Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Style

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Style

There are few different ways to apply pressure on your jiu-jitsu opponent while passing his guard or at others Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions. Therefore the most important pressure BJJ style are weight pressure, and speed pressure. Remember that you will always achieve better results when they are used in combination.

How to apply pressure effectively in jiu-jitsu?

What do you need to improve your pressure BJJ style?

Weight Pressure Jiu-jitsu Style

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Gravity can be your best friend or your worst enemy when you are on top in a jiu-jitsu fight. It’s really hard to pass a good jiu jitsu guard without having a good weight pressure BJJ style.

But too much weight pressure directed on the wrong spot can work against you getting you swept or submitted. When passing someone’s guard, you have a weight advantage because he is unable to utilize his weight against you – and you definitely can use yours against him.

However, if you use your weight incorrectly, your jiu jitsu opponent can take advantage of using your weight against you. If you lean too much or lean the wrong direction, you are susceptible to being swept or submitted.

Jiu-Jitsu Game Speed and Pressure 

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In jiu-jitsu style, pressure can also be applied by using your speed to switch jiu-jitsu positions or techniques.

However, you must be conditioned to move fast and also be able to maintain the necessary pace until you achieve your goal.

Which in this case is to fatigue your opponent or force him to make mistakes. 

How speed can change your Brazilian jiu-jitsu game?

Moving quickly from one jiu-jitsu position (or technique) to another can push the pace of the BJJ fight to a level your opponent won’t be able to match.

But you must have more stamina than your partner. Otherwise this strategy will backfire! If you are fast and know when to use your speed, your opponent may struggle to keep up.

And if he starts to slow down, multiple opportunities will open up for you to pass his guard or submit him.

source: JonThomasBJJ

Very few jiu jitsu practitioners know how to fight properly at a faster pace. using this BJJ style you try to force your BJJ opponent to fight under Bad conditions. and id so, you will see more mistakes and potentially break an opponent’s will.

A small advise while pushing the pace make sure to breathe properly. Many BJJ fighters push the pace of the fight like they are sprinting underwater. By the time the sprint is over, they are exhausted. that means giving their opponent a new opportunity to turn the fight to their advantage.

So only use this BJJ style (speed) when you know for sure that your BJJ opponent won’t be able to keep up with you. And ALWAYS save most of your energy for when you need it. Be smart and manage properly your energy at any jiu jitsu fight, thus the result will be significant. 

Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu Game Speed

A great way to improve your jiu jitsu speed is by doing sprint drills (drill BJJ techniques and moves as much as you can). Where you drill the same technique over and over, adding more speed each time.

You can also count how many repetitions of a particular technique you can do within a certain time frame, and set a goal to increase it each round. While performing BJJ sprint drills. It’s very important not to lose focus on executing the technique correctly.

In addition to BJJ drills, you can also cross-train. Try sprinting while running, cycling or swimming.

Let’s us know what are your impressions about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu pressure game style?