Marcus Almeida

Marcus Almeida

Marcus Almeida Buchecha is a member of the big BJJ family and well-known Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and ADCC grappler. Besides, he has succeeded to achieve great results in Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments. Also, he has a brilliant career in the field of BJJ teaching classes and coaching. So:

Does Buchecha win the most BJJ Championships?

What’s Marcus Almeida’s favorite BJJ submission technique?

Marcus Almeida short biography

marcus almeida

In his childhood, Marcus Almeida wants to become a football player. But, sooner he turned to surf when he understands that he is not a good footballer.

Then, Marcus begins practicing jiu-jitsu when he was fourteen. In fact, he falls in love with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Marcus had been trained hard on every chance he got usually after school.

As a result, Marcus Almeida got fast the eyes of his BJJ instructor Rodrigo Cavaca (BJJ world champion). Moreover, he had turned Marcus to an awesome athlete achieving extraordinary results in the BJJ tournaments.

Where does Marcus Almeida Buchecha train?

In 2012 Marcus moved to the United States, where he started his personal career as a black belt and as a BJJ coach and competitor.

In fact, Marcus took jiu-jitsu to a high level when he won the double gold at Pan America championship and at the world jiu-jitsu championship.

Also, when he had conquered the legendary Roger Gracie (10x jiu-jitsu world champion) at the Matamoris Pro Invitational.

Here is a short presentation about Marcus Almeida Buchecha:

  • Full name: Marcus Almeida
  • Nickname: Buchecha
  • Born: January 8th, 1990, in São Paulo. Brazil.
  • Residence: United States
  • Sports kind: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling.
  • Divisions: Ultra-Heavy weight.
  • Divisions: Ultra-Heavy weight.
  • BJJ Rank: Degree black belt under Rodrigo Cavaca.
  • Team: CheckMat
  • Coach: Rodrigo Cavaca.
  • Years active: Active until the present.
  • Top achievements: Multiple times jiu-jitsu world champion.

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