The Ultimate BJJ Competition Training Plan for Dominance

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport where competitions and tournaments occur many times in a year. So practitioners have to be ready for it. Championships run by organizations such as IBJJF and ADCC conduct different tournaments throughout the year. So in that case practitioners need a training plan.

Following is a training plan for you that highlights the significance of rest and training before the championship.

Why Do You Need a Training Plan Before a BJJ Competition?

Kade Ruotolo A Rising BJJ and ADCC Competitor

A BJJ competition is the most awaited event for a practitioner!

Practitioners train hard to earn the first post at the championships whether they are national or international like the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) or Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC).

No doubt practitioners train very hard for the competitions but the seven weeks before the tournament are the most crucial for the practitioners.

It is the time that decides whether you have trained right for securing victory or not. The pressure of the tournament is also one thing that either agitates you or makes you over-confident.

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BJJ Competition Training Plan

This plan consists of the whole activities you must pay attention to before thinking that you are ready for your first victory. Following is devised a whole workout plan for you that focuses on your workout strategy.

Week Strategy Time
7th Week Tapering and Peaking for the Competition Normal sessions: Five to Six times a Week
6th Week Little Attention to Peaking and General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Train Four to Five times a Week
5th Week Decrease the Volume and Intensity of the Training Sessions.
Short Period Sessions.
Train Three to Four times a Week
3rd and 4th Week Strength and Conditioning Training must be for 20 min only. Train Three to Four times a Week
2nd Week Going Through the Learned Techniques. Only two Off-Mat Sessions of Strength Conditioning
Remaining 1 Week Complete Rest with a Proper Sleep Schedule N/A

7 Weeks Into the Competition

Seven weeks means that you have plenty of time to create a strategy for your competition. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go too hard on yourself.

Rather go for “peaking”. And this peaking is necessary for your big championships.

One of the biggest mistakes that fighters make is that they put immense physical pressure on their body right before the fight.

And that is the biggest reason that they get tired so early during the fight.

Remaining 6 Weeks

Basically peaking is something that practitioners start doing months before championships.

In the remaining 6 weeks, though peaking must not be too hard and the main focus should be on the fighter’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP).

Your GPP is the measure of your strength. The greater you are prepared for the training, the greater will be your performance during the championship.

BJJ is not like other sports where athletes have off-season or pre-season. BJJ is a combat sport where practitioners have to train all year and compete in in-house or international tournaments.

That is why it is important to peak for only bigger championships such as World Championships or ONE or UFC championships.

5th Week Before the BJJ Tournament

For the fifth week decrease the intensity and volume of your training regime. Don’t jinx your body too much. It is better to train for a short period of time with relatively high intensity.

Do not go for multiple sessions in a single day. Rather cut the time of those multiple sessions and go for a short and single session. Also, do not train daily or four or five times a week.

Train three to four times a week during the fifth week before your competition.

Do’s and Don’ts for the 3rd and 4th Week

Re-adjust your training routine in the fourth week. Your strength and conditioning training should be only twice a week with 15 to 20 min sessions. Rolling and drilling sessions must not be too hard.

Two Weeks Out

When only two weeks are left before your bigger championships, instead of training hard, you must go for a revision of the BJJ techniques.

Although you know how to fight and are fully aware of the techniques, a little practice doesn’t turn out to be bad for anyone.

You must go for two training sessions off the mat which must be for 20 minutes with light drilling and rolling.

Preparation For the Final Week Before the Competition

Most BJJ tournaments are conducted on Saturday so Tuesday must be the last day for your training. It would be your last training week. You must only rest for the last three days.

So that there would be no chance of injury for you. Many practitioners train hard during the last few weeks of their competitions and suffer from unwanted severe injuries.

Such injuries are responsible for their drawing out of the main championships of their lives.

Role of Diet in the Training Plan

Diet is very important for your immunity and strength. You must not pay all the focus to your training only, rather focus on your diet as well.

Take the necessary nutrients and supplements to gather enormous energy that keeps you driven for your competition.

Pay Special Attention to Your Sleep Schedule

Complete and proper rest is important for you to function properly. Maintain a healthy diet and a sleeping schedule so that your body has time to rest.

Many injuries are healed by your body only so give your body the time to make you fit naturally.

Going for Loopholes

Getting tense is a natural factor. You might feel a little overwhelmed for your BJJ championship but that is pretty normal.

Some practitioners go for loopholes such as taking PEDs that are in turn harmful to them in the long run.

Fighters can be stripped of their titles or even prohibited to compete in different championships.

So don’t go for the loopholes, rather have faith in yourself.


A training plan is a necessary item for your BJJ competition. It aligns your goals and then you can pay attention to what’s coming.

Tapering and peaking are the most important factors that constitute your preparation for the championship. For the final week of your championship, rest big time and give your body time to relax.

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