Can I Train for BJJ with a Full-Time Job and Family?

We know that BJJ is a great martial arts sport that comes with plenty of health benefits. But, most people take jiu-jitsu merely for the sake of overall body fitness.

No doubt, BJJ is not like your routine cardio or home workout. The BJJ practitioners have to follow a lifestyle for effectively training for jiu-jitsu. 

But, if you are doing a full-time job and have to give time to your family, then training for BJJ might seem difficult to you or even impossible in some cases.

We understand that each person on the mat lives a different lifestyle. Some people can hit the gym daily, while some struggle to balance their work and social life.

So, let’s look at how you can train for BJJ if you are doing a full-time job and occupy with your family.

Be Determined 

In the beginning, you will be motivated to start jiu-jitsu and manage time according to your BJJ classes. But not long enough, you will be on the verge of giving up because of your hectic routine.

The first thing required for progressing towards your goal is to keep yourself motivated to hit the gym regularly without any excuses.

Motivation is a crucial factor in sustaining any exercise regimen for a more extended period. It’s a natural factor that you will not be adopted to any new thing in your life soon and is more likely to give up. But with the correct determination, you will be able to stick with your jiu-jitsu routine and make time for your family as well. 

Habits Over Motivation

We always find ways to be motivated to work for something but, it’s a fact that habits are more effective in helping us to move towards our goals.

Habits are more reliable and work more effectively to make us work on routine and accomplish essential tasks. You can’t motivate yourself to practice jiu-jitsu every day because we have limited reserves of willpower.

But we should know that habits are a powerful motivator. But, they are hard to make and harder to break.

We all have certain habits, such as drinking a glass of water when going to bed, and we continue to do it without any reason.

It would help if you focused on making the practice of jiu-jitsu your habit. No matter the problems, you will always find time to hit the gym.

Train With Your Family

BJJ offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits for every gender and age group. In addition, you should bring your family on the mats, it would not only be beneficial for their health, but you will be able to spend time with your family.

Your family can also act as a motivator in your jiu-jitsu tournaments. Even when you are not in the class, most family talks will be related to BJJ. 

This will incorporate the healthy lifestyle of BJJ in your family. Your kids could also have a chance to roll on the mat in their exclusive BJJ GI. 

Bring BJJ To Work

While you are in the office, you and your colleagues can practice jiu-jitsu during break time. 

Almost every corporate office has an hour-long break. You can easily sneak some BJJ workouts in that time. Or, your colleagues can collectively hire an instructor to teach you BJJ at that time.

Utilize Your Time Efficiently

Utilize your available training time to the fullest extent possible and avoid wasting time talking with your companions while at the gym.

You can catch up with different people at the gym and learn from them. But don’t waste your training time talking or using your cell phone between the drills.

Finding a Gym That Suits Your Schedule

Most BJJ gyms offer evening classes after 7 pm. So, if you are doing a corporate job with the standard 9 am-5 pm timing, then hitting the gym in the evening won’t be a problem for you.

Spend Your Free Time Doing What You Love

If you love doing BJJ, it would be easier for you to put on your performing GI and practice jiu-jitsu whenever you have free time. 

If you are a fan of BJJ, then you won’t skip any chance of practicing it. Instead, try to motivate your friends by attending jiu-jitsu classes with you. Through this, you increase the fun factor.


If you are determined to find time to train, then you will find the time. It all depends on your priorities and where do you want to see yourself in the future.

In life, you should learn to balance the things you enjoy with what you are required to do. 

We all have different goals and obligations in our lives; we should always take the necessary steps to accomplish our goals effectively.