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How to Do the Elevator Sweep in BJJ? (With Videos)

The elevator sweep is one of the most effective fundamental techniques for a white belt. It is an excellent BJJ sweep you should learn...
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How Do I Get into the X Guard Position in BJJ? (With Videos)

The X guard is one of the most dominant and advanced Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions you should learn. It is an open guard that can...
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Is BJJ Good for Street Fighting? (Solved & Explained)

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BJJ Red Belts: Things That You May Not Know

The BJJ red Belts or coral belts are an honor to any Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioner. These highest belts ranking can be...
single leg x guard

Single Leg X Guard (All You Need to Know!)

There are many guard positions that grapplers use to dominate their opponents when they are on the bottom, including the closed guard, X-guard, etc....