Jiu-Jitsu Women: Things That They Don’t Tell You

jiu jitsu women challenges and benefits

Seeing women on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu mats is always an excellent experience. Females who practice martial arts, on the other hand, are held in high regard by the general public. As a result, even the most well-known female celebrities have embarked on a prolonged BJJ training program.

BJJ is an influential martial art to study since it offers a variety of benefits that will significantly impact your life on a variety of levels.

Sure, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is going to change your thinking, deal correctly with some life’s problems, maintain an athletic and healthy body core, and more.

But, hold on a sec! What is the price that any jiu-jitsu fighter, especially a woman, is willing to pay?

What Are the Common Female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Problems?

Women who train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu face many difficulties and make significant sacrifices. The following are some struggles females and girls make when they first begin training in gentle martial arts.

  1. Jiu-Jitsu Costs

Because Brazilian jiu-jitsu is so widespread, many female jiu-jitsu practitioners will find it challenging to cover the costs of classes.

Besides that, they’ll need to invest in stylish women’s gis, rash guards, and other apparel that can cost them between $60 and $250.

BJJ Classes, on the other hand, cost between $20 and $25 per person, 

  1. Female BJJ Family Issues

Many women are split between motherhood (I really should start having children now) and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

As a result, only strong females will achieve their goals, such as losing weight or learning a new martial art to gain confidence and defend themselves.

  1. BJJ Women’s Work Issues

Schedules that include long hours of work and night work will make it difficult for women to attend BJJ classes.

However, a strong jiu-jitsu woman will always find the time to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, no matter what happens in her life, especially if there is a lot of enjoyment and love shared within the BJJ community.

  1. Problems with Jiu-Jitsu Sparring

jiu-jitsu women

During women vs. men jiu-jitsu class sparring, “I’m not going to lose to a girl! You should be ashamed of yourself!” a way of thinking of an arrogant man.

Therefore, He is crushing females with all of the resources available to them, and He has no regrets about it. 

In most cases, this is a large white belt who has trained for six months and comes from various backgrounds, including different martial arts or bodybuilding/weightlifting.

It’s a good thing, though, that several Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu women have overcome this mentality. Thus, when competing in BJJ, savage women are more likely to win against men.

  1. BJJ Girls Problems

The reality is that it is often tricky for BJJ girls to make up for the lost time between schoolwork and training because classes are more often scheduled in the evening after a long school day is completed.

However, Beginning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a young age will prove to be a beneficial habit for both boys and girls in the future.

Consequently, students will learn how to defend themselves using BJJ techniques properly.

  1. Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Issues

jiu jitsu girls

Some sacrifices are necessary to achieve your objectives, but you will struggle to compete in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments. You’ll find some technically advanced fighters, and this is not something that can be readily accepted.

  1. Jiu-Jitsu and Feminine Things

The majority of females who train Brazilian jiu-jitsu are, let us face it, extreme outliers in at least one particular regard.

It is not a traditionally feminine thing to walk around with your hair and hands ruined, sweating on, and choking on your friends’ throats.

Most people are the grown-up versions of the women who didn’t care as much about princess outfits.

source: Beauty and the Gi

  1. Female Body Issues While Training Jiu-Jitsu

Some females have a lot of problems when practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, for example:

  • Always have to explain bruises on their bodies, especially those that are particularly bad on their neck and face.
  • After sparring, the BJJ mat tends to exfoliate the skin a little bit. Unfortunately, this means that the skin may be burned away, and the woman will suffer from excruciating pain as a result.
  • Never be able to have a beautiful manicure. You look at those beautiful nail art pages on Instagram and make the mistake of thinking that yours will be just as good. After that, you have to go to training, and everything is ruined.
  1. Diet Sacrifices to Get Better in Jiu-Jitsu

A difficult diet, painful training, and slow acquisition are familiar sources of suffering for female fighters in Brazilian jiu-jitsu because many women practice BJJ to lose weight.

  1. Female Sacrifices To Manage Their Daily Activities.

Some female jiu-jitsu practitioners make sacrifices to manage their daily activities, such as work and family obligations.

Consequently, they find themselves with many problems to deal with, which can be challenging in some circumstances.

But, don’t worry, Brazilian jiu-jitsu will help them overcome any problem


Sacrifices and difficulties shouldn’t prevent you from training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoy its benefits. However, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve your most important life objectives.

In reality, greatness is a complex state to attain because it necessitates discomfort and sacrifices.

As a result, the information provided below will assist you in preparing for your jiu-jitsu training journey. And, tips are not there to discourage you or give you a reason to stop participating in BJJ martial arts.

Alternatively, please let us know if there are any other Brazilian jiu-jitsu women’s and girls’ issues that should be added to this list that we have missed out on.

Would you please tell us about the sacrifices you made while training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as well as the reasons for those sacrifices?

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