How to kimura lock from the closed guard

How to kimura lock from the closed guard

The Kimura Lock (reverse ude-garami lock) may be a savage Brazilian jiu jitsu move used largely in several sorts of martial arts like Judo, BJJ, UFC, MMA, Etc. otherwise, the Kimura Lock can be applied in jiu-jitsu from several positions including the closed guard. 

But, what are the main steps to do a kimura lock from closed guard in BJJ grappling martial art?

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You know that the closed guard is one of the primary BJJ positions that you should deal with. And in this position, there are a ton of Brazilian jiu-jitsu submissions just like the kimura lock.

Here are the easy tips that you need to do a kimura lock from the full guard in jiu-jitsu?

  1. Get your BJJ opponent trapped in your closed guard position. This means that your opponent is trapped between your legs and more likely to put his or her hand on your hips.
  2. Pull your opponent towards you using your legs movement. Thus, you’re breaking the opponent’s posture and forcing him or her to place hands on the mat or nearby.
  3. Install your first grip by grabbing your opponent’s wrist of the arm that you simply would like to attack.
  4. Open your closed guard and make a hip escape to lean up nearby the gripped arm.
  5. Reach over your opponent’s triceps using your free hand. And, insert it deeply around your opponent’s arm, then connect your both arms.
  6. Escape your hips towards the side of your opponent’s controlled hand.
  7. Connect your legs to scissor your opponent’s body while at his or her side. Then, confirm that your calf pressed down on his or her lower back to stop an escape.
  8. Finnish the kimura by moving up the opponent’s elbow toward the top. 

N.B: you have to maintain good control on your opponent during the entire process for a successful kimura BJJ submission.

Source: Howcast 

I hope that these tips are going to help you to do a successful kimura lock from a closed guard. Have a nice Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. And here is a brief resume

How to kimura lock
How to do kimura lock from BJJ closed guard

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