Top Neck Harnesses for BJJ Neck Strengthening

In the world of Jiu-Jitsu, where physical ability and tactical skill are intertwined, the significance of neck strength cannot be overstated. A robust neck contributes to effective grappling and resistance and is crucial to injury prevention. Since Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are prone to neck strains, conditioning this area is essential. This is where a neck harness comes in handy. 

A neck harness is a specialized equipment designed to strengthen the neck muscles. It enables athletes to perform targeted exercises by adding resistance, enhancing strength and endurance in this critical area. For Jiu-Jitsu athletes, a strong neck can make a significant difference in successfully grappling and escaping an opponent’s technique. 

This article aims to guide Jiu-Jitsu practitioners through the benefits and practices to strengthen their necks for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting, understanding how to choose and use a neck harness effectively can be a game-changer in your training regimen.

Why Neck Strength Matters in Jiu-Jitsu?

Neck strength is a crucial but often neglected aspect of Jiu-Jitsu training. The muscles in the neck play a vital role in stabilizing the head and protecting the cervical spine during combat. In a sport where throws, chokes, and holds are common, having a strong neck can significantly reduce the risk of concussions and spinal injuries.

The advantages of neck strength go beyond injury prevention. A strong neck enhances overall grappling performance by providing better head control, which is essential in Jiu-Jitsu. It allows practitioners to resist opponents’ attempts at submission and control. Additionally, a well-conditioned neck contributes to better posture and alignment, which is necessary for executing techniques effectively and efficiently.

However, building neck strength requires more than just regular Jiu-Jitsu training. Specific exercises targeting the neck muscles are necessary to develop the strength and endurance needed for this demanding martial art. This is where a neck harness becomes an invaluable tool. A harness can help build the muscles around the cervical spine by adding resistance to neck exercises, improving strength, flexibility, and resilience.

for any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, investing time in strengthening the neck is not just about enhancing performance; it’s about ensuring one’s health and longevity. As we explore the features of a good neck harness and how to incorporate it into your training, remember that this small piece of equipment can significantly impact your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

Top Neck Harnesses for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Are you looking to improve your Jiu-Jitsu training and use equipment to enhance your performance and safety? In that case, you should explore the world of neck harnesses.

In Jiu-Jitsu, having a strong and resilient neck is crucial, and choosing the proper neck harness can make a big difference. With so many options available, finding the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. To help you search, we have compiled a list of top-tier neck harnesses that are effective in building neck strength and are comfortable and durable.

These selections are designed to help you train more intelligently and more thoroughly so that you are well-equipped to handle the challenges of Jiu-Jitsu with confidence and style. Let’s delve into the world of neck harnesses and discover how they can elevate your martial arts journey!

Neck HarnessQuality RatingsVisit
DMoose Neck Harness4.7 out of 5 (Our recommendation!)Check It Out On Amazon
RIMSports Neck Harness4.8 out of 5Check It Out on Amazon

DMoose Neck Harness

The DMoose Neck Harness is a specialized fitness accessory designed to increase core neck strength and support injury recovery. This neck exerciser is ideal for use at home and in the gym and comes equipped with a 30-inch heavy-duty steel chain and an adjustable head and chin neoprene strap.

It’s a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts, as evidenced by its high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 6,000 reviews on Amazon. Moreover, it is featured as Amazon’s Choice in Weight Lifting Belts by DMoose Fitness.

Otherwise, the DMoose Neck Harness is available in multiple colors, including American, Black, Blue, Gray, and Red, providing options to suit personal preferences. The product also comes with the convenience of free returns and various international shipping options.

Key Features:

  1. Core Neck Strength Enhancement: The DMoose Neck Harness is designed to strengthen the neck muscles. It facilitates a deeper stretch and provides robust support to the head and neck during exercises, making it an essential tool for achieving superior results compared to traditional weight training or exercises alone.
  2. Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: The harness ensures a comfortable lifting experience by supporting the shoulders and upper back, promoting proper spinal alignment. Its ergonomic design and adjustable straps provide a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing the overall exercise experience.
  3. Versatility in Workouts: This neck harness is adaptable to various workouts. It can be used with both bands and weights, making it a versatile piece of equipment for many athletes, including MMA fighters, football players, boxers, and anyone aiming to strengthen their neck muscles and improve overall stability.
  4. Durable Construction: Crafted with breathable neoprene, a sturdy steel chain, and steel D-rings, the DMoose Neck Harness is built to withstand rigorous use. Its resilient design makes it suitable for intense activities like weightlifting and bodybuilding.
  5. Balance and Stability Enhancement: The unique design of the neck flex harness improves neck strength and enhances balance and stability. It supports the body’s natural range of motion, making it an excellent choice for athletes and individuals seeking to boost their everyday performance.

RIMSports Neck Harness

The RIMSports Neck Harness for Weight Training is a specialized equipment that helps improve neck strength and resilience. It has received high ratings on Amazon, with 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,450 users, making it one of the top choices for weight lifting belts.

