Bulldog Choke: A Simple Guide to Learn This BJJ Submission

The bulldog choke is one of the most deceptive submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. But, unfortunately, it is rarely seen in competitions because it may look easy to defend. So, you may be wondering, what is a bulldog choke?

The bulldog choke is a headlock submission seldom used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA. When used correctly, this choke variation applies unsustainable pressure to the opponent’s neck (carotid arteries), causing him to tap out.

This article has something for everyone, whether a beginner BJJ practitioner or a seasoned practitioner. As a result, it provides some valuable tips for improving your attacking game using the bulldog choke submission. Stay tuned!

Bulldog Choke in BJJ and MMA

The bulldog choke is a natural neck attack that has been around for a long time. It’s a headlock that looks like an RNC or guillotine choke but has no hooks. So, you’re probably wondering, when is it possible to get a bulldog choke submission?

The bulldog choke submission is possible after passing the guard, from the turtle, or back positions. As a result, you must isolate your opponent’s neck and lock it with your hands. Then, apply the necessary pressure to force the opponent to give up.

However, it has a low success rate because most wise practitioners predict and defend it.

In mixed martial arts, several well-known fighters have used the bulldog choke submission to finish their opponents, including Ben Askren, Uriah Faber, and Raquel Pennington.

Ben Askren’s bulldog choke: Ben Askren used this submission to finish Robbie Lawler in UFC 235. Watch the following video and enjoy the submission setup.

Source: MMA Vault

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Bulldog Choke Setup: How to?

The bulldog choke submission is a pro-catch headlock performed from several positions. Although, the grappler should establish strict control over his opponent before seeking the choke submission.

Furthermore, you can set up the bulldog submission from various positions in jiu-jitsu and other grappling martial arts, including the turtle, back control, etc. The following are some excellent bulldog choke setups that you should know.

Bulldog Choke from Bottom Side Control

Being in the bottom side control position may be disliked because it gives the top player significant dominance over the bottom player. As a result, unless he can escape this position, the bottom player has few options.

In that case, he can go for submissions, such as the bulldog choke, to turn the game in his favor.

You’ll see a clear demonstration of a bulldog choke from the bottom side control following a successful escape in the video below.

Source: Ben Egli

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BJJ Bulldog Choke from the Back Position

Back control is a dominant position that allows you to submit to your opponent regardless of his size or strength.

As a result, this fantastic position can provide you with several choke submissions, including the bulldog choke, that may happen when you’re losing the position.

You’ll learn to correctly perform the bulldog choke submission from the back take position in the video below.

Source: Chewjitsu

Bulldog Choke Escape

To avoid the bulldog submission initially, you should not expose your neck.

But on the other hand, a bulldog choke may occur if you mistake or are late correcting your posture. So, how to escape this choke submission?

Using the video below, you’ll discover how to escape the bulldog choke submission successfully.

Source: radicalmma

Final Thoughts

The bulldog choke is a submission that can occur unexpectedly in BJJ and MMA and is often underestimated by many practitioners. It can be accomplished from various positions, including the turtle and back.

In addition, several BJJ and mixed martial artists, including Ben Askren, have used this headlock technique to end some of their past fights.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this: Do you believe in the bulldog choke submission?

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