Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena’s Epic Rivalry!

Jiu-Jitsu has produced some of the best martial artists in history. Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are two of the grappling sport’s top stars for years.

Ryan, a multiple times ADCC World champion, has been a dominating force in the grappling world for many years. While Pena, a multiple times jiu-jitsu world champion, has built a reputation for himself with his dynamic style and remarkable victories.

This post will examine the rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena, two giant BJJ competitors. Indeed, it underscores what makes them such powerful adversaries and highlights all their matches since 2016. Stay tuned!

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena BJJ

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Both Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are professional Jiu-Jitsu fighters. They are well-known for their excellent grappling and submission methods.

Gordon Ryan is an American grappler who participates in no-gi grappling, whereas Felipe Pena competes in both the gi and no-gi.

In jiu-jitsu history, these two world-class warriors fought off three times. The first fight took place in 2016, and it was won by Pena.

The second battle took place in 2017, at the ADCC World Championship, and it was also won by Pena. And, the third fight took place in 2022, at a WNO event, and it was won by Gordon.

Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan Jiu-Jitsu Record

Gordon Ryan is a legendary jiu-jitsu black belt from New Jersey. He achieved several outstanding titles, including five ADCC World Championships, two IBJJF World No-Gi Championships, two IBJJF Pans No-Gi Championships, etc.

He also won numerous Eddie Bravo Invitational titles and has an incredible 54-win streak with an 82% record-breaking submission rate.

However, Felipe Pena, also known as “Preguica,” is a BJJ black belt world champion from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Pena accomplished several fantastic titles including, the 2017 ADCC World Absolute and three IBJJF World Championships in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

In addition, Felipe won two IBJJF World No-Gi Championships in 2015 (both in the weight and absolute divisions), and four-time Abu Dhabi World Pro champion, among other accomplishments.

Aside from that, Gordon currently has a grappling record of 153-9, while Pena has a record of 155-25.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 1

Gordon Ryan first met Felipe Pena in 2016, just a few months after earning his black belt.

At the beginning of the fight, Ryan wasted no time in launching an aggressive attack, landing an inside Sankaku cross-hook on Pena’s huge body.

Pena, on the other hand, cleared the knee line and assumed an exaggerated posture. Despite Ryan’s best efforts, Pena’s balance assisted him in avoiding sweeps and leg entanglements.

Ryan identified gaps in Pena’s defense and stretched his leg with his preferred inside ashi-garami setup, but Pena was able to maneuver out of it. Pena kept breaking Ryan’s Inside-Sankaku attack.

Ryan’s persistence eventually caught up with him, as Pena took advantage of an opening and latched onto Ryan’s back, going to the back and locking in a body triangle to win the fight at the 44-minute mark.

Source: FloGrappling

This fight established the foundation for Ryan and Pena’s ongoing rivalry. Pena’s incredible technique and resistance to Ryan’s leg attacks led to an intense and thrilling match that showcased the best of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 2

In 2017, the ADCC World Championship, widely known as the Olympics of submission grappling, provided the setting for another gripping chapter in Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena’s long-running rivalry.

Ryan was competing in his first ADCC, while Pena had already competed in the previous championship. The two combatants met in the absolute division final, setting up an epic confrontation.

However, before their second fight, both Ryan and Pena had to overcome formidable opponents.

In the first absolute round, Pena won by six points against Celso Vinicius, and Ryan submitted Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu with a heel hook. in the following round, Pena defeated Victor Honório in the quarterfinals with 15 points, and Ryan defeated Craig Jones with a head and arm choke.

in the semi-finals, Pena once again displayed his skill defeating Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida with a rear-naked choke, while Ryan submitted Mahamed Aly.

The setting was set for Ryan and Pena’s highly anticipated rematch, and grappling fans were on the edge of their seats.

Source: FloGrappling

Despite Ryan’s numerous efforts to submit Pena, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master was able to retain his position and secure a 3-0 points victory. Pena landed on Ryan’s back near the end of the fight, giving him the victory and the ADCC gold medal.

This bout demonstrated both fighters’ skill and resolve, and the rivalry between Ryan and Pena fueled the fervor of grappling fans throughout the world.

