Jiu-Jitsu Women Sacrifices

jiu jitsu women challenges and benefits

jiu-jitsu women challenges and benefits

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is relevant martial arts to learn, where you’re going to learn tons of BJJ principles and benefits that will affect tremendously your life on several sides. Sure Brazilian jiu-jitsu is going to change your thinking, dealing properly with some life’s problems, maintain an athletic and healthy body core, and more. But, several sacrifices are needed while training Brazilian jiu jitsu especially, for girls and women. So, what are the sacrifices of female jiu-jitsu?

Here is a list of ten Brazilian jiu-jitsu women’s sacrifices while practicing this martial art.

1. Jiu-Jitsu women costs

Much female jiu-jitsu is going to struggle to pay the BJJ class costs since Brazilian jiujitsu is very expansive. and also they need to purchase some cool women jiu jitsu’s gis, rash guard, and other jiu jitsu women’s clothing. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy costs from $20 to $25 per class and jiu jitsu women’s gis cost from $60 to $250 for each one.

2. Female BJJ family issues

Some women are choosing between motherhood (I ought to have kids now) and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So, only potent females are going to realize their dreams like weight loss or learn a new martial art to gain trust and defend themselves.

jiu-jitsu women challenges and benefits

3. BJJ women ‘work issues’

Women’s work schedules, long hours work, and/or working night are going to make it hard to assist BJJ classes. But, a potent jiu jitsu woman is always going to find the time to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu whatever happens especially if much fun and love are shared within the BJJ community.

4. Jiu Jitsu sparring troubles

Jiu Jitsu women vs men sparring where a BJJ man always said “I can’t lose to a girl! shame on you!” attitude. therefore, He is crushing females with all the facilities they have with no regret.

This is usually a big BJJ white belt who has trained six months and has some background or either from different martial arts or bodybuilding/weight-lifting. But, the good news is that several BJJ women had surpassed this mentality, thus, a jiu jitsu woman beats a man in a BJJ fight.

jiu-jitsu women challenges and benefits
jiu-jitsu women

5. BJJ girls Problems

Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial art at a young age is going to be a win-win habit for any boy or girl. Thus, jiu jitsu girls and boys are going to defend themselves properly using some BJJ self-defense stuff.

But, it’s often very hard for BJJ girls to compensate between school studies and BJJ training because the Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes are more often scheduled in the evening after a long school day.

6. Female jiu-jitsu tournament issues

Some elements of sacrifices are important to accomplish your goals – but in Brazilian jiu-jitsu game you will struggle to fight some BJJ practitioners that are harder and technically developed and this is not simply can be accepted.

Especially in some Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition where you find other tough BJJ fighters well prepared for the game.

jiu jitsu girls

7. Female Jiu jitsu feminine thing problems

Let’s be real, most girls in BJJ are outliers on some level. It isn’t a historically feminine thing to come around ruining your hair and hands, sweating on and choking your friends. Most folks are the grown-up version of the women who didn’t care such a lot for princess outfits as we did for climbing trees and dirt fights.

source: Beauty and the Gi

8. Jiu-Jitsu women body problems

Some females have many problems practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu such as:

  • Always have to elucidate bruises around their body, especially those extra bad once on their neck and face. 
  • The skin often has been exfoliated by the BJJ mat after sparring. This means that the skin is burned off, so, in this case, the jiu-jitsu woman is going to feel soul-crushing pain. 
  • Never be able to possess beautiful nails. You see those beautiful nail art pages on Instagram and make the error of getting yours done perfectly. Then you attend to train and everything is ruined.

9. Jiu-Jitsu women diet sacrifices

Brazilian jiu jitsu female fighters are often suffering through hard diet, or the painful BJJ studying and slow acquisition. Because several women practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu for weight loss.

10. Female jiu jitsu sacrifice managing their daily activities

Some female jiu-jitsu sacrifice to manage their daily activities like the work, family issues. As a result, they find themselves with more problems to deal with, and this can be difficult in some situations.  


Sacrifices and problems are not going to make you live Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. Sometime you must sacrifice to accomplish your top life’s goals. In fact, Greatness is not an easy state because it comes with discomfort and sacrifices.

What your sacrifices while practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu?



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