Pulling Guard in BJJ: Everything You Need to Know

Brazilian jiu-jitsu fights start with both competitors standing to drive the fight to the ground. BJJ athletes can do a takedown or pull the guard to transition from standing to the ground. However, some competitors prefer pulling the guard rather than performing a takedown. Is this the best option?

Pulling guard in BJJ is an excellent choice for many top-notch fighters. It may be repeated with a high success rate in the most famous tournaments.

Pulling guard is a widespread method in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This article will teach you everything you need to know to pull guard. Watch out for anything and everything!

Pulling Guard Explained

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a highly tactical and physically demanding sport in which fighters must control various variables, including their energy.

Clever jiu-jitsu fighters invited the guard pulling to scale up their gameplay and conserve energy. This is because takedowns require a lot of energy and are occasionally ineffective or unexpected.

As a result, guard pullers don’t bother fighting for a takedown or throw. Instead, they begin their game by pulling guard and playing from the bottom. Many of the best grapplers, notably the Miyao brothers, have followed this fantastic tactic.

Source: Gracie Barra HQ – California

Is It Good to Pull the Guard in Jiu-Jitsu?

Guard pulling is an excellent option for many fighters. This is because the tactic helped them achieve great success in the tournament. After all, it is repeatable several times with a high success rate.

However, although there are jokes about guard pulling, many grapplers dislike this game plan. 

However, a guard puller begins working on his guard system without hesitation or fear. After all, he or she has done so thousands of times before.

So, for example, you could pull the guard and immediately begin practicing your favorite De La Riva guard game, spider-Lasso guard, etc.

Pulling Guard Variations

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, there are numerous ways to pull the guard; see the following examples:

When performing a Basic Guard Pull, the guard puller must first secure grips on the opponent’s collar and sleeve. He then drives one of his legs to hook the opponent’s hip on the same side of the established grips and sits on the ground.

When pulling the guard in no-gi, the guard may begin by grabbing his opponent’s wrist and then sitting on the ground with a butterfly hook on the opponent’s tibia.

You can pull the guard in various ways; the following section explains how to pull the guard in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Source: The Grappling Academy

Guard Pull Techniques and Game Plan

Pulling the guard appears to be a bad thing. After all, you accept being at the bottom because you should always be at the top to score points or the most wanted submissions.

Guard pullers, on the other hand, compensate for this by having pre-planned tactics for immediately attacking and overcoming their opponent or at least blocking the game.

The following are some of the premade game systems many guard pullers use.

Guard Pull to Back Take

Guard pull to back take is a highly desired sequence that many competitors strive for. Otherwise, it can be processed in a variety of ways, the most well-known of which is:

guard pull -> Dela Riva guard -> Berimbolo -> back take.

guard pull -> seated guard -> Berimbolo -> back take.

Guard Pull to Sweep

Sweeping your opponent is another option when pulling the guard.

Source: BJJConcepts – Rob Biernacki

For examples:

  • Guard pull -> DeLa Riva guard -> Sweep.
  • Pull the guard -> Lasso / Spider guard -> Sweep.
  • Guard pull -> Seated Guard -> Sweep.

Fake Guard Pull to Ankle Pick Takedown

Fake guard pulling to ankle pick is one of the best and sneaky BJJ takedowns for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Source: Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ

How to Pull De La Riva Guard?

Source: JitsMagazine

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How to Pull Guard in No Gi Jiu-Jitsu?

Source: RVV BJJ


Many fighters, including you, can benefit significantly from using the guard pull strategy. This game system has proven its efficiency even in the top jiu-jitsu competitions.

After all, the guard-pulling tactics can be done multiple times with a high percentage of success each time.

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