Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Should Become a Collegiate Sport?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has grown in popularity alongside the rise of mixed martial arts. Like other martial arts, BJJ has several tremendous advantages in enhancing people’s health and lives, particularly among young people. As a result, many people believe that Brazilian jiu-jitsu, like wrestling and other sports, should become a collegiate sport; do you agree?

This article discusses numerous arguments favoring Brazilian jiu-jitsu becoming a collegiate sport. Otherwise, it examines the continuous efforts to introduce BJJ into campuses. Keep an eye out!

Why Should Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Become a Collegiate Sport?

While exercise is good for your health, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a well-rounded sport. It offers people a full-body workout and teaches agility, balance, and coordination.

These are just a few reasons it should become a college sport. Let’s take a look at this in detail. 

Great Stress Relief

The lives of students are busier than ever. With such a hasty schedule, students require stress relief more than anything else. A bit of exercise in the form of jiu-jitsu sport can help them get their minds off college and obligations and refuel for the subsequent study sessions. 

Since their schedule is so packed, it can be challenging for students to find time to pursue a wrestling sport. However, this is made more than possible with online help services.

Today, a student can decide: I’ll pay someone to do my homework and free up some time in their schedule.

By hiring professional writers, students can pay for homework and get it ready on time without anyone knowing about this. In addition, this should give them enough time to rest, exercise, and practice jiu-jitsu

Effective Self-Defense Technique

Self-defense is an essential skill that everyone should learn in life. BJJ is one of the best ways to defend yourself because it focuses on technique over size or strength.

Even students that aren’t athletic or don’t have speed and coordination can benefit from this. They can form their techniques and learn things like securing a top position, clinching, and escaping a pinned-down position – all useful for self-defense.  

Amazing Physical Activity

This should go without saying – sports like Jiu Jitsu are good because they offer students the chance to do some physical activity.

Physical activity is vital for the mental and physical health of the student. It helps them take care of their figure, keeps them energized, and helps them avoid many health problems. 

Inclusive Combat Sport

BJJ is a very inclusive sport that can be useful for everyone. So whether a 120kg football player or a 50kg girl rarely practices sports, BJJ can be done by everyone.

This makes it perfect for colleges. While most students don’t have the skills or physical requirements to practice sports like football or rugby, everyone can enjoy BJJ and have the potential to be great at it. 

Improve Flexibility

Unlike other sports where students need to practice for the game on Saturday, Jiu Jitsu offers more flexibility to learn at your own pace. There’s no pressure to prepare for the matches. 

Year-Round Activity

Unlike some seasonal sports, BJJ can be done at any period of the year, depending on where you live. There are no seasons to practicing BJJ, giving students a chance to do it whenever they want and continuously develop in this sport. 

Freedom to Develop a Style

It would be best if you had agility, speed, strength, and size in sports like football and basketball. There’s a playbook with rules you must follow unless you want to be penalized and hurt your team.

Unlike these, BJJ gives you the option to develop your style. You don’t have to have agility or speed to establish a good self-defense style or some winning moves. 

Individual Sport but Still Offers Interaction

BJJ is an individual sport. This means that when you make a mistake or make the wrong move, your team won’t be disappointed in you, and you won’t have to walk back to your bench awkwardly.

Many students don’t join teams because they prefer more individual sports. Jiu Jitsu is an excellent option for such students. 

While it doesn’t involve playing in a team, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t include interaction and communication.

Since it will be practiced at colleges, chances are the instructor will be teaching more students at once. Therefore, they can practice together, collaborate with others, and enjoy socializing while exercising. 

Will Jiu-Jitsu Become a Collegiate Sport?

The debate about whether to get BJJ in colleges is ongoing, with people like Chris Martin of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, already taking steps to make this happen.

He held the first-ever jiu-jitsu dual meet two years back between Northern Illinois and Marquette colleges.

The interest is constantly growing, and there’s a high chance that some colleges will include this sport in their programs shortly.

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