5 BJJ Principles That Will Make You Better Fighter In Life

bjj principles that will make you better fighter in life

Some Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts fighters had become World Champions achieving tremendous success applying some BJJ principles. However, have you ever wondered how they eventually do it? Sure, there is no surprise or achieving numerous results randomly!! It takes several years to deserve a jiu-jitsu black belt

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How they could be successful Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters?

They had passed rough moments, but they stayed disciplined to this beautiful jiu jitsu game. Because they know that jiu-jitsu will change their lifestyle on multiple sides. So, if you don’t believe in jiu-jitsu, persevere, and work hard all the time you would not end up getting a BJJ black belt.

Moreover, if you wish to take your Brazilian jiu-jitsu and lifestyle to the next level. And then take a glance at some important BJJ principles that you should know, understand, and apply to your BJJ training and life.

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Here are 5 BJJ principles that will make you a better fighter to solve your most sophisticated life problems

Jiu-Jitsu principle: Be Flow like Water.

bjj half guard

The ‘Be Flow like Water’ principle is not just Brazilian jiu-jitsu principles. It applies to all martial arts disciplines. It’s one among some interesting jiu-jitsu principles that you should try in your life and especially in your Jiu-Jitsu training.

What’s the meaning of ‘Be Flow like Water’?

bjj principle be flow like water

More likely in almost Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, you will find several BJJ instructors. They will tell you that the element representing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is water. But why?

You know water possesses the power to go through most rough things. But always follows the path of least resistance by flowing. And, adapting to the situation without wasting much energy.

Besides, our jiu-jitsu should be the same. And always look for the easiest way to apply the BJJ techniques, regardless of your strength. And specifically, adapt your jiu-jitsu game to each opponent.

All BJJ fighters fail to master these principles. So, he will always attempt to use strength to attack and defend while they are in a rough jiu jitsu position.

bjj half guard game

Unaware that there are more opportunities to conserve and manage their energy. And they get fatigued unnecessarily which is very bad in jiu-jitsu, because, the risk to run out of energy equals losing the BJJ match.

In short, when you use the ‘Be Flow like Water’ principle in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or in life, you will be more comfortable taking hard choices without losing control or energy.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Principles:  Avoid Overreaching

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Many practitioners tend to overreach in Brazilian jiu-jitsu because they frequently feel compelled to grab onto something that is almost out of their reach. Nevertheless, this may happen when they are being smashed by a BJJ partner.

Thus, they attempt to survive by reaching out to the leg they expect their jiu-jitsu opponent will use against them. Or maybe when trying to pass the guard. As a result, they try to grab their BJJ opponent’s far arm, thinking it will disrupt his leverage. So the question is :

why overreaching is bad in Brazilian jiu jitsu?

flying armbar

When we overreach from the top in a jiu jitsu game, our balance is compromised, giving our jiu jitsu opponent a good chance to isolate our arms from our core. Thus, both situations can quickly put you in bad BJJ positions in a BJJ fight.

The more our body is used as a whole (closely-formed), the stronger our technique. When overreaching from the bottom, we also expose parts of our body. This empowers a good opponent with a larger variety of potential attacks.

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In short, overreaching is a simple BJJ principle, it can open your body for a variety of jiu-jitsu attacks. But, more likely it will be more helpful in some jiu jitsu positions. If you manage effectively your moves and read correctly BJJ opponent game.

So there are two major ways Jiu-Jitsu students overreach effectively:

  • Reaching for a part of our opponent’s body that is too far away from our core or center of balance.
  • Make sure that your arms are always close to your core. So, you can use your core to protect your arms if it is necessary.

BJJ principle:  The Wet Rug

side control

Knowing when to be supple and tender. And when to be rigid and hard can make great differences in your BJJ game and life. Thus, applying it correctly in Brazilian jiu jitsu will completely change the way you control positions.

Based on your BJJ experience would it be more difficult to escape. If I threw a 200-pound wet rug on top of you or a 200-pound piece of plywood?

We can all agree that the wet rug will be harder to push away, right?

More likely it would take the high energy to push away.  Otherwise, As a jiu-jitsu practitioner, you should emphasize this analogy.

Whenever you play the BJJ guard passing, side control, and mount control, surely you will develop a tough jiu-jitsu game.

Moreover, you can apply the wet Rug Analogy while you’re on top of your BJJ opponent. And in this jiu-jitsu position, you have tremendous options either relax your body or tense your body.

When you tense your body on the top of your jiu-jitsu opponent surely you’re using up your strength, so your body gets rigid, and As a result, you are susceptible to being moved around or easily swept.

Though, it’s much more difficult for your opponent to move you when you remain relaxed like trying to push a 200-pound wet rug.

source: Guillobel Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente

Briefly, The secret of several successful BJJ fighters is that they know when to relax during the jiu jitsu game and when to react explosively.

So more likely they are making an opponent’s escape considerably harder while conserving their energy during the BJJ match. This is crucial for success in BJJ fight.

Warning: You should pay attention to these tips when you’re relaxing your body while fighting in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Or also to other activities you perform:
  • Don’t relax to the point that you become unbalanced. You will have to find, through trial and error, the proper balance combined with the most efficient level of relaxation.
  • To better relax your body, you must control your breathing. Pay close attention to your breath during your jiu-jitsu training session. Often you’ll find yourself holding the air in your lungs as if underwater, which tenses your body. Relax but make sure that you are exhaling air instead of holding it in. This helps to focus your breathing on the exhalation, not the inhalation.

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Bonus tip: If you are having a hard time controlling your breathing while training in BJJ.

Here’s another good tip: make sounds when you are exhaling – almost like a whistling sound. This way you will hear your exhalation, making it easier to track.

BJJ principles:  The Zen Stage

One of the top principles that help us understand the art of Jiu-Jitsu is the Zen Stage. These BJJ principles valorize the importance of repetition.

Repeating one jiu-jitsu technique over and over for many years will result in a ‘thoughtless’ execution of that BJJ technique. In fact, your body’s muscle memory will get to the point where it executes the technique like second nature.

Therefore, constant repetition applied properly will provide tremendous benefits to your Brazilian jiu jitsu such as:

  • It will lead to perfecting the jiu jitsu technique, though; you will develop a strong base on different sides: the execution quality, the sequences of moves, and strength. BOOOM !!
  • Your mind will reach a stage of emptiness while executing the technique.
  • The more you drill a particular BJJ technique the right way, the more this technique becomes a habit. We are what we repetitively do – we are creatures of habit. To improve your Brazilian jiu-jitsu game, you must improve your habits.
Warning: Be careful while repeating the jiu jitsu technique, because if you repeat it many times the wrong way, you will create a bad habit instead of a good one.
That’s why it is so important to have a good BJJ instructor that can point out your mistakes and help you correct them.

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like a Real Estate Agent

In real life, if you don’t want one of your most valuable pieces of real estate taken (or bought). You either surround it with a big, impenetrable wall for protection. Or you offer it for an obnoxiously large amount of money, or you don’t sell.

Thus, using this real estate philosophy in Brazilian jiu jitsu will be extremely helpful when defending or attacking your BJJ opponent.

Therefore, as a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner, your valuable pieces of real estate are your body parts (neck, arms, legs, feet, knees, wrist, etc.).

And if you leave these body parts unprotected you will give your opponent an immediate and easy jiu jitsu submission. But:

how to protect your body parts from submissions in a jiu-jitsu game?

how to build a tough bjj half guard game

There are two very effective ways to defend this part of your body. And, you can’t become a master of these Brazilian jiu-jitsu principles without knowing how to defend them well.

So, in a BJJ fight, you must take the ‘don’t sell’ out of the equation because. Like it or not, it is there to be ‘sold’ or ‘taken’. So your only two options are:

  • To sell for an obnoxious amount of money means that in your BJJ match. You’re putting a lot of energy and perseverance into defending your body parts until your jiu-jitsu opponent gives up trying.
  • To build a big impenetrable wall which consists of closing the gap at all times. This one is more effective because it conserves more of your energy during the jiu jitsu fight.

Bonus tip: How to Close the Gap?

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To close the gap you have to use your elbows. If you lower your elbows and bring your same side knee up. And connect them both, you’ve built a tough wall.

You can also connect your elbows to your pelvis. I believe that if most people drop their elbows down. Almost as if they are putting their elbows into their pants pockets.

Aq a result, Their elbows will naturally connect to their pelvis bone. Now, if you bring your knees towards your chest as you drop your elbow down. Then, you will create a very solid and effortless wall – one that is really hard to penetrate

So let us know, which of these concepts and principles of Brazilian jiu-jitsu are you going to implement in your BJJ training?