Jiu Jitsu guard all what you need to know

Jiu Jitsu guard all what you need to know

The jiu jitsu guard is a BJJ position with tons of various types. And this depends on the points of control (grips) that you install. For example, there are the Brazilian ju jitsu closed guard, open guard, spider guard, half guard, butterfly guard just to name a few. Furthermore, some jiu-jitsu guard positions are perfect when your opponent standing and other guards are effective when he or she is kneeling. Otherwise, some jiujitsu guard attacks are savage with the BJJ gi and others without the gi. 

It’s important to recognize that some jiu-jitsu guards positions are ideal for BJJ grappling submissions but can be dangerous to play at mixed martial art (MMA) tournaments.And others maybe can serve as a defense or escape from some dominant positions.

Indeed, there are limitless ways to plat the same guard depending on the physiology of the jui jitsu practitioner. 

In this Brazilian ju jitsu article, you will learn a ton of things about the BJJ guards sweeps techniques, attacks, drills, guard passing, etc.

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