Each encounter between these two fighters was a fascinating exhibition of strategy, technique, and heart, as with any great sporting rivalry.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 3

The third chapter of Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena’s rivalry occurred in 2022 at the WNO event.

Felipe Pena had many misgivings about this battle since, on the morning of the event, the unexpected happened: BJJ legend and personal friend of Pena’s, Leandro Lo, was shot and died in Brazil.

Felipe requested that the event be postponed as a result of this happened, but the host refused, which influenced his performance.

It was no time restriction in the match, and whoever secured the submission won.

At the beginning of the match, Gordon Ryan, who is noted for his ability to pass guard, was unable to do it inside the first two minutes of the match.

Gordon’s passing was effectively nullified by Pena’s usage of entanglements, preventing him from reaching the mount position for the duration of the 45-minute encounter.

Pena could reclaim his guard early in the contest after nearly having his back taken and then being mounted. He pushed against Gordon’s hip and upper body, providing room for him to hip out and work in his knee shield, then went straight to the butterfly hook, leading Gordon to disengage.

Felipe employed this approach frequently during the match, from getting his butterfly hook in, and entering the x-guard, to shifting to 50/50, or the bear trap position.

Souece: Tropa Pombo Sujo

Overall, Felipe’s guard strategy was successful in preventing Gordon from passing and mounting Pena. Even Gordon’s ardent supporters would have to acknowledge that it was a well-executed game plan!

The third duel at Who’s Number One between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena had everyone buzzing, and boy, did it deliver! Some people backed one champion while others backed the other, but there’s no denying that both combatants have excellent jiu-jitsu skills.

Despite the fact that Pena called it quits after 44 minutes, it was a ferocious and unforgettable encounter that highlighted why these two are considered among the best in the world. Despite Gordon’s victory over Pena, the Brazilian maintains a two-to-one advantage.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 4 (Cancelled!)

The jiu-jitsu world was buzzing with excitement as the fourth fight between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena approached. Fans were anticipating their match in the WNO grappling superfight event on February 22, 2023.

However, just as things were heating up, Gordon Ryan had to withdraw due to illness. The Iron Dragon was replaced by Nicky Rod, leaving everyone wondering what might have happened if Ryan had been able to participate.


Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena is one of the most intense and fascinating fights in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu history. Because of each fighter’s strong track record of success, their clashes have been fiery and unpredictable.

The first fight laid the groundwork for their ongoing feud, while their second fight in the ADCC was a highly anticipated rematch that Pena won. Then, Ryan won the third combat of the WNO tournament despite being emotionally charged due to personal circumstances.

Whatever the outcome, each of these matches has been a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and spirit that has kept grappling fans on the edge of their seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena?

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are two of the top names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ryan is an American expert in no-gi grappling, while Pena is a Brazilian grappler who excels at both gi and no-gi fights. The two are highly regarded in the world of grappling.

How Many Times Have Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena Competed Against Each Other?

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena will have met in the professional arena on three occasions by 2023. Their initial meeting was in 2016, followed by encounters in 2017 and 2022.

What Are Some of the Notable Achievements of Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena

Gordon Ryan is an accomplished grappler, having earned multiple ADCC World Championship titles, as well as two IBJJF World No-Gi Championships, two IBJJF Pans No-Gi Championships, and several Eddie Bravo Invitational accolades.

Felipe Pena has picked up numerous accolades, such as the 2017 ADCC World Absolute, three IBJJF World Championships, two IBJJF World No-Gi Championships, and four times he has been crowned the Abu Dhabi World Pro champion.

What Was the Outcome of the Three Matches Between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena?

The first two encounters between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena happened in 2016 and 2017, with Felipe Pena emerging victorious on both occasions. It wasn’t until 2022 when Gordon Ryan finally prevailed in their third match.

Was There a Fourth Match Between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena?

A fourth face-off between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena was planned to occur at the WNO grappling superfight event on February 22, 2023. Unfortunately, the event was called off due to Gordon Ryan falling ill and being substituted with Nicky Rod.

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