You can choose from three colors – Black, Gray, and Red – to match your style. This harness is both functional and stylish.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Triple Strap Design: The harness features a novel design with padded and adjustable head, forehead, and chin straps. This triple strap system ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making it ideal for various neck workouts. The adjustability caters to different head sizes and shapes, providing a customized fit for each user.
  2. Extra D Rings for Versatile Workouts: Equipped with D-rings at the sides of the ears and below the chin, the RIMSports Neck Harness supports a range of complex exercises, including weighted lying neck extensions. This versatility makes it suitable for various training regimes and user preferences.
  3. Increases Neck Strength: This neck exerciser is crucial for athletes like MMA fighters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, boxers, kickboxers, and others who aim to strengthen their neck and upper back muscles. It’s also an effective tool for injury recovery, aiding in the rehabilitation of the neck muscles.
  4. Premium Padding for Comfort: The harness has high-quality cotton padding on the top, forehead, chin, and ears. This premium padding ensures comfort during intense workouts, and the side piping prevents the metal rings from rubbing against the skin, enhancing the overall training experience.
  5. Safe, Secured, Strong Straps: Safety is paramount in the RIMSports Neck Harness. It comes with a chain to hold weights, and the D-rings ensure the weight is centered and stable, minimizing the risk of injury during training.

The RIMSports Neck Harness is a versatile tool for anyone looking to build neck strength, whether for sports performance or general fitness. Its design allows various exercises, targeting different neck and upper back areas.

The adjustable and padded straps make it suitable for prolonged use without discomfort, and the added safety features ensure a secure workout experience. This harness is an excellent investment for athletes in contact sports, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone recovering from neck injuries.

What to Look for in a Neck Harness?

Selecting the proper neck harness is crucial for effective and safe training. Here are key features to consider:

  • Durability: The neck harness should be made of high-quality materials capable of withstanding the rigors of regular, intense training. Look for harnesses made from solid fabrics like nylon or leather, with reinforced stitching and metal D-rings or chains for attaching weights. A durable harness ensures longevity and safety, preventing the risk of equipment failure during exercises.
  • Comfort: Comfort is paramount, as an uncomfortable harness can distract from training and cause injury. A good harness will have adequate padding around the neck and head areas to prevent chafing and discomfort. Adjustable straps are also essential to ensure a snug fit for different head sizes, preventing the harness from slipping or moving during exercises.
  • Weight Capacity: The harness should accommodate a range of weights. This allows for progressive resistance training, which is essential for building strength over time. A good harness will have a secure attachment point for weights and hold significant weight without tearing or breaking.
  • Ease of Use: A neck harness should be user-friendly. It should be easy to put on, adjust, and take off. Complicated or time-consuming setups can be a deterrent to regular use. Additionally, the harness should be easy to clean and maintain, as hygiene is essential in a training environment.

When selecting a neck harness, it’s essential to consider any additional features that may be beneficial for your training. For example, some harnesses come with variable resistance bands rather than chains, which provide a different type of resistance and are more portable. Others have unique designs that target specific muscle groups more effectively.

A neck harness is a small investment in your Jiu-Jitsu training that can significantly improve your performance and safety. By focusing on durability, comfort, weight capacity, and ease of use, you can choose a harness that meets your training needs and ensures a comfortable and effective workout.

Neck Harness Training Tips

Integrating a neck harness into your Jiu-Jitsu training should be done thoughtfully and progressively. Start by familiarizing yourself with the harness and practicing basic movements without added weight. Once comfortable, gradually increase the resistance to avoid strain or injury.

Here are some exercises to consider:

Source: DMoose
  • Neck Flexion and Extension: Attach the harness and gently move your head forward and backward against the resistance. This exercise strengthens the front and back of the neck.
  • Lateral Neck Training: Move your head from side to side, working the lateral neck muscles. This helps in improving neck stability and flexibility.
  • Rotational Movements: Rotate your head from side to side, enhancing neck mobility and resistance to twisting forces.

Remember to maintain proper form throughout these exercises. The movements should be controlled and deliberate, focusing on feeling the neck muscles engage. Avoid jerky or rapid movements to prevent injury.

Incorporate neck harness training into your routine 2-3 times a week, allowing adequate rest between sessions. As with any strength training, consistency and gradual progression are crucial to seeing improvements.

Our Advice When Choosing A Neck Harness

When selecting a neck harness for your training, it is essential to prioritize durability and comfort. Most users appreciate harnesses that can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions. A durable harness ensures that your investment lasts long and remains safe to use over time.

Comfort is another crucial factor to consider. A harness that offers a comfortable fit can significantly enhance your training experience, allowing for longer and more focused sessions. It is recommended to look for harnesses with adequate padding and adjustable straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

The versatility of the harness and the ease of adjusting weights are also essential aspects to keep in mind. A versatile harness that accommodates a variety of exercises can significantly enrich your training routine, providing a comprehensive workout for your neck muscles.

However, it is essential to be cautious about potential issues. Some users have reported discomfort with harnesses that lack sufficient padding, which can lead to distractions during training or possible injuries. It is advised to check the padding quality and ensure it meets your comfort needs.

Additionally, the ease of fit is a critical consideration. Some users need help adjusting specific harnesses to fit correctly, which can lead to ineffective workouts or injuries. A harness with user-friendly adjustment features is recommended to ensure a proper fit.

Lastly, the quality of materials and construction is a concern that should be considered. A harness that shows signs of wear or breakage after minimal use is a poor investment and a safety hazard. Inspecting the materials’ quality and the harness’s construction is advised to ensure it is built to last.


A neck harness is valuable for anyone practicing Jiu-Jitsu who wants to improve neck strength and safety. A good harness can provide resistance, help build muscle and endurance, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance overall Jiu-Jitsu performance.

When choosing a neck harness, consider durability, comfort, weight capacity, and ease of use. Remember to start with low resistance, gradually increase it, and focus on proper form to reap maximum benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.

Incorporating a neck harness into your training routine is essential in strengthening a critical area often overlooked in martial arts training. Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner, having a strong and resilient neck is invaluable in Jiu-Jitsu art.

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