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bjj z guard

BJJ Z Guard: A Terrific Guard to Improve Your Bottom Game

The Z guard is among the most excellent positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is commonly entered from the standard half guard. Otherwise, this is...
bjj back survival for beginners

BJJ Back Survival for Beginners Made Easy

The goal when defending your BJJ back (Jiu-Jitsu Back Survival) is not only...
bjj gi weaves

BJJ Gi Weaves: Everything You Need to Know

When purchasing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you should select a good weave fabric because a gi can be made from various weaves. So you're probably wondering,...
9 female celebrities who do jiu jitsu

9 Female Celebrities Who Do Jiu Jitsu

Female celebrities who do jiu-jitsu martial arts are regarded with great admiration by the public. To be really honest, we have a lot of...
closed guard vs open guard

Open Guard Vs Closed Guard BJJ Explained

Closed guard vs open guard?! The closed guard and the open guard BJJ are among the basic positions in jiu-jitsu martial arts that any...