Jiu-Jitsu Balance and Posture

Jiu-Jitsu Balance and Posture

You must fix, control, and manage plenty of parameters on your road of improving your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. Maintaining the right posture and the propre balance are crucial to conquer an opponent in a BJJ fight.

How to set the right posture in brazilian jiu-jitsu?

How to maintain good and propre balance in a BJJ fight?

The Right Posture in Jiu-Jitsu

Some jiu-jitsu instructors will say that right posture is part of a good position. Well, if you achieve a good position while attempting to pass your opponent’s guard.


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You were probably using good posture. But you can also have good posture without having a good position and a good position without being in good posture.

Maintaining right posture while passing your BJJ opponent’s guard gives you a good start towards reaching your pass without falling into easy BJJ submissions or sweeps.

Good ways to make sure you have the right posture include never leaning too much or too little, and keeping a proper balance between your head and hips. 

Case study: Jiu-jitsu posture

right posture

In the above photo, a jiu-jitsu practitioner shows an example of using bad posture while attempting to pass his opponent’s spider guard. His head is down and his legs are positioned behind his upper body.

Making it really easy for his BJJ opponent to catch him in a jiu-jitsu triangle submission. On the other hand, this BJJ practitioner should readjust the right posture while passing the spider guard.

A kind of corrective steps like held his head high and put his shin slightly in front of his upper body, and applying pressure on one of his legs. 

In summary, good posture improves overall proper balance and offers an effective defense against several jiu-jitsu submissions like chokes and triangles.

Good posture and position are two very important fundamentals to develop a tough jiu-jitsu game, though you can reach more by using pressure.

The Proper Balance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

proper balance

Jiu-Jitsu Proper Balance is a very important jiu-jitsu principle. Our balance on top is what keeps us on top while passing an opponent’s Guard. While in the process of passing your opponent’s guard. You will have to defend many jiu-jitsu submission attacks and/or sweep attempts.

Good BJJ position on top with a proper balance in your ‘tool’ for surviving these attacks so that you can continue marching toward your objective of passing the guard. 

How to Maintain a good balance in BJJ?

Maintaining a proper balance requires consistent focus while also concentrating on your opponent’s position to gain feedback for reading his next move. For that you will have to observe his moves closely, here some tips:

  • Watch where he is trying to take you and where he is making it harder for you to go. 
  • Analyze his hooks, grips and the position of his body. 

Another important principle of good balance in your head position. The head is the heaviest part of the body. There are things to pay attention to when balancing your head (along with the rest of your body) on top of your opponent.

For example: If most of your body is moving to the left, you should lean your head to the right to keep your weight centered on top of your opponent.

In most cases when guard passing, I try to keep a 45-degree angle to my opponent’s body.

Always ask yourself these important questions: Am I leaning too much in a certain direction? If I step this foot here, or put my hand there, or make this grip, or drop my knee, will I lose my balance?

If the answer to either of the questions above is “yes”, you are about to make the wrong move and lose your balance. So think or correct your moves to maintain your balance.