will teach you a lot, but they won’t teach you everything. One of the things they probably will not teach you from the beginning is to stay off of your stomach.

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