10 steps to train jiu-jitsu for beginners

10 steps to train jiu-jitsu for beginners

Starting jiu jitsu training is going to be one of your great life’s decisions to fulfill your highest expectations. To be honest, it’s just the begging step toward an awesome BJJ lifestyle. This BJJ article will surely help you train jiu-jitsu for beginners properly.

Thus, we –jiu jitsu news– propose here sample practical steps that will lead you to build a healthy Brazilian jiu jitsu environment for successful BJJ training. 

1. jiu-jitsu for beginners: BJJ schools are different

There a plethora of Brazilian jiu jitsu schools. And, each one has her proper philosophy and politic of how to train jiu jitsu.

Therefore, as a jiu jitsu beginner, who wants to commit to a jiu-jitsu academy? You a small investigation to identify a strong BJJ school near you. 

2. Find a good jiu jitsu coach

The jiu-jitsu coach is crucial for beginners. Because he is the first one who presents the Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial art to the newest.

Meanwhile, if your instructor is not an experienced jiu jitsu fighter, unfortunately, you will not attain your expectations practicing jiu jitsu.

And, more often, in this case, you will quit BJJ training. So, when starting Brazilian jiu jitsu you should search for a good coach near you.

jiu-jitsu for beginners

3. Learn how to survive: Don’t quit in the first month.

It’s difficult for any person who just starts train jiu-jitsu.

Therefore, the first goal for jiu jitsu beginners is learning how to survive against a higher-ranked BJJ practitioner in some positions like the BJJ mount, side control, back, etc.

Honestly, everything will OK if you pass this stage; indeed, you will love more the BJJ training day after day. 

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4. jiu jitsu teammate 

The quality of jiu jitsu training teammates has a great influence on your BJJ skill level. As a beginner, you need to establish a strong relationship with them built on respect and share. 

5. You’re not a Stinky-Gi BJJ beginner  

The BJJ training sessions, it is kind to wear appropriate – and freshly washed – clothing. And you don’t want to be one called “Stinky-Gi BJJ Guy”.

of course you don’t so Show up to class wearing clean, well-fitting, nice-smelling clothes.

6.Train jiu jitsu with an injury-free

train jiu jitsu

To be a good jiu jitsu practitioner, you must protect yourself and your teammate from injury. So:

  • Don’t need to do any uncontrollable jiu jitsu move.
  • Tap out if you feel it’s necessary. 
  • Remove any of your jewelry before start training 

7. Respect the BJJ rank

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8. Communicate for a healthy jiu-jitsu

All jiu jitsu beginners need to communicate and ask your advanced BJJ teammates if you don’t figure out how to execute a jiu-jitsu technique or an issue.

9. Always Improve your jiu-jitsu

As a Brazilian jiu-jitsu beginner, you need to make some efforts on improving your BJJ game. therefore, you should apply the BJJ basics and principles. 

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10. Compete at the BJJ tournaments

After a while practicing jiu-jitsu plenty of beginners ask the question: Should I compete?

Yes, you should compete at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments.

Because the competitions for a BJJ beginner can be an effective part of the training, that will improve your understanding of jiu-jitsu basics, technique, submissions, etc.

You’re interested in BJJ tournaments; so you need to check out this BJJ articles wrote by the jiu-jitsu news team.


What are the steps needed to train jiu-jitsu for beginners?

Getting started in Brazilian jiu jitsu is often daunting for a majority of jiu-jitsu beginners. Meanwhile, there are unlimited benefits of Training martial arts, and it’s one of the top things I’ve ever done, mentally and physically.

Briefly, here are the steps to follow for a healthy Brazilian jiu jitsu training:

  • Remember that the BJJ schools are different.
  • Find a good jiu-jitsu coach.
  • Learn how to survive: Don’t quit in the first month.
  • Build a good relationship with your teammate.
  • Train jiu-jitsu with an injury-free.
  • Do not be a Stinky-Gi BJJ beginner.
  • Train BJJ with an injury-free.
  • Respect the BJJ rank.
  • Communicate for a healthy jiu-jitsu training.
  • Always Improve your jiu-jitsu.
  • Compete at the BJJ tournaments.

“Thankfully to all my jiu-jitsu coaches, teammates … I enjoying training Brazilian jiu-jitsu”. We hope this jiu jitsu article helps you to start an awesome jiu-jitsu experience.